CM Punk VS The Undertaker
The Best in The World
– VS –
The Phenom

This Sunday, We could possibly see one of the most epic encounters to ever grace the square circle. CM Punk VS The Undertaker, The Best in the world, vs The Legendary symbol of Wrestlemania. Both contenders are ready and in the short time this feud has come up, it has become something more than just the streak… it is now beyond personal, and in the first time in the longest time, it seems that The Undertaker is the one pawn in the middle of the mind games… Wrestlemania 29 is shaping up to be more about personal fights over anything else, but this match is the match stirring the pot of curiosity the most, with Tradition, Death, and chaos riding with these two, it is almost surprising that this isn’t a no Disqualification match. Time for Wrestlemania!

CM Punk, joining the WWE was The Underground Hero of the Wrestling world. He climbed from the bottom up, one of his earliest TV roles was on Sunday Night heat, Losing to Simon Dean & Maven, being a Mafia member on the side of Cena’s car, and was left in developmental hell until ECW(we) was formed. It wasn’t until he was finally let what he was dying to say 2 years ago…

Right before Money in the Bank 2011 after hearing the words of The Straight Edge Sociopath, the Fans were more than strongly behind Punk, and heading into his hometown, CM Punk became a Hero of the people, The Voice of the Voiceless, and did what many thought was impossible, Leave Money in the Bank with The WWE Title, Beating Cena, and escaping Alberto Del Rio’s attempt to cash in. He Left the WWE with the Title.

He would return at Summerslam, only to lose the Title not to Cena, but to Mr Money in the Bank, Alberto Del Rio. It would be a few months until he would regain the WWE Championship again, but once he did… He would hold onto it for 434 impressive days, however down his road of being the champion, he would turn his back on the fans and become on of the most despised heels of recent memory.

The Deadman has been with the WWE for over 22 years now, and has only missed 2 wrestlemanias. Taking down 17 victims who tried to cross his path. Down his road of destruction, he has beaten Kane twice, Shawn Michaels twice, Triple H Three Times, and Big Show and A-Train (Tensai / Sweet-T) in the same night.

The Undertaker is also coming off an amazing 4 year (4 match) saga centered around Triple H, and Shawn Micheals, with what would go down as one of the best matches ever in wrestlemania history (Wrestlemania 25), and one of the best story telling matches in decades (Wrestlemania 28), The Undertaker has made damn sure, that whatever match he is in at Mania, would be the REAL main event, without question or argument.

The Deadly force between the two could create a wrestlemania match for the ages, the always adaptable CM Punk, VS The Ring General in Command himself, The Undertaker. Both have a huge brawling skill set, with The Undertaker being listed as one of the Best pure strikers in the business, and CM Punk with his powerful kicks to the shins and Head can take down any giant quickly. While this would have been a dream match on its own, one would wonder how these two top dynamic wrestlers could make a feud about nothing in just a matter of weeks… until….

The Death of Paul Bearer.
Most people would call it sicking, disturbing and down right disrespectful to the memory of the legendary manager. Please note, These are the same people who wine, bitch, cry, and complain [Redundant at its finest ladies and gentlemen] that “WWE WAS BETTAR [<– Notice the A in Better…] in the Attitude Era!!!” Well once they get a glimpse of what the attitude era was, besides dick jokes and… dick jokes, they suddenly clam up and go awol and start ripping into the product. I, like many of you, Should ignore these half minded, simpletons of stupidity and just continue watching WWE for how great it can go when it needs to, and it really F***ing needed to!

In a poetic tragedy, Paul’s death sparked life into this empty bout. One could only imagine what the build up would be, but I couldn’t imagine spreading into the wild fire inferno that it has become. This is what the WWE Needed, and the timing of it all came into perfect harmony.

Now the man who demands respect at the drop of the hat, is down right spitting into the faces of everyone who ever stepped foot into the ring, proclaiming he is a god among men, and but really a Jester among fools. This match is now the high focal point of the night, with a lack luster Wrestlemania card, and while this match won’t have a surprise winner, that doesn’t mean The Best IN THE WORLD won’t have a few surprises left going into the grand daddy of them all.


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