The wrestling similarities between the up-and-coming Damien Sandow and the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, Triple H are striking. These similarities are right in front of each and every wrestling fans face, but have gone unnoticed.

First, both Sandow and the former thirteen-time World Champion were trained by the late and great, Killer Kowalski. This would explain why the Executive V.P. has made Damien Sandow his reported “pet project” after initially it was Sin Cara.

If you look past Sandow’s initial stint in World Wrestling Entertainment that occurred in 2006, which many cannot remember because of how forgettable it was, than this is Sandow’s first true gimmick.

This first gimmick has Damien as the “Intellectual Savior of the Masses.” Triple H had an eerily similar gimmick when he first started out. The former World Champion’s initial gimmick was as the “Connecticut Blueblood.”

For this gimmick, Triple H was billed as Hunter Hearst Helmsley and would instruct the audience of proper etiquette through a serious of vignettes and in-ring promos.

Helmsley was the definition of a snob and acted like he was better than everyone else. Does this sound familiar?

If the actual gimmicks are not enough evidence, then look at the respective entrance themes from their initial runs in WWE. Triple H came out to Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9(Fourth Movement), while Sandow currently comes out to George Frideric Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah Part 2.

These themes are not identical, but are eerily similar to each other and go along with the resembling gimmicks.

It is also worth noting that both of these characters were heavily pushed upon their inception on WWE television.

Another similarity to look at would be the two superstar’s similar appearance and build. Both of these guys are at 6’4 and around 230 lbs., with the physique edge going to Triple H. Even so, maybe one of these days Damien Sandow will show up to the main event of WrestleMania jacked beyond all belief.

The last few things to look at would be the two men’s in-ring styles and technical prowess. Both of these guys have similar aggressive styles that make them a treat to watch, most likely due to Kowalski’s training. Triple H’s aggression helped make him into the “Cerebral Assassin” and if Sandow is given time, then he could turn out to be just as aggressive as the “King of Kings.”

These competitors are no joke inside the squared circle. The Executive V.P. cannot be denied as being one of the absolute best workers ever, while Sandow certainly is no greenhorn for a guy that just came out of developmental and is considered a rookie.

Even though Sandow appears to be on track to compete in this year’s WrestleMania pre-show match, expect him to get a singles push in 2013 as long as he can stay healthy.

Look for Damien Sandow to be a major player in World Wrestling Entertainment. All these similarities point to great things to come for the young superstar. This is good news for Triple H fans as they are going to need someone to fill the void the “King of Kings” will leave once he hangs up his boots for good, which could happen at WrestleMania 29. With all of these striking similarities and even Triple H’s apparent blessing, it appears Damien Sandow is being groomed to do just that.

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Ricki Hostutler