-Written By: Leo

Just the other day I thought to myself where will I be in five years time? After a couple minutes of thinking about it my attention turned towards where other will be in the next five years, more specifically WWE and it’s superstars.

My first thought was who will be WWE champion? Which then really fired me up because Orton, Cena and Punk will all most likely either be gone or on much less shows by then. Since the loss of some of the top superstars in the business like Shawn Michaels, Edge, Batista, Triple H, Jeff Hardy and the Undertaker, WWE were stuck with a lack of star power for a while. With Rey Mysterio being injured most of the time and Jericho working every so often it was basically John Cena and Randy Orton who carried the company. That was, of course, before the outbreak Punkamania. But even then WWE had, and still only have, 3 legitimate wrestlers who are main eventers and familiar with the WWE audience. Sure I guess you could say Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus are all top superstars, which they are, however none of them really have a longstanding career in WWE the way that Orton and Cena do. Which led me to think, Orton and Cena really broke out in around 2005 and since then have been top contenders but I don’t really see a lot of the guys in WWE just now being as big as they are. So who will be Champion in five years time, who will be main eventing Wrestlemania?

Well it took me a while but I looked through the WWE roster and had a good think about where each wrestler could be in five years. Some may prove me wrong and there are guys for sure I haven’t mentioned who will probably be at the top so any suggestions from you guys is welcomed.
Here is my List of guys who I think will have reached the top of WWE in 5 years.

Dolph Ziggler – Ziggler is a guy we all know is talented but despite his ongoing pursuits of World Championships he has yet to maintain a place in with the top guys. I reckon in the next two or three years Ziggler will be a regular main eventer and continue to be for years to come. His bumps are envied by every wrestler and his extreme confidence allows for him to have interesting interviews.

Evan Bourne – Bourne is one of my favourite superstars in WWE and I can honestly see him making a big impact on the wrestling business. He has been unfortunate not to already be in a higher spot but I predict with his high-flying ability and easy going nature Evan Bourne will be one of the top Stars in the business. If he improves his mic skills then nothing will hold him back. However, I don’t think he will be a constant Champion holder like Cena has been. I think his reigns as World Champion will be more like Rey Mysterio’s but he will still be a main event superstar.

Drew McIntyre – Why the hell is he being teamed with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal?! When McIntyre first debuted on Smackdown a few years back he was a tremendous heel. His undefeated streak added to his cool, arrogant persona. “The Chosen One” made some serious impact capturing the intercontinental title within months of his debut. But since then McIntyre has been seriously misused and now appears to be nothing more than a jobber which is sad considering he has all the makings of main event star. With an excellent mat based wrestling along with his charismatic mic skills he could be a real bright spark in professional wrestling. I think despite where McIntyre is just now on the card he will rise up and in five years I am certain he will be a main eventer for WWE, the guy is still only 27 years old!

Daniel Bryan – Obviously Daniel Bryan is already a top guy but he has yet to cement his legacy in WWE. I think in five years he will be one of the biggest stars in the world. Similar to John Cena or The Rock in terms of popularity. He has shown he can do everything and I believe he is the type of guy who loves pro wrestling so much he will just continue his career for years and years to come. A future wrestling legend.

Jack Swagger – Swagger is another guy who has proved himself as a top contender. The former Heavyweight Champion has a terrific all-round ability yet is being used as a midcarder at best. While at the top of the mountain Swagger never really caught a strong fan base however, at the age of just 30 years old I think that will soon change. He will pursue his dream and in 5 years he will be one of the guys that people will be saying “Put him in the ring with anyone and he will have a good match.”

My Last Superstar on the list is who I think will eclipse all others and will go onto be known as one of the greats of professional wrestling. He is a man who is not talked about that often and may surprise a lot of readers. That man is Kofi Kingston. Kofi is a marvellous wrestler in all aspects; he has natural charisma, an exciting and diverse moveset, immense mat wrestling, and I have yet to see him have a bad match. Kofi Kingston could be a massive star if WWE would just push him slightly. It pains me to see him being put in a match like the elimination chamber and money in the bank without ever winning them because if he was just given his chance I am certain that he would instantly be a top star. His charming nature only enhances his character. Not to mention the spots he has pulled off such as at the Royal Rumble. I really think he his massively underrated and could be a huge superstar. In fact in five years I believe that Kofi will be WWE Champion and headlining Wrestlemania. But that is just my opinion, I would love to hear your guys suggestions and thoughts on this.

Thank You.