Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Insight into Impact review, bringing the results and segments from the 14th February 2013 edition of TNA Impact from London, England, as well as giving my views on the show too.

Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring to open the show. He announces 4 matches tonight, and he’ll decide someone from these matches to face Jeff Hardy at Lockdown. The 4 matches are: James Storm vs Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries and Daniels vs Magnus. Hogan also says the Aces and Eights have challenged TNA for a match at Lockdown, which he accepts. Hogan introduces his team captain, as expected, it’s Sting! Sting says he’ll also watch tonight to see who he wants to pick for his team.

Match 1: Daniels (with Kazarian) vs Magnus

Magnus gains the upperhand, and takes it to Daniels from the off, until Kazarian interrupts, allowing Daniels to hit a STO. When Magnus tries to fight back, Kazarian stops him again. Daniels misses a BME, Magnus builds momentum, before knocking Kazarian off the apron. The referee throws Kazarian out, Magnus with a Mag Daddy Driver followed by an elbow drop for the pin.

Magnus wins the match by pinfall at a time of 5:06

Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray are in their dressing room, and Bully is disappointed that an injury is stopping him from his plans. He also says he won’t let the injury ruin their Valentine Day plans. Brooke mentions he should put his ring back on, seeing as he left it on the side in the hotel bathroom.

Backstage with Magnus, he says how wrestling has been his life, which was taken away by the Aces. His time off has given him the drive to kick on, and he’s proved on a “World Class stage” (Wembley Arena) that he has what it takes to be World Champion.

Match 2: Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle

As expected, back and forth, hard-hitting action between these two, including a nice release belly to belly suplex from Angle. Joe responds with the STJoe, only to get rocked by Angle’s German Suplexes. Both men try for a submission, first Joe with the Coquina Clutch, then Angle with the Ankle Lock, only to have Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff cause a no-contest. Joe and Angle fight the two Aces off.

Match ends in a no-contest at a time of 8:40

Dixie Carter is backstage with British Bootcamp contestants the Blossom Twins and Marty Scurll. She tells them it’s their 1st time on Impact, and to show the world what the UK fans saw in them.

Match 3: The Blossom Twins and Marty Scurll vs Gail Kim, Tara and Jesse

Starts out with Marty making a fool of Jesse, before Gail and one of the twins come in. Gail and Tara spend most the match working over one of the Blossoms, until she tags her sister in, and they take care of the veteran Knockouts. Jesse tries to get involved, only for Scurll to dropkick him to the outside, then try a suicide dive….which nearly lived up to it’s name as Marty went head first into the barrier! Back inside, Gail hits Eat Defeat on a Blossom for the 1-2-3.

Gail Kim, Tara and Jesse win the match by pinfall at a time of 7:29

After the match, Gail Kim gets on the mic, thanks Taryn Tarell for not being incompetent as usual, before wanting back the Knockouts Title from Tara. Brooke Hogan comes out, and makes a match for next week. Tara will defend her title against Gail Kim AND Brooke Tessmacher….AND Velvet Sky. Brooke will also be ringside to watch for any dodgy business.

We see Dixie Carter’s Bellator appearance, where she was on to announce that Jeff Hardy has signed a “long-term” contract, and he’ll be back in 2 weeks time. Massive groan from me over this.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode discuss how they think Hulk Hogan is trying to split them, but they need to stick to their plan. They argue once more over who will win which of the remaining titles they want to get.

Match 4: James Storm vs Rob Van Dam

RVD runs through his signature moves, until Storm stuns him with a quick DDT, hard shots, Tennessee Slam and Closing Time. RVD blocks the Last Call though, and hits his stepover enzuigiri. RVD fails to strike with the 5 Star Frog Splash or Coast-to-Coast, before turning into the Last Call from Storm.

James Storm wins the match by pinfall in 5:49

Joseph Park goes to see Hulk Hogan, why? He’s been told to politic himself into getting a World Title shot! Says he’s got buttons and posters for “Vote for Park”….this is class, he thinks it means proper Politics! Hogan informs him that he’s been ribbed. Despite this, Park asks if he can count on the Hulkster’s vote, and gets told yes. This is why I love Joseph Park. Can we keep him full-time and never have Abyss back?!

After a break, we’re now in the Hogans dressing room, as Hulk tells Brooke to stop pushing him, he has 8 other guys to look at, and needs to keep an open mind. Brooke tells him Bully Ray got into the business because of the Hulkster, and wants to be like him. Hulk says he needs to remain objective…

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries come to the ring. It’s only took a week for Hulk Hogan to try to split them, but Aries says they know what needs to be done, and what is right for business.

Match 5: Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

What’s better than 1 Fingerpoke of Doom? 2 Fingerpokes of Doom!! Seeing as neither guy wants to take the fall, Aries says he’ll be the bigger man and lay down for Roode….but as Roode tries the pin, Aries rolls him up for 2. After the comedic opening, we kick into a proper match. They try to get the better of each other, and we see a nice exchange of counters. Aries misses the 450 and rolls through, Roode tries for the spear, Aries turns it into the Last Chancery, only to see Roode turn it into a Crossface. Aries breaks out, and tries for a Brainbuster, only to be pushed into the referee. Roode grabs a chair, and tries the Eddie Guerrero “chair-gag”, Aries spots it, grabs the chair and hits the mat. Both try to convince the ref they were hit, before arguing with him and each other. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez appear, and both Aries and Roode leave the ring….forcing a double count-out!

Match ends in a double count-out at 9:56

Hulk Hogan is speaking with Sting about his previous chat with Brooke. Sting says he’s glad it isn’t his decision to make. Hogan leaves towards the ring….well, he does once Sting tells him the right way to go!

So, it’s time to find out who Hulk Hogan has chose to face Jeff Hardy. Hogan’s in the ring, but as he starts to speak, the Aces and Eights appear, and cover 3 sides of the ring. As they prepare to attack, Bully Ray appears with his chain, and they all back off. Sting appears with 2 baseball bats and 1 cricket bat, as the Aces back off even more. With that, the show goes off air….

Too. Much. Hogan. Especially towards the end of the show. Also wasn’t keen on seeing them put Hulk’s segments back to back like they did, albeit split by commercials. Just seemed unneccessary to have them on so much during the show. Aside from that, I felt this was a good show, thanks to entertaining matches, and a good crowd getting into the show. For the 3rd week, Impact’s come from the UK, and seeing a decent sized crowd being vocal and into the matches/segments is so much better than the atmosphere in the Impactless Zone. Hope they can keep something similar going when this show finally gets out on the road. As for the matches, I don’t think there was one bad match this week. Magnus has impressed me a lot lately, and his match was class against Daniels. Joe/Angle was physical and enjoyable, despite the ending. As for the British Bootcamp stars, they did a good job, bit iffy at times, but maybe nerves of their biggest appearance and crowd so far. Aries vs Roode though, that certainly stood out as the segment of the night. Hilarious interaction, great bout, and funny ending too. These two are really shining as TNA’s two biggest stars, in my opinion!

Also, anyone else feel TNA are pointing towards Bully Ray being a part of the Aces and Eights, or is it just me? Take Hogan’s daughter as his wife, gain Hulk’s trust, get what he wants (the World Title), then turn against Hogan and side with the Aces. He has the gold, the girl and pisses Hogan and TNA off at the same time. Maybe it’s just me, but it kinda feels that way….

As usual, thanks for taking the time to read this review, it’s always appreciated!

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