Well we are on the road to predictamania, The time of the year where the “smart wrestling” fans start yapping away like they know the business and start bull shitting about Wrestlemania results that hasn’t even happen yet. Yes I will admit that this year’s main event looks like to be in Cena’s favor, but I can think of five wrestlers who don’t deserve the title off the back of my head before I even start complaining about the last son of kyrpton, Ill give him the small amount of credit that he does deserve.

He isn’t HOGan. He isn’t self centered control monster that is the Hulkster brother! He isn’t trying to make every show about him, it looks like it, but compared to the beast that was/is the red and yellow freak, it is a pleasant day in the park. One more thing I can say, is that he genuinely seems to care about what he does. Granted he is paid the most, but he still does much of the ambassador work for the WWE with The Make a wish foundation, and other charities events. So there, Cena isn’t the worst WWE has to offer, you can (and I will) root against him all you want.

Now this list isn’t a complete list, so you won’t see the really bad ones like The (not so) Great kahli, or lord Tensai, but current stars that seem to have a chance at either the WWE title, or World Heavyweight Championship.

Now before we hit this list, time for some, Dishonorable mentions!
Cena. { Now wait a minute Tim you just defended him} Yeah no shit Sherlock, but he also isn’t on the list, and he isn’t mentioned for the same old tired IWC reasons mentioned every-fucking-where. He is on the dishonorable mention list for what this means if he does win at Mania, not who he is (like the others on the list).

If Cena wins at WrestleMania (no matter who he facing) it will be damaging to the belt. If he beats The Rock, the belt was just used as a bandaid prop and CM Punk lost the title for no reason, and the 434 days as champion would be wasted on this. If he beats CM Punk, then the title becomes a hot potato, after a year of no title changes we get 3 off the back in a time span of 3 months.

Now, On to The List

5) Twatface Miz
{Now come on Tim, your hatred of The Miz is known, why do you continue this}. Wait for my next article during Wrestling Rambles 2 year anniversary (cheap plug) to see why I Still distain the piss stain and Why the WWE Still does not have faith in The Miz.

4) Randy Orton
Ok Anti Cena fans, I give you somebody with less moves than Cena, and his name, if you look it up, can translate to boring. Randy Orton doesn’t have a proper DDT, that thing he does with the ropes, that is called A FALL!, his finisher that is so “impressive” to see, the falling head hug, relies 100% on his opponent. Randy “is this match over yet” Orton would just bring shame to the Title.

With derpsheets promising a heel turn soon, but I ask what is the difference? He has no ring personality to set him apart, the only way to know what kind of person he is, is who he is facing. Orton is an empty slate wrestler with little to zero in ring skill to match, placing in a life size toy of Orton would be just as alive as the real thing.

As for him being champion… While he won’t as damaging as the others on this list (depending on when or if he wins it at Elimination Chamber) I still can never picture good things for the Title Picture if Orton is the one holding the belt.

With a consistency of Drug use, derpshhets constantly posting on how he stopped a push (Kofi Kingston, Mr Kennedy) and No I will never, EVER drop the fact that he injured himself, while TAUNTING! The only line Orton should be in, is the unemployment line.

3) Brock Lesnar
If you are good at what you do, don’t do it for free. But if you are just a quitter with no commitment to anything than the all mighty dollar, then technically, you are a prostitute, and to me Mr Lesnar here is nothing more than a money hungry ass. He hasn’t committed to anything other than money. WWE first run, NFL, and UFC. Sure you can say his illness prevents him from fighting, but who said he still had to fight? Trainer, coach, guest commentator, or various other roles, but like in everything else, Brock just ups and leaves. For his latest run, Lesnar was paid 5 million dollars for just a handful of appearances, mean while there is a locker room full of wrestlers just fighting to get on TV, but meanwhile this asshat gets paid to do nothing? There is fucked up, and beyond fucked up, and this goes way beyond. Lazy, careless, and down right soulless about the business, it is obvious why Stone Cold didn’t want to support him, kinda hard to support a nothing. Best memory of him, Being booed put of WrestleMania 20.

Now I am not saying he is in the title hunt, but there is always a lingering fear that he might be in one soon is what I worry about. I will acknowledge his amazing in ring work for someone his size, but as stated, all he does is quit when things don’t go to plan, so his ability to defend the title at any given moment would be amazing, if he would only do it.

The man acts as if He is The Undertaker, come and goes as he pleases, shows up when it is perfect, the only, and main Difference between the two, is that The Deadman has been with the WWE 23 years, he has earned his time and paid his dues, Brock hasn’t, and hasn’t paid his dues to anything.

As a champion, it just seems like giving him the title would be just another prop, and have WWE reach out to those fans who are still ignorant, and live in the past. Just a quick fix with The Bandaid Belt!

2) The Rock
What makes a champion, His dedication to the sport? His endless hours of training and working on perfecting their craft? His willing to put the business before himself? What’s that, you mean a champion that has their own priorities outside the sport who only shows up when they feel and works 2 to 3 matches a year should get the championship? Thanks for clearing that up.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of The Rock, and understand that when he is around, he is good for business, but as a champion, he isn’t doing justice to the belt, and it doesn’t even seems like he cares. If he was a bad guy, it would be perfect, a champion that cannot show up to defend his title, however this isn’t the case.

As stated, a champ should be dedicated, someone who can make it to the events, someone who can defend the title, not someone who works when it is convenient, or be bothered. “Big title defense on Raw? Nah, to busy shooting a ‘Got Milk?’ Commercial, do it some other time.”

1) Ryback
For months the WWE has been giving the wrestling world nightmares by the sheer thought of this giant oaf getting the title. He has been with the WWE for years since there is footage of him on Tough Enough (obviously not the Stone Cold season) and still after all these years, he is still greener than goose shit, still unable to put up a decent match, and sadly, has been known to botch his finisher. The idea that this guy is the next top star, is not only horrifying, but disgusting.

I am all for building new wrestlers, without young talent, there is no future, and thus there is no business. However with the vast amount of independent wrestling schools, organizations, and promotions the business could find someone better than the roid rage freak Ryback.

Just the sheer thought of this botchamania favorite holding any type of belt makes me nervous of the future of the business, and that wrestling won’t be wrestling anymore, and just be Vince’s second attempt at body building show. Yes this one juggernaut makes me fear that he would be the death of wrestling. Very stupid and silly thought, but when I think that David Arquette can out wrestle this knuckle dragging moron, then I have a right to believe in ths fear.

So there you have it, 5 “top” stars who would be more terrible champions over Cena. Time to kick off Predictamania off.

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