Hey ramblers, the following is from our partners over at http://wrestlechat.net/, it’s a transcript of some of the questions that was asked to Bruno Sammartino by Eric Gargiulo of CamelClutchBlog.com . I’ll let Brett take it from here:

My good friend Eric Gargiulo of CamelClutchBlog.com and ProWrestlingRadio.com welcomed soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino onto his Pro Wrestling Radio program today.  Eric has interviewed Bruno numerous times in 2000 and knows him better than just about anybody out there.  There have been a few Bruno interviews that have come out since the news broke that Bruno was finally entering the Hall, but none go into such great detail as this interview here.  Eric also asks questions that have yet to be asked and gets Bruno to reveal multiple details that he had yet to reveal.

You can listen to the full length interview HERE.

Here are some highlights.

On why, after all these years, now is the right time to enter the Hall of Fame:

“Triple H said to me, “you know Bruno, you’ve always said that you weren’t interested in the Hall of Fame because you felt like you’d be a hypocrite because you had been so outspoken about different things that were going on, but you also said that when asked ‘well, what would you do if that all changed…what if it all changed, would it then be fair enough then to say, would you now accept?” I said yeah,I have said that many times, but I needed to be convinced that change was made and so forth. After speaking to Paul and Dr. Maroon, I felt it was only fair of me to be fair with them. As critical of them that I was in the past, I have to take my hat off to them because, at the end, they really meant business when they talked about (implementing) drug testing. Not only that, but as I watched the show, as I watched these guys, they look athletic, but I don’t see anymore of the look of yester-year.”

On what fans can expect to see as part of his WWE Hall of Fame Deal:

“I won’t do a lot of traveling, but there will be some. There will be a DVD, there will probably be video games featuring me. There will be a WWE Roundtable to speak about what the business was like and I agreed to do some of those. Maybe there might be, every now and then, there will be a personal meeting, or appearance, at somewhere like Boston or Philadelphia. I will be fair and I will do what I can, but I will not go on the road like yesterday. I enjoy life at home, but if periodically I have to make one appearance here or there, I’d be willing to do that.”

On what he thought of CM Punk bringing him up in a recent promo:

“Well, I don’t know if he was just saying some things to create some controversy, but what he said was extremely silly. He said that I only wrestled once a month in Madison Square Garden. he made it sound like that was it. But the reality is that the first eight years that I had the belt, the first two weeks that I had the belt, I’d wrestle seven days a week. The following two weeks, I’d wrestle six days a week. So I only had two days off a month to visit my family. Vince McMahon wouldn’t run the Garden without me. The point is this – in my 23 year career, I wrestled close to 7,000 times, so when Mr. Punk talks about ‘one time a month in Madison Square Garden’, he was either just saying stuff to aggravate or anger some people, or he just doesn’t have a clue what my career was about.”

On who he’d consider to induct him into the WWE:

“I don’t know and I’ll tell you why. They said to me that, ordinarily, that those who are being inducted normally get to choose who induct them. They asked me in a very, very nice way, that if I were to allow them to choose someone who is known around the world and they would come up with three or four names and then they would discuss it with me. Then if I disagreed with any or all of who they might suggest, than they would honor my wishes of whom I may want. So I want to be fair and give them that opportunity to find out who they may be thinking about and then I will decide.”

Bruno then tossed out the name of a HUGE celebrity who he’d like to induct him. You will have to tune into this episode to find out.  This special episode is worth listening to just to hear who that is and why he would be Bruno’s choice to induct him.  Bruno also discusses how it’ll be when he meets Vince McMahon on the night of the ceremony, who his inspirations were, possibly doing commentary again, and what he thinks of his fellow 2013 WWE Hall of Fame classmates.

Once again, to listen to this full-length 50-minute interviewCLICK HERE.  I promise you that it is worth every single second.

Ray’s Opinion
Wow, seems like an exciting interview. I will be listening to it tonight and I suggest you listen to it too. Check out Eric’s blog, he’s been blogging for years now and knows a lot about the business, I read there 4-5 times a week. And of course, check out WrestleChat, it’s the only site you need to visit for WrestleMania news and coverage, along with WR of course! 


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