In an attempt to get a troubled friend to move in with them in Atlanta to begin an extensive recovery program, the following video shows DDP and Jake Roberts call Scott Hall. In the clip, you can hear Hall say “I’m dying, I’m dying man”. He also talks about drinking Vodka for breakfast.

DDP says Sean Waltman texted him asking him to reach out to Scott.

In the end of the video, Scott Hall says he feels a “spiritual awakening” and that he’ll be in Atlanta by this weekend. Keep in mind, this isn’t the first time Dallas reached out to Scott with the same efforts. However, as mentioned in this video, Hall didn’t follow through and make the trip.

Ray’s Opinion

We Can’t Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone

Ronald Reegan once said that and, it is so true. DDP along with Jake the Snake proved that today. The video is remarkable and it gives us hope that the world is not just filled with evil. Aside from being a wrestling fan, if there is anybody in your life that you love and needs reaching out to, help them. A little bit of good advice and encouragement can go a long way. Let’s hope Scott Hall can turn his life around, we’re all pulling for you because you are the true ‘bad guy”! 

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