8 of Britannia Wrestling Promotion’s Biggest Superstars, 3 Rounds, 1 Winner, 1 Night!

So anyone who is anyone in the Britannia Wrestling faithful, and even a couple who aren’t, can only say one thing about Denbigh – every time BWP are there, it’s a party! The guys pull out all the stops, the action is more intense and the crowd are just that extra bit louder. On this show, we’ll see 8 of Britannia Wrestling Promotion’s biggest superstars compete in El Bandito Tournament.

Morgan v Myatt Britannia Wrestling Promotions
Morgan v Myatt

Keith Myatt vs Marc Morgan

Keith Myatt: A 30-year ring veteran, there’s nothing that this guy doesn’t know about wrestling. There’s no trick that he doesn’t know, or hasn’t used to help him win. How will his experience fare against the never-say-die attitude of the young bucks?

Speaking of young bucks, another competitor – the BWP Rookie Champion – joins the fray and is in the thick of it. Can he continue his impressive recent run?

Marc Morgan: What a run Morgan has been on lately, retaining his BWP Rookie Championship against the monster Bam Bam Norton at both the Ffrith Beach and Penyffordd Royal British Legion shows. With his confidence at an all-time high and holding gold, Morgan will be out to show the BWP veterans that the new blood is ready to take over.

CJ Banks v Bubblegum
CJ Banks v Bubblegum

BubbleGum vs CJ Banks

BubbleGum: Hailing from Hubba-bubba-ville (I absolute love it when the announcer says that!), BubbleGum returns to BWP for what could be his final outing. Anyone who has followed, or follows, BubbleGum’s career will know that he’s scheduled for surgery in the not too distant future, but that shouldn’t stop him from going out with a bang! What better way to do that than to beat the other 7 competitors and be crowned El Bandito Champion?

CJ Banks: What can you say about CJ? He’s pound for pound the best in the UK. That’s not a slogan for a t-shirt, that’s the truth and he proves it time and time again. Last time he was in Denbigh, he came out on top in a brutal steel chain match against the Baby-Faced Pitbull. If there’s a standard to beat in this tournament, it’s CJ Banks.

Next on the card is the man that CJ beat the last time their paths crossed.

Pitbull vs The Red Saint - Britannia Wrestling Promotions
BabyFace Pitbull vs The Red Saint

BabyFace Pitbull vs The Red Saint

BabyFace Pitbull: The Canine Suplex Machine has arguably been the biggest name in BWP for the last few years now, but it’s a moniker he’s struggled to hold on to of late and this tournament could give him the win, and confidence, he needs to get back on track.

The Red Saint: The last time that the Red Saint was in Denbigh, he lost to Dylan Roberts. Will that play on his mind this Saturday? He’s got everything to gain this weekend and he’ll no doubt put on a great show for his hometown crowd.

Dylan Roberts vs Zack Gibson Britannia Wrestling Promotions
Dylan Roberts vs Zack Gibson

Zack Gibson vs Dylan Roberts

Zack Gibson: AKA Liverpool’s No1. He has all the skills, ability and charisma that anyone could want. He’s coming to Denbigh with a point to prove and it’ll take an exceptional performance from 1 of the other 7 competitors to beat him.

Dylan Roberts: 100% Welsh Beef, Dylan is incapable of having a bad match. It’s that simple. He’s had tag-team success in BWP and now he’s on a mission to prove that he’s PWI:BWP Catchweight Championship material. This tournament is the perfect platform to catapult Dylan to the next level and if anyone can do it, it’s him.

Follow all the action Live as it happens on both Twitter @Official_BWP or on Facebook on Britannia Wrestling’s Fan Page. It all kicks off Saturday 23rd February 6.30 PM.

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