Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of the TNA review “Insight into Impact”, bringing you the insight into the 21st February episode of TNA Impact, as well as giving you my views on the show.

Same as last week, we open with Hulk Hogan. Hulk mentions he had a tough choice to make, which didn’t pan out thanks to the Aces and Eights. But something good came from their appearance, as after a week of thinking, he’s picked the only man for the World Title shot…Bully Ray. Nepotism strikes again!! Bully comes out, says he’s hurt, and the 8 guys last week deserve the shot more. Bully also suggests a 6 man tag for tonight: Aces vs Bully, Sting and Hulk, which Hogan agrees to!

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are discussing their match last week, when Kazarian and Daniels interrupt. They congratulate the new Tag Champs, and tell Aries and Roode to follow their lead tonight. As Bad Influence walk off, Roode and Aries disagree over who’s lead should be followed.

Match 1: Bad Influence, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Joseph Park and James Storm

This match sees an 8 man brawl at the beginning, which ends when Park “accidentally” elbows Daniels and Kazarian. After a break, Aries and Roode fail to life Park for a suplex, so Daniels tags in. He and Kazarian keep Park from his partners, while not tagging in the Champs. As Kazarian and Daniels try to double team him, Park hits a double clothesline. Bad Influence crawl for a tag, and Aries and Roode walk off, leaving the good guys to take over the match. Storm hits the Last Call and Park with a 2nd rope splash for the 3 count.

Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, James Storm and Joseph Park win the match by pinfall in a time of 8:18

Video package about British Bootcamp winner, Rockstar Spud. Strange how it shows Spud celebrating a win in TNA at Wembley Arena when he hasn’t had a match yet….

Match 2: Robbie E (with Robbie T) vs Rockstar Spud

Robbie E tries to have a bit of fun and slap Spud around, Spud fights back with a few clotheslines and a DDT, before missing a Bass Drop (top rope leg drop). Robbie E wants to use the clipboard, but Robbie T stops this, allowing Spud to deliver a victory roll for the win!

Rockstar Spud wins the match by pinfall in a time of 2:45

Afterwards, Robbie E berates and pokes at Bigger Rob, before slapping him. Robbie T responds by removing his shirt and intimidating Robbie E, who slows backs off.

Match 3 for the TNA Knockouts Title: Tara (c) vs Miss Tessmacher vs Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim

This match was held under elimination rules, with Brooke Hogan ringside to make sure nothing dodgy happened, and Jesse banned from ringside. Gail and Tara try to eliminate Velvet first, which breaks down when they fight over who will pin her. Gail is knocked out the ring, Tara hits a moonsault on Tessmacher, only for Velvet to hit “In Yo Face” on Tara, and Tara is gone, guaranteeing a NEW Knockouts Champion. Tessmacher tries to roll up Velvet, Velvet rolls through and eliminates Tessmacher. Gail then tries to use the ropes, only for Taryn to stop the count at 2. When Velvet tries a sunset flip, Gail holds the ropes, Taryn forces her to let go, and Velvet hits another In Yo Face to end the match….hmmm, thought Brooke Hogan was supposed to stop any dodgy business in this match?

Velvet Sky wins this match by pinfall in a time of 8:36 to win the TNA Knockouts Title

Sting and Hulk Hogan are discussing their match tonight, and how they’ll end the Aces. Sting leaves, goes into the next room to Bully Ray and confirms to Bully that Hulk “is in”….wait, any need for this? Especially as Hogan confirmed the match earlier on.

Video package showing AJ Styles’s bad year, and apparently, we’ll see next week what happened when the cameras went to see AJ at his home in Gainesville, Georgia.

Another video, this time showing the history of Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle’s involvement with Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff.

Match 4: Garett Bischoff vs Samoa Joe

Bischoff uses delaying tactics, before tricking Joe to follow him around and back into the ring, attacking Joe’s knee. Garett tries to keep Joe down, but Joe fights back with his inverted atomic drop, boot and back splash combo. As Joe builds up steam and aims to end it, Wes Brisco rushes in. The Aces beat down Joe, until Kurt Angle makes the save.

Samoa Joe wins this match by disqualification in a time of 5:08

Angle grabs a mic and says he hasn’t forgot about them. He got Wes his chance in TNA, and his glad, and the pain he’ll inflict on Wes will be legal, when they face off in a Steel Cage at Lockdown!!

Match 5 for the TNA X-Division Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Kenny King

King attacks before the bell, and tries to keep RVD grounded with submissions attempts. RVD manages to break out and strike with a spinning wheel kick, goes for a monkey flip but King lands on his feet, and hits the Royal Flush for a 2 count. RVD catches him with a springboard kick, followed by the rolling thunder and 5 Star Frog Splash to retain his title.

Rob Van Dam wins this match by pinfall in a time of 6:22 to retain the TNA X-Division Title

Hulk Hogan is walking with his daughter, Brooke, who is unsure if Daddy should fight. Hogan says after all that’s happened, there’s no turning back, and he needs to do this.

Video interview with Jeff Hardy, who says his injured is healed, and he’s good to go. More like “TNA’s back in the US, and I’m allowed to appear”. He talks about how tough Bully Ray is, how much they both want to win, and he thinks their match will be the “best cage match of all time”. Can we get him tested? Gotta be on something to make that comment. Oh, and a reminder, he’s back next week!

Match 6: Aces and Eights vs Sting, Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray

Well, this is more a 3 vs 2, as Hulk Hogan doesn’t appear. Despite Bully and Sting taking care of business, after a break, the Aces are in control, as Mr Anderson, Devon and D.O.C. use quick tags to keep themselves fresh, and wear down Bully. Sting gets a hot tag and beats down all 3 Aces, but as he and Bully are about to deliver a “Wazzup” headbutt, the remaining Aces drag out Brooke AND Hulk Hogan. Bully limps off up the ramp to help the Hogans, as Sting goes for a Scorpion Deathlock. Once locked in, D.O.C. hits a big boot on Sting, and pins the Icon!

Aces and Eights win the match by pinfall in a time of 7:39

The aftermath sees the Aces beat down Sting, and celebrate, as Bully looks on from the ramp, before the show goes off air….

Out of the 4 shows from the UK, I personally felt this was the best of the bunch, and it was good to see they mainly went with more action than talking. Think the only downside I saw in this, was the short time given to Spud/Robbie E, and the outcome of the Joe/Garett match….but that was because I would of liked to see Joe carry out his chant, and kill Garett!! As for Spud/Robbie E, this is the first time US fans will have seen Spud, and the match didn’t last that long, and didn’t allow him to show much of what he can do. Weird when you consider how much longer last week’s match lasted with the ones that lost British Bootcamp! Quite surprised they went with a 2nd title change over here, and especially the Knockouts Title. I could have seen Velvet’s chase lasting a bit longer, and picking up a win on the PPV. Personally, I think it’s time for a new X-Division champion, as personally, I feel RVD’s getting a bit stale, and his matches just seem the same, time and time again. Also feels at times as if he’s just going through the motions each night. As for the Bully situation, after the segments this week, I’m really convinced he’ll be winning the title soon, and joining the Aces. Just all the signs seem to be pointing that way. Unless they’re making it seem so obvious, only to swerve us. Also, after seeing this tweet, intrigued to see the AJ Styles segment next week….

Thanks for taking the time to read this, it’s much appreciated!

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