Hola amigos! Welcome to the latest TNA article known as Insight into Impact, giving you the results and segments from the 14th March 2013 episode, as well as adding my views on the show.

We’re supposed to open with a Tag Team Title match, but the Aces and Eights deliver a beatdown to Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Devon gets on the mic to gloat about they’ll dominate in 2013, before introducing Bully Ray. Bully repeats what he said at Lockdown, before saying how proud he was of Devon for assisting him, and proud of how he destroyed Jeff Hardy. Bully says he was supposed to end the match early, but didn’t cause of Hulk Hogan’s “heart to heart” talk, and he did do something memorable. He calls for Hogan to come on out and fire the Aces, but it doesn’t happen.

Sting is watching backstage, and he’s pissed off about what he just saw. He wants to get his hands on Bully Ray, and needs to go talk with Hulk Hogan.

Before the opening match, Gail Kim says she is glad Taryn Tarrell is now on probation for screwing her out the title, and suggests Taryn doesn’t put her hands on her again.

Match 1: Tara (with Jesse) and Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky and Mickie James

A match of two halves here, the opening saw Velvet take down Gail, then bring in Mickie, who controlled the match while making sure Tara doesn’t get involved. After a break though, Tara and Gail dominated, double teaming Mickie, until a double clothesline. Velvet with clotheslines and a russian leg sweep for 2, thanks to Kim breaking the count. Gail argues with Taryn, before pushing the ref to the floor. Taryn responds with a slap, followed by a Thesz Press from Mickie. Tara with the Widow’s Peak to Mickie, followed by In Yo Face from Velvet for the pinfall.

Velvet Sky and Mickie James win this match by pinfall in a time of 9:40

Aces and Eights are in their makeshift clubhouse, Bully Ray delivers a toast to the group, just in case they get fired. He calls Brooke Hogan, and leaves a voicemail joking about her not returning his calls.

Hulk Hogan is on his crutches and moves towards his dressing room. He’s asked a few questions, but just simply says “not now”, and shuts the door.

Match 2: Robbie E vs Rob Terry

Robbie E gets on the mic beforehand saying Lockdown was a fluke, and tonight, he won’t repeat it. Despite attacking before the bell, Robbie E doesn’t have much luck. Terry throws Robbie E about, suplex into powerslam, then a botched fireman’s carry into spinebuster for the win.

Rob Terry wins this match by pinfall in a time of 1:19

Sting goes in to see Hulk Hogan, and we go to a break….

Back to the Aces Clubhouse, and Bully Ray isn’t pleased the merch stand doesn’t have much Aces stuff. They open the TNA programme to decide who is attacked next, and seem delighted with who it will be.

From that, to Sting and Hulk Hogan. Hogan flips out at Sting, about how he was always right about Bully Ray, how he has the title and Brooke. Sting asks Hulk not to fire the Aces, and to have Bully tonight. Hulk says there’s no “We” anymore, he listened to Sting, it’s gone wrong, and tells Sting to get out the office, he doesn’t have time to talk, and doesn’t wanna see Sting….yikes!!

We’re shown the video highlights of AJ Styles’s “rough year”, and the recent footage from TNA’s cameraman in Gainesville, Georgia.

Sting walks through backstage and is interrupted by “Dirty Heels”. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. They tease about the dressing down he just got, so Sting says he isn’t interested in chatting, and just wants to fight. While Aries bigs up how Roode could beat him, Roode backs off. Sting chooses to fight Aries, before walking off.

Christy Hemme introduces AJ Styles, and the Phenomenal One…no shows. Instead, we get Bad Influence, who tonight are known as the Legion of Boom! It’s their Throwback Thursday tribute to the “2nd best Tag Team in history”. They say how “those warriors” were fake tough, like AJ or people from Chicago. Daniels then says “Ohhhhhhhh, What a TUSH!” (hilarious), but their time is up, as James Storm is out. He’s fed up of their mocking, and wants a match right now.

Match 3: James Storm vs Dawk (Daniels)

Storm takes the match to Daniels, hits a backbody drop, before sending Daniels into his partner. This causes Kazarian to interefe, and turn the match in favour of Daniels. Daniels wears down Storm, but he fails to finish the Cowboy off, missing a BME. Calling Time from the Cowboy, as he tries for a Last Call, Kazarian distracts him, Daniels tries a roll up pin, Storm rolls through, hits the Backstabber to end the match.

James Storm wins this match by pinfall in a time of 3:44

Legion of Boom beat down Storm, until AJ Styles walks down to make the save. Kazarian and Daniels back off, and as Storm gets up, AJ turns and lays him out!

We’re shown the “highlights” of Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco from Lockdown. From that, Kurt Angle is walking backstage, only to have Wes Brisco appear. It’s a setup though, and the Aces beatdown Angle, leaving him laying.

Joseph Park is in the house! My hero! He’s honoured to be in his hometown, and talks about the wild career he’s had so far. He talks about his life highlights (lawyer stuff and being in the ring in Chicago). Matt Morgan stops this love-in though. Says Hulk Hogan has made a lot of mistakes, but the biggest is the walking joke, Joseph Park. Morgan says he’ll eliminate all of Hogan’s mistakes, starting with Park. Park goes to leave, then wants to fight. Morgan backs off, only to turn and hit a Carbon Footprint on Park.

In the Aces clubhouse again, Bully Ray says he’s pretty happy about taking out a Gold Medallist. Talks to Hulk Hogan, reminding him who they took out. If Hulk won’t come to them, they’ll come to him…and maybe they’ll destroy the show?

TNA show an exclusive video of Brooke Hogan’s reaction after Lockdown went off the air. I don’t think I can do the video justice with how funny it is, so just watch it here.

Match 5: Austin Aries (with Bobby Roode) vs Sting

Sting isn’t up for Aries’s showboating early on, and boots him on the ropes. As he tries a Stinger Splash, Aries dodges it. Roode pulls Sting outside, and Sting fights him off, hitting a Stinger Splash on the barrier, before dodging a flying forearm from Aries, who hits his own partner. After a break, Roode distracts Sting, and gets thrown out. Aries uses this chance to hit the suicide dive, and works over Sting’s midsection. Sting begins to fight back, but Aries blocks a dropkick attempt. Aries can’t put the Scorpion Deathlock on, giving Sting a chance to change the momentum his way. Aries with a top rope dropkick which Sting no-sells, Sting misses a Stinger Splash again, Aries hits a corner dropkick, “Aries Splash”, only to see his Brainbuster turned into the Scorpion Deathdrop for 2. Sting finally hits a splash, but before he can end it, the Aces and Eights hit the ring.

Sting wins the match by disqualification in a time of 15:47

The Aces beatdown Sting, until Bully Ray says how he used Sting. He calls for everyone’s “hero”, Hulk Hogan. After a break, Hulk Hogan appears on the stage. He won’t fire them, as it’s the cowards way out, and they don’t deserve it after all they’ve done. He’s empowering all on the TNA roster to fight the Aces. Jeff Hardy leads a charge of TNA stars to the ring for an all out brawl. The Aces finally get the upperhand, and Bully is back on the mic, asking if this is memorable, before whipping TNA stars with his chain. Bully leaves the ring, and says the cavalry just got killed, what you gonna do? Hulk stumbles forward on his crutches, staring down Bully, as the show ends….

After the PPV, I was wondering where they’d go next, and how they’d move the Aces storyline on, now they have all been unveiled. Felt the show in general was quite good, including the layout of the TNA’s stage/setup, and the atmosphere from the Chicago crowd. Felt like a proper show, much better than how it would have come across if this was held in the Impactless Zone. The Aces and Eights actually looked good for the first time since….well, the end of Lockdown! But, seriously, I’ve felt this group hasn’t looked good on Impact since the backend of 2012. The chaos caused at the start and end of the show, as well as their backstage assault on Kurt Angle, this is what they should have been doing more often, rather than resembling jobbers in every match. Maybe a bit too late to save the faction for some people, but for me, I’m feeling a bit more intrigued now, than I was about a week ago. I did find it a bit strange though, how Hulk Hogan said he’d “empowered the TNA roster to fight the Aces….yet it was only the good guys who came out. Good rallying call, Hulkster! Looks like Taryn’s days of being a referee will be over soon, and heading towards her wrestling. Don’t really remember much of her time in the ring during the brief time in WWE, so interested to see if she’s improved. AJ Styles returned, and struck out at someone who has backed him up in James Storm. Didn’t really surprise me if honest. When he left, he wanted to look after number 1, so it makes sense to see him striking out at Storm, and trying to be alone, looking out for himself, and not needing to depend on anyone else. Oh, and once again, Kazarian and Daniels showed why they are two of the most talented guys on the roster. Hilarious promo, and good job in the match too. Same for Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, the 4 guys just mentioned are the main reason I watch this show. Talented, clever and funny, well worth watching the show just for Bad Influence and “Dirty Heels” alone!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, appreciate it!

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