Welcome once again to another WrestleMania Countdown, last week, my #4 pick got quite a bit of reaction about whether it deserved to be on the list or not, this week, I’m sure we can all agree does deserve to be on this list.

The date, April 1st, 2001.

The venue, The Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

The match?  Tables, Ladder & Chairs, an EPIC tag team title that saw The Dudley Boyz defend the WWF Tag Team Championships against Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz.

WrestleMania 17, or WrestleMania X-Seven as it was dubbed.

Before I begin, I would like to thank whoever has been editing these posts and making the WrestleMania banner pics smaller, I am somewhat illiterate when it comes to that sort of stuff haha.

This match will go down easily in the minds of many as one of the greatest WrestleMania matches ever, not because of the great technical skills but because of how this match helped tag team wrestling in the company, the series of matches between these three teams were always great, but putting it on the grandest stage of em all was a great idea, who could forget the image of Jeff Hardy hanging from the belts as the ladder was pulled out from under him, leading Edge to come off the top of a ladder with a spear that drove both men into the mat?  This match was one that showed what the Attitude Era was, pure violence, these men used everything they could get their hands on, did as many insane, scary spots as you could think of and thankfully, came out without horrible injury.

Interference galore during this match as Rhyno, Spike Dudley and Lita ALL got involved in this match, Lita took a 3D from The Dudleyz, we also saw Rhyno tumble a ladder which held Matt Hardy and Bubba Ray, causing them to fly over the top rope through a stack of tables.

In the end, Edge and Christian pulled out the victory after Rhyno carries Christian on his shoulder up the ladder, allowing Christian to pull the titles down.

There really isn’t much to say about this match, it wasn’t a technical contest, if you’re a fan of pure wrestling, skip this match.  If you enjoy watching carnage and violence, if you want to watch six men put it all on the line and put on one of the greatest matches in not just WrestleMania history, but one of the greatest TLC matches ever, this is a match you want to watch.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks pick, I hope you come back next week and check out what match I picked for #2.