Hello, and welcome to this week’s Insight into Impact article, bringing you the results and lowdown for the 7nd February 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling, as well as my views on the show too.

The Aces and Eights come out with their new “recruits”, Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. Devon states that 2013 will be their year, before we see a Aces video package. Back to the ring, Garett says he has a new family, while Wes says he joined, as Hulk Hogan refused to return calls, and made him start from the bottom of the ladder. (Sidenote: Garett actually blamed the fans for him turning heel, pointing to fans booing him last year in London. Unsure why it was cut. Shame, because I yelled “No-one cares about you, Garett” when it went quiet 😦 ).

Tara and Jesse go to see Brooke Hogan to complain how they’re not getting proper treatment being “big stars”. Brooke tells them to stop being selfish, refuses to cancel Tara’s match, and bans Jesse from ringside.

Match 1 for the TNA X-Division Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Kenny King vs Zema Ion

The match seemed to start off with quick paced action which….well, looked as if it was a bit mis-timed and awkward, especially RVD’s springboard kick, and Ion’s dive over the top. Ion and King try to get the one-up over each other while keeping RVD outside. King tries to end it with a Northern Lights Suplex, but RVD hits a (rushed as he almost missed breaking up the pin) 5-Star Frog Splash on King before pinning Ion to win.

Rob Van Dam wins by pinfall in 5:57 to retain the TNA X-Division title

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode backstage discuss how they’re going to bring the Tag Titles home…if they can put their differences aside long enough to win the match.

We see a video package on TNA’s British Bootcamp, highlight the best parts of the series, before being informed the winner of the show, Rockstar Spud will be making his first Impact appearance tonight!

Bruce Prichard and D’Lo Brown are discussing the Aces and Eights. They mention they never saw Wes Brisco and
Garett Bischoff jumping ship, and saw it was their fault as far as Brisco is concerned. They also reckon there will be hell to pay when Kurt Angle is back.

Jesse is in the ring. He complains about being banned from Tara’s match, but will give the fans what they want to see: him posing. James Storm interrupts, and says he’s gonna kick Jesse’s teeth down his throat, drink beer, and let the fans take photos of Jesse with his missing teeth after the match.

Match 2: Jesse vs James Storm

Jesse doesn’t get much in, apart from a choke hold and an abdominal stretch. Storm breaks out of it, builds up steam with strikes, atomic drop, and Eye of the Storm. Jesse sends Storm to the apron, Storm hits his leaping enzuigiri, Closing Time and Last Call to win.

James Storm wins by pinfall in 3:06

After the match, Storm poses with Jesse, putting on a fake voice as if Jesse said “Sorry about my damn luck, Cowboy!”.

Match 3 for the TNA Tag Team Titles: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode

With the egos of the challengers, they spent parts of this match trying to show each other up, which at times backfired, like Aries wiping out Roode with his suicide dive instead of Chavo, or taking his eye off the match to gloat, only to turn into SuperMex. Still, they manage to wear Chavo down, until Aries tries for a Brainbuster, and gets pushed into Roode. The challengers argue, and Roode storms off. Hernandez and Chavo go to end the match, but as Chavo is on the top rope, Roode rushes back, stops the move, Aries hits a low blow on Hernandez, Roode throws him out, hits a spinebuster on Chavo, before a 450 Splash from Aries for the 1-2-3!!!

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode win by pinfall in 13:49 to become the NEW TNA Tag Team Champions

Bully Ray and Sting are preparing for their match, chatting to Brooke Hogan, when her Daddy walks in. Sting and Brooke leave Hulk to chat with Bully. Hulk wants “good guy” Bully to end it tonight, but Bully says he’s not a good guy, just hates what Aces have done to them lately, and says “I will end it tonight….Dad”. Bully walks off, Hogan smirks and says “Perfect”.

Match 4: Tara vs Miss Tessmacher

After a small offense from Tessmacher, Tara tries to leave to go back to her “boo”, which was a trap to turn the match her way. Whenever Tessmacher tries to fight back, Tara stops it by either pulling her hair, or some form of a submission attempt. Tessmacher mounts a comeback, only to run into a clothesline. Tara takes her eye off the match once more, proving a bad move as Tessmacher hits the Tess-Shocker to pick up a win.

Miss Tessmacher wins by pinfall in 6:25

After a break, Jeremy Borash is in the ring, and introduces Rockstar Spud to the TNA fans. Spud gets a good reaction, and says it’s what he’s always wanted, to be in a TNA ring in front of his countrymen. Robbie E and Bigger Rob come down. Robbie E makes fun of Spud, saying he’s just a “pizza boy”, then goads Spud, while jumping all over the back of Robbie T. Robbie T drops the clipboard, and as he bends down to pick it up, Spud cheapshots Robbie E!! Robbie E leaves the ring, as Spud stops Robbie T from leaving, so they can fist pump and throw up the metal sign.

Sting and Bully Ray are on their way to the ring with Brooke Hogan following. They advise her to stop backstage. Sting suggests Bully get his gameface on, and Bully suggests painting his face. So they head off to do so, with Brooke saying she “gets hot watching her man go to war”…

Match 5 – Tables Match: Sting and Bully Ray vs Devon and D.O.C.

Physical battle which sees Bully and Sting take over from the beginning, and the Aces not getting much attack in. Bully, in his “warpaint” imitates Sting by hitting a Stinger Splash on Devon. Once back from a break though, the Aces have turned the tables (sorry!), before Sting fights back, and he and Bully do the “wazzup” headbutt move to Devon. They try to set up a table, but the Aces fight back. The Aces go to put Sting through a table, but Bully stops D.O.C., and when Sting goes to suplex Devon through it, Mike Knox appears to move the table. Sting knocks Knox outside and fights with him, as Devon beats down Bully…until Bully starts to “Hulk Up”. Imitating his father-in-law, Bully fights back, and strikes with a big boot to Devon, before a Uranage through the table.

Bully Ray and Sting win by putting Devon through the table in 10:07

Hulk and Brooke Hogan come down to congraulate the winners and celebrate with them, as the show ends….

Felt this show had more positives than negatives, which is always a good sign. As far as the negatives go, giving Garett a microphone is never a good idea. Actually, giving him a job is a worse one! Really unsure why they cut part of his promo, would have at least made a bit of sense why he turned on TNA. Oh, and I just hope the guy who portrays the “leader” of the Aces isn’t actually the guy they’ll unveil. You think Garett, Mike Knox and Wes Brisco are poor?? Imagine D’LO BROWN as the boss of it all!!! The X-Division match felt a bit slow and didn’t help with too many messed up moments. Felt like RVD had a poor night. Was glad to see Rockstar Spud make his debut, and feel he deserves his chance. For those that haven’t seen him before, ignore how silly you think his name is, and get ready for seeing an entertaining and talent guy. He could be a good addition to the X-Division…just don’t Haskins him, TNA! Also loved the Tag Title match, felt it wasn’t just match of the show, but match of the whole night at Manchester. Glad to see new Champions, and think this Aries/Roode partnership could really be a hit. As for Bully Ray “Hulking Up”, I didn’t really mind it. It raised a bit of a chuckle for me, and sent fans home in a good mood.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, appreciate it as always!

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