Our partners from the Marks For Xcellence podcast conducted a lengthy interview with Nigel McGuinness, click here to listen to it.

The title should be encouraging enough for you to listen, if not, the following is from Sam:

This week we had the honour of interviewing former ROH World Champion, TNA Superstar and now documentary filmmaker NIGEL MCGUINNESS!! For over 90 minutes Nigel discussed his documentary ‘The Last of McGuinness’ as well as the state of professional wrestling today, his career in general, art, movies, dreams and so much more.

Our interview with Nigel is, hands down, the best thing we’ve ever done on MFX and that includes coming up with the name ‘Brick Hogan’ and getting #blamemiz trending last year. If you’re a fan of wrestling you owe it to yourself to listen to what Nigel has to say. Pure gold.

Of course we save the best till last. First off you have to sit through around three hours of Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps tearing apart the week in WWE and TNA. Don’t you DARE skip to the Nigel interview. Oh, alright you can – but you better come back to listen to our rubbish!

We kick off with our Impact review (recorded before we interviewed Nigel) which is the usual expletive filled, surreal and random look at TNA’s second show from the UK. It was alright. Our review is much better.

Then it’s time for Raw (recorded after we interviewed Nigel – see if you can spot the difference) which was a decent show. We spend a lot of time talking about our visits to live sex shows in Europe. Duckman’s story is funny. Sir Ian’s is unreal. Plus we talk a little about Elimination Chamber, if you’re into that kind of thing.

We finish off the show this week with the main event – 90 minutes in the company of Nigel McGuinness. We won’t spoil it for you guys but trust us, this interview is the definition of ‘must listen.’ There’s so much good stuff here and even though Duckman and Sir Ian have their professional interviewer heads on, we still manage to get a few good laughs out of Nigel along the way!

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