Welcome to this week’s edition of Insight into Impact, bringing you the results and segments from the 28th March 2013 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, as well as adding my views about the show to the end of the post.

“Charismaticless Enigma” Jeff Hardy is the first guy out. He’s still not 100%, but is here as our #1 Contender. For Open Fight Night, he’s gotta call som….Bully Ray cuts him short, with the Aces and Eights, because Bully’s sick of him. Testify, brother!! Bully badmouths Hardy, as the Aces surround the ring. Mr Anderson makes a joke how Hardy is getting yet another chance, which doesn’t happen to others…as well as poking at “burning down houses or selling ‘the merch’…”. Anderson says how Hardy will be a disappointment again, so Hardy knocks him off the apron. The Aces attack, and beatdown Hardy, until the roster empties out to save Hardy. Hardy then decides to call out Anderson for later on.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez walking through backstage discussing how they’re fed up of Bad Influence messing their chances up. Hulk Hogan’s told them how important the night is, and it’s Open Fight Night.

After a break, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are in the ring. They’re not crying over split milk, but once again, they were robbed. Thanks to Bad Influence. So, tonight, they want payback, and call out Daniels and Kazarian, with the winners getting a Tag Title Shot.

Match 1: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Bad Influence

Back and forth opening, which sees Daniels lifted to the outside and catching his bald bonce on the stairs, before a DOUBLE Air Mexico from both Chavo and Hernandez. Despite that, Bad Influence keep Chavo away from SuperMex, until Kaz accidentally clotheslines Daniels. Big splash to both Bad Influence, then a double backbreaker! Bad Influence try to cheat to win twice, but the ref spots them, Hernandez knocks Kaz off the ramp, Air Mexico to Daniels to stop Angel Wings, before Chavo wins with the Frog Splash.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez win this match by pinfall in a time of 11:35

Taryn Terrell interviewed, says she’s excited about her first night on the Impact roster, and has a feeling who she’ll call out, and what she’ll wear.

TNA are now doing “Insta-Facts”….oh, man.

We’re shown the announcement of Taryn Terrell as a Knockout, before she makes her way to the ring. She’s so excited for her first official night as a Knockout. Now she can get physical, she wants to call out the person who has caused her issues. Yep, ODB. Nah, of course, Gail Kim. Gail comes out, talking down Taryn’s chances. Apparently, Taryn has rubbed someone else who Taryn has annoyed, and calls out Tara. Gail attacks Taryn, and Tara joins in, before Velvet Sky slowly comes down to save the day.

Velvet Sky and Taryn Terrell backstage, Velvet’s talking about how she’s dealt with Gail Kim and Tara before, when suddenly Taryn rushes off, and attacks Gail Kim. Velvet and Tara split the fight up…

GutCheck is back next week. It basically shows the past GutCheck contestants, and says what this chance is all about. We then see Jeremy Borash introducing who is taking GutCheck. Mexican star Magno will take on former 5 time NWA World Champion, Adam Pearce!

Sting tries to see Hulk Hogan, but is stopped by Hogan’s security. Sting says he knows he is only doing his job, but he’ll have to try another way to get to “that place”.

Hulk Hogan is chatting with Jeff Hardy. Says he has booked the World Title rematch for April 11th to fix what Hogan did wrong. He locked Hardy in with Bully Ray, and then saw the title stole, and he says sorry to Hardy. Hardy doesn’t live in the past, and will take the title back. Hogan allows Hardy to pick the stipulation for their match. Suddenly, Sting’s music is playing, and Hogan leaves….

Sting has gone to the ring, and admits he was wrong to say to trust Bully Ray, and needs to fix this issue. But he can’t get on the same page as him…so for Open Fight Night, Sting’s calling out Hulk Hogan?!?! Hulkster makes his way out. Sting says he’s tried to apologise, and if Hogan doesn’t accept this time, things could get nuclear. Hogan says he should have listened to his gut, but Sting lead the charge of how good Bully Ray is, which has lead to screwing up the company. Sting says Hogan should be the guy taking ownership of the company, and Hogan admits he did make decisions that went wrong. He doesn’t wanna hear anymore crap, and he tells Sting to get the hell out. Sting says “make me”, before security split them up, and move Sting back up the ramp.

We’re shown Sting leaving during the break, and Matt Morgan appears, to yell “yet again, another Hogan mistake”.

Video of AJ Styles’s recent history, his family talking about his issues, and James Storm asking for answers. This is followed by the Cowboy coming to the ring. He says AJ made his return recently, but has been quiet, and just walks off. Tonight, he’s calling out AJ. AJ shows up in the crowd. Storm knows where AJ has been, having taken time off after losing a big match. Storm says they can either go off to talk over a beer…or settle it in a fight. D.O.C., Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff rush in to assault Storm, and AJ just watches on. Eric Young and Kurt Angle come to the aid of Storm. Before the Aces can leave, Angle suggests let’s make this a 3 on 3 match right now.

Match 2: James Storm, Eric Young and Kurt Angle vs D.O.C., Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff

Storm steamrolls over Bischoff, before bringing Young in, who despite acting silly, does control the match, until Garett tries to interfere, allowing Wes to hit a clothesline. After a break, Young breaks a sleeperhold, and tags in Storm, who is taking care of business until D.O.C. pulls at his hair. The Aces keep Storm from his corner, until he catches D.O.C. with a clothesline, and then tags in Angle. “The Cyborg” is in hitting suplexs of variation to the Aces, but as he sets up to end, D’Lo Brown distracts him. Garett sets up a chain on his hand, which Angle dodges, and locks in the Ankle Lock. Sadly for Kurt, Wes is the legal man, and schoolboys Angle to get the 1-2-3.

The Aces and Eights win this match by pinfall in a time of 14:26

Bully Ray toasts the guys who just won, before saying Jeff Hardy has a set of balls to call Mr Anderson out, and Hulk Hogan has one to let Hardy pick the stipulation. Anderson says not to worry, as tonight, Anderson is about to lose his mind. He flips out, gets fired up, and leaves.

Highlights of last week’s X-Division title match shown, before we go to Jeremy Borash interviewing Sonjay Dutt. He tells Dutt he needs to win his chance back in by winning the triple threat against Mason Andrews or the returning Petey Williams!!

Video package once more of the Aces and Eights and Jeff Hardy from Lockdown, and then the opening segment featuring Aces attacking Hardy.

Match 3: Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson

Hardy takes it to Anderson, headscissors takedown, dropkick to the outside followed by a flying clothesline. Anderson drops Hardy on the ramp, but rushes at Hardy and is backdropped into the ring. Anderson has turned the tables on Hardy, and works over Hardy’s arm which hit the ramp. Hardy breaks out, and strings his signature combo together but can’t finish Anderson off. Hardy tries high risk and lands on his arm, suddenly Anderson “accidentally” knocks the ref out. Garett Bischoff hands a hammer to Anderson, Anderson swings, Hardy ducks, hits Twist of Fate. As the ref looks up, Hardy has the hammer, and swings it at Anderson.

Mr Anderson wins this match by disqualification in a time of 11:03

Hardy swings the hammer at Garett, before going after Anderson. Hardy grabs a chair, and uses it for Poetry in Motion, then brings in a ladder and table. Anderson tries to suplex Hardy through the table, but Hardy blocks, hits Twist of Fate, then sets Anderson on the table for a Swanton Bomb….only for Bully to rush down and stop it. Hardy gets on the mic and says he’s made his mind up….he wants a Full Metal Mayhem match for the title match. Bully and Hardy exchange words from a distance, as the show goes off air….

For an episode which only featured one match in their opening hour (and one match in the first 75 minutes of the show), usually, I’d feel a bit negative. You know, complaining how a company says “Wrestling matters”, then barely has any wrestling on. But this week, I’m actually going to be more positive about it. I felt that the promo work and segments we saw were good, and have helped move storylines on in a decent way. This may be helped by the fact of only 4 PPVs a year, so there’s no need to rush the feuds through. I saw a few negative comments concerning the opening segment with Jeff Hardy and Mr Anderson, but for me, it was alright. Hardy was his usual self, but I felt Bully Ray and Mr Anderson carried the segment, especially bringing a few home truths into it. Plus, it set up well for the main event, and the aftermath with Full Metal Mayhem announced. Strange choice of match for Hardy to choose though, technically, this favours Bully, especially as he would most likely just have the Aces rush in to assist? Was good once again to see AJ Styles staying silent, I just have this image of this carrying on for a while, before he snaps out, goes wild on both good and bad guys, and states he’s going it alone, picking neither side. I’m intrigued where they’re going with Sting and Hulk Hogan. I’ll admit, I’m not keen on how much Hogan appeared on this episode, but I do want to see where this is going. I’m not sure what it’s leading to, which is what’s keeping me intrigued. Also wasn’t too pleased to see Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez get another chance at the Tag Team titles, especially over Bad Influence. I find Chavo dull and can’t get interested in anything he does, and feel sorry for Hernandez being lumbered with him. Plus, as I said last week, a Bad Influence vs Dirty Heels feud would be entertaining. Will end on 2 positives though. First off, I’m glad to see Petey Williams back on the show. I love his finishing move, but also feel he’s what the division could do with right now. An added body with experience, talent, and can put on good matches when needed. Something that has been missing at times lately in the X-Division. I’m also glad to see Adam Pearce is getting a chance with TNA. He’s a hell of a talent, and one who deserves to get a chance with worldwide exposure. Hope he can give a good showing, and TNA do the right thing, and sign him on.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, as always, it’s much appreciated!

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