In October 2012, I discovered Wrestling Society X when I purchased the WSX DVD set. I read some good things about WSX and what I saw from WSX didn’t disappoint me. WSX matches were amazing and I saw wrestling moves I had never seen before. The first ever WSX match was Matt Sydal vs. Jack Evans and it showed people what to expect when watching WSX.

The Facts:

  • Wrestling Society X was a 30 minute long wrestling show on MTV that ended after one season in 2007. Season one of WSX had 10 episodes (1 unaired). Wrestlers on the roster included Matt Classic (Colt Cabana), Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), Jimmy Jacobs, Scorpio Sky (Harold from WWE’s anger management classes), Vampiro, Joey Ryan, Matt Cross (a contestant from the most recent season of WWE Tough Enough), Teddy Hart (Stu Hart’s oldest grandchild) and 6-Pac (X-Pac).
  • This match happened at the WSX Bunker in Los Angeles, California.
  • Matt Sydal is now known as Evan Bourne in WWE.
  • Jack Evans has wrestled for Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Dragon Gate, TNA, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, Stampede Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Noah.
  • Lizzy Valentine was Sydal’s manager in this match. Valentine is a former TNA Knockout. According to Wikipedia, “She first competed as JV Love on TNA Xplosion in a match against Tracy Brooks. She was then repackaged as a new character named Cheerleader Valentina and replaced Brooks as the partner of Nurse Veronica (Veronica Stevens) in the all-female stable known as Bitchslap.”
  • WSX co-creator and head writer Kevin Kleinrock said, “It was really important for us to start out Wrestling Society X…with a match like this between Jack and Matt that we knew was going to be very well representative of the style that we wanted to show where people were going to be able to watch it and go, ‘Okay this is not what I’m seeing on WWE. This is not what I’m seeing on TNA.’ And it was really important for us to be kind of a showcase match.”
  • The announcers for this match were Kris Kloss and Bret Ernst. Kloss is the former play-by-play analyst for Xtreme Pro Wrestling. Ernst is a stand-up comedian who doesn’t seem to have a wrestling background other than WSX.
  • The unofficial time length of the match was 3:21.
  • You can watch the match at this link –

The Match:

Sydal knocks Evans down with a kick and Evans gets up quickly. Evans goes for a head scissors and Sydal flips Evans out of the ring. Sydal bounces off the ropes and does a twisting flipping suicide dive out of the ring!! Sydal gets Evans back into the ring. Sydal tries to Irish whip Evans into the corner, but it’s reversed and Sydal is whipped into the corner. Evans hits Sydal in the corner with a hand spring elbow. Evans springboards off the ropes and Sydal hits him with a roundhouse kick in mid-air!! Sydal covers Evans and Evans kicks out. Sydal puts Evans in a submission hold called the Siamese Twin. I have never seen that move before, but it looks painful. Evans somehow gets out of the hold. Evans hits Sydal with a tornado kick. Sydal is out of the ring and Evans flips out of the ring and lands on Sydal!! Evans and Sydal are back in the ring. Evans does a standing corkscrew shooting star press and Sydal gets out of the way. Sydal goes for a pumphandle slam and turns it into an inverted powerbomb! Evans kicks out of a pin attempt. Standing moonsault by Sydal onto Evans and Evans kicks out at two again. Evans kicks Sydal in the head. Evans tries to bounce off the ropes and Lizzy Valentine grabs his legs. She won’t let go and Evans drags her into the ring. Evans jumps off Valentine’s back and hits Sydal with a tornado DDT. Evans goes to the top rope and HITS THE 630 SPLASH! That’s like a 450 splash, but with an extra flip. Evans wins.

Winner: Jack Evans

Rating: No Rating

I can’t really give this match a rating. This match was a spotfest, but it was a very entertaining spotfest. I think it’s a match you are either going to love or hate. Every WSX match was like this. Some matches were a little bit longer, but the time limit for each match was ten minutes. This Sydal vs. Evans match wassn’t a classic match and there wasn’t any storytelling or selling in this match, but I’m sure there isn’t many under four minute matches exciting as this match. If you watch this match and like it, take a look at other WSX matches on YouTube. There were very few WSX matches that were boring.


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