So true to form when Britannia Wrestling invade a town they do it right and like we have said before Denbigh always brings out the best in these guys. This past week saw Denbigh Town Hall play host to BWP’S El Bandito Tournament. 8 Superstars, 3 rounds, 1 Night, 1 Winner!

So the show opens with BWP / RWA GM Sean Ashton (with a few body guards in toe, after the events that had unfolded at Pennyfford in January) he began addressing the Denbigh crowd, great opening promo from him setting the tone for the show and bringing a lot of heat on himself for insulting the Welsh and disrespecting there national anthem. Not to shocking from the egotistical GM, you can always rely on him to be in bad form! Opening the show we have –

CJ Banks Vs Bubblegum
@CJBanks1988 vs @PipBubbleGum

True to form CJ brings the heat, he is arguably the top heel in BWP at the minute and never fails to insult the goofy kid with the glasses. Bubblegum enters and the crowd (as always) get pulled in to everything that BG does. He is a great crowd pleaser and everyone loves him, for good reason. The match as you would expect from theses guys was fantastic and a great opener to the show. They are both seamless in everything they do. Really wanted to see Bubblegum come away from this with the win but unfortunately he just couldn’t get it done on the night. CJ advances to the semi finals!

Full match can be viewed below.

Zack Gibson Vs Dylan Roberts

@_MOTN_ vs @Dyl_Roberts

WHAT A MATCH! We tweeted out (@SLTDLive ) as this was happening that this was a match of the night contender and it really was. Since the first time we seen Dylan wrestle he just seems to get better every time, he is always honing his skills and streamlining his moves, and it shows. Zack Gibson is exactly the same, size, skill and ability wise I dont think there are two more evenly match stars on the roster.
Dylan took the win in the end and in what was to be a stand out moment in the tournament at the end of the match both men embrace and show the BWP faithful they are both true sportsmen.

Full match can be viewed below-

Marc Morgan Vs Keith Myatt
@MarcMorgan2012 vs @matveteran59

Marc Morgan, the smug young BWP Rookie Champion, taking on the 30 year ring veteran Keith Myatt. New school vs Old School, high flyer vs all out brawler. This match was a great mix of contrasting styles that showed exactly why both these men are staples of BWP. On the night it was the time limit that won as neither man could get the job done in time. Both where eliminated from the El Bandito tournament when there contest ended in a time limit draw.

Babyface Pitbull w/Baz Mac Vs Red Saint
@SamBFP w/ @BazMac_ & @Lana vs @TheRedSaint

Everytime we see Pitbull lately his entourage is getting bigger and better, and Denbigh was no different. Debuting as the newest member of the Canine Crew – (now confirmed by BWP management as simply) Lana, a very mean looking brunette who Red Saint was to find out packs a mean slap. It’s fair to say since Pitbull attacked Steve Saxon late last year and partner with Baz Mac he has developed a vicious mean streak, and Red Saint found this out the hard way. He struggled from the get go to deal with the intensity, power and all out brute force of The Baby Faced Pitbull, and both Baz Mac and Lana where far from innocent by standers.
Full match can be viewed here-

Next up are the semi final rounds of the tournament, first up –

Dylan Roberts vs CJ Banks
@Dyl_Roberts vs @CJBanks1988

The second outing of the evening for both men, and neither one of them missed a beat. This was a great back and forth content and at any point could have gone either way. Watch and enjoy.

As you saw BWP / RWA GM Sean Ashton announced Babyface Pitbull got a by to the finals due to the time limit draw with Marc Morgan Vs Keith Myatt.

Britannia Wrestling Promotions El Bandito Tournament FINAL

Dylan Roberts vs Babyface Pitbull w/Baz Mac
@Dyl_Roberts vs @SamBFP w/ @BazMac_ & @Lana

Dylan Roberts returns again after his win over CJ Banks, his third outing of the night and coming in with taped up ribs provided the perfect target for Pitbull. This match literally had everything and was an excellent final bout. Dylan over come all the odds and the crowd literally took the roof off Denbigh Town Hall when he was announced the winner.

Now everything is set for Britannia Wrestling Promotions return to Ffrith Beach March 30th.

Dylan Roberts will face of against Toxic Terror Alex Cyanide for the

BWP:PWI Catchweight Championship

@Dyl_Roberts vs @AlexCyanide

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