Hello, and welcome to the TNA Impact review known as Insight into Impact, bringing you the results of the 28th February 2013 edition, as well as my views on the show.

To open the show, Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray are shown turning up to the Impact Zone, and they’re asked for an update on the Hulkster. Brooke says it’s a serious injury, and he’s at home healing.

After the opening credits, Bully Ray comes to the ring and he’s pissed off at the Aces & Eights, for everyone they’ve attacked, especially Hulk Hogan, and promises to get his hands on Devon. He calls down the guy everyone wants to hear from….no, not Austin Aries, sadly he means Jeff Hardy. Hardy comes down, and Bully doesn’t feel right about being handed the shot, but Hardy disagrees, and says they’ll re-invent their history. Bad Influence interrupt, saying neither guy should be in the title match at Lockdown, before Daniels says to get out of “his ring”. Instead, Bully drinks Daniels’ “Appletini”, spits it back in the glass, throws it at Daniels, starting a mini brawl. Once the ring is cleared, Bully suggests himself and Hardy vs Bad Influence later tonight.

Sting and Magnus are backstage talking about a list of names for Team TNA, and Magnus suggests his name should be on the list. He says Sting’s helped him a lot in the past, and now it’s time to pay Sting back.

We’re ready for match number 1, and see Gail Kim has joined Todd Keneley and Mike Tenay. Apparently, Gail gets the winner of this opening match at Lockdown.

Match 1 for the TNA Knockouts Title: Velvet Sky (c) vs Tara (with Jesse)

Tara goes on the offense, before Velvet fights back, and strikes with a headscissors takedown. Jesse tries to interfere, before pulling Velvet’s leg during a pinfall. Taryn Tarrell tells Jesse he’s gotta leave ringside, Tara isn’t happy with this, but will be even unhappier to have turned into an In Yo Face from Velvet!

Velvet Sky wins the match by pinfall in a time of 2:08 to retain the TNA Knockouts Title.

Austin Aries is on the phone to Bobby Roode, who informs Aries they have a 3 way Tag Title match at Lockdown against Bad Influence and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Speaking of Chavo and SuperMex, they interrupt Aries to inform him he has a match tonight, against Hernandez.

Kenny King is questioned on where he goes next after another defeat to Rob Van Dam. He says he is the X-Division, and where he goes next is to see RVD. King goes to RVD, and suggests RVD let the people know King is the better guy. RVD mentions how he’s beat King twice, but will give him a 3rd shot, with a stipulation. If King wins, he’s Champion, but if RVD wins, King is out of the X-Division.

Match 2: Austin Aries vs Hernandez

Hernandez proves to be a bit strong for Aries, blocking moves, until Aries uses his speed to huricanrana Hernandez outside, followed by the suicide dive, and a top rope forearm smash. Aries misses a frog splash, before Hernandez shows his power again, with a big Gorilla Press Slam. Aries tries to leave with his title, Hernandez brings him back in, and as the ref takes the title away, Aries strikes with a chain, hides the evidence in Hernandez’s attire, and gets the pinfall!

Austin Aries wins the match by pinfall in a time of 4:34.

Joseph Park is in with Sting, and Park is eating ribs….Sting says Park finally knows what a rib is. Clever. Park wants on Team TNA, but Sting quickly leaves the room, as he spots Matt Morgan. The Icon wants Morgan on his team, but Morgan refuses due to “association by Hulk Hogan”.

Match 3 for the TNA X-Division Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Kenny King

Counter after counter opener, until RVD hits an awkward German Suplex. King misses an attack outside, and RVD hits a springboard kick, before the barrier legdrop. After a break, King seems in control, until he runs into RVD’s boot. Rolling Thunder from RVD, before he misses a 450 Splash, King goes for the pin, and it looks as if Earl Hebner messed up the count. King hits the Royal Flush, and this time gets the 3 count.

Kenny King wins the match by pinfall in a time of 5:12 to become the NEW TNA X-Division Champion.

Sting is walking backstage, and runs into Kurt Angle. Angle wants to see Sting’s list for Lethal Lockdown, and when he does, is unsure on one name. Sting says desperate times call for desperate measures. Angle says he has to go, he’s got business to take care of.

We’re shown the replay of last week’s main event, featuring the Aces dragging Hulk Hogan out to the ramp, before a tweet is shown from Hogan about his injury.

The Aces and Eights appear, and Devon thinks Sting and the fans are drinking Hulk Hogan’s kool-aid if they think the Aces will lose at Lockdown. He says they’ll do the same at Lockdown as they did at Bound for Glory. Sting turns up, to announce his team. His 1st team-mate is a killer, as he’s picked Samoa Joe. His 2nd team-mate, he’s sorry about…well, Sorry about your damn luck, because it’s James Storm. Next up is a guy making his victorious return to the Impact Zone, it’s Magnus. Final guy is someone out of left field. Mr Anderson tells him to get to the point, and Sting replies “It’s Showtime”. Anderson mocks how that’s Sting’s catchphrase, but it’s actually to reveal the last member, “Showtime” Eric Young! EY is behind the Aces and starts off a brawl between both teams, and as usual, the Aces retreat through the crowd.

We’re shown a video on GutCheck contestant, Ivelisse Velez (former NXT diva, Sofia Cortez). She talks about her training when not in the ring, and mentions how wrestling ruined her relationship with her mother, a relationship that has since been repaired.

The Aces and Eights are shown walking thrown the Impact Zone carpark, reacting angrily to what just happened. Kurt Angle appears, and tells the camera “let’s go”, before following the Aces.

Another video for GutCheck, this time on Ivelisse Velez’s opponent, Lei’D Tapa. Tapa has only been wrestling for 2 years, and they mention her Uncle is former WWF/WCW wrestler, the Barbarian. Tapa talks about how hard you gotta work to get to where you want to be.

Match 4: Ivelisse Velez vs Lei’D Tapa

First off, Tapa looks like an Amazon! Velez tries for a couple of submission moves, on for Tapa to break both holds, and strike with a big boot, and a headbutt. Tapa uses her strength to throw Velez about, but makes a mistake, allowing for a tornado DDT and a huricanrana from Velez. Tapa responds with a Samoan Drop, but when she fails to get the 3 count, she argues with Taryn Tarrell. That arguement allows Velez to lock in the Guillotine choke, which Tapa tapas out to. (..and I apologise for that bad joke!).

Ivelisse Velez wins the match by submission in a time of 4:16

Austin Aries goes in to see Jeff Hardy, and wants to let the Champion know he’s pulling for him at Lockdown. Why? Because Bully Ray is the golden child, kinda like how Hardy was the golden boy during his feud with Aries, and Aries knows how Hardy feels right now.

We get our update on AJ Styles. His wife and best friend chat, saying how much AJ’s changed during the past year. During filming, AJ appears, looking scruffier than usual, and a tiny bit chubbier. He looks shocked, before saying “you don’t get it, do you?”, leaves the house, and rides off on his motorcycle (at speed, with no helmet on. Tut tut, AJ).

We’re shown highlights of the issues between Robbie E and Robbie T over the past few weeks. This leads into Robbie E in the ring, who has realised there’s a bigger bro, and a better bro, and calls Rob Terry out. Robbie E crossed the line with the slap last week, and has risked their friendship, but he wants to show how much Terry means to him, and suggests a “bro off” to just have a little fun. Robbie E dances like a loon, before leaving to let Terry have the spotlight. While Terry poses, Robbie E is back in with the “VIP Entrance” sign, and smashes it over Terry’s head. All this does, is angers bigger Rob, who scares off Robbie E once more.

Bully Ray is lifting barbells, as Austin Aries appears to talk to him. Aries is pulling for Bully, but Bully says to cut the crap. Bully says Aries is one of the best wrestlers in the world, but he won’t be World Champion anytime soon, before warning Aries to get out of his face.

Lockdown advert shown with comments from Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy, to help promote their steel cage match.

Back to Kurt Angle, and he’s seen going into the Aces and Eights Clubhouse to take the fight to them. As he goes in….well, we go back to the Impact Zone.

Match 5: Bad Influence vs Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray

Daniels tries to start with a chop to the chest, has no effect on Bully, who responds with a stiff chop. Bad Influence double team followed by Gangnam Style, this allows Bully to hit a double clothesline, then his own (poor effort) of Gangnam, and Hardy in to help clear the ring. Bully and Jeff deliver 1 Poetry in Motion, but as they try for a 2nd, Kazarian pulls at Hardy’s hair, stopping it. Bad Influence work over, and keep Hardy in their corner, until he manages to break free, and Bully gets the hot tag. Bully takes care of business, and tags Hardy back in. Kazarian stops Hardy going to the top, and Daniels hits an STO on Bully for 2. While Daniels tries a superplex on Hardy, Bully with a big boot to Kazarian. Bully then slaps Daniels on the back, hits an Electric Chair on Daniels, followed by the Swanton from Hardy for the 1-2-3.

Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray win this match by pinfall in a time of 7:19

It’s back to the Aces Clubhouse, as we see Kurt Angle go after and beat down Mr Anderson, before he beats down Devon too. Angle is face to face with the masked “VP” and they brawl. Angle glasses the masked guy, knocking him out, which allows Angle to reach down and unmask him. Angle looks surprised, and asks “how could you?”, before the rest of the Aces jump and assault Angle, as the show goes off air….

Interesting show, I felt it was going to be a poor one, but instead felt the show improved as it went on, with a few interesting segments, and a intriguing ending to the show. Quite surprised they barely gave anytime to the Knockouts title match, especially considering it being a rematch. Also felt it was strange seeing King/RVD just a week after their last match and about 3 weeks after his other shot. Was a bit of a poor match, and didn’t help with Earl Hebner screwing up the end. Aries/Hernandez was a good match, and enjoyed the action between these two, and enjoyed the main event too. As for GutCheck, both Velez and Tapa looked good, bringing something different to the show. Tapa could be the “Kong” type of wrestler they’ve been missing on their roster, while Velez has a nice mix of MMA-style moves in with wrestling moves. Would like it if they could take both ladies for the show, in some way. The AJ update was what I expected, him to blow them off and not answer. Wondering if, when and how they’ll fit him back onto the show, once he properly returns. Also interesting development in the Aces storyline…considering Angle has now seen the face of the VP, surely he’ll be revealed soon?? Would seem crazy if Angle knows who it is, but doesn’t out the person on Impact! Then again, it is TNA afterall, so logic goes out the window at times!

As always, thanks for reading this, and for any comments posted, I do appreciate it.

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