I recently read a report on Wrestlezone.com about WWE superstar, Big Show, being sued by a former WWE producer. In short, Big Show was in no mood to do an interview after his match at this year’s Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View. He then, supposedly, verbally berated the producer and struck him in the face as well as grabbed him by the throat. While I do not know if these claims are accurate, what I do know is that this incident is not good for either Big Show, or World Wrestling Entertainment. Here’s hoping that this lawsuit will get dealt with and we will never hear about it again. I am a fan of Paul Wight a.k.a Big Show and have been for as long as I have watched wrestling. I hope that this does not harm him professionally or personally as he can only have a few years left in the business, and I would love to watch him finish his career with no further incidents as well as in WWE.


24 hours after WrestleMania 29 ended, the new WWE Champion, John Cena, comes out to start the show. He says that he is going to start his era as champion with a title defense tonight and issued an open challenge to the locker room. I personally loved Mark Henry answering the challenge. It is also worth noting that Henry’s interactions with other superstars are always entertaining and underrated. It appears as though the new nameplate for the WWE Championship is going to come in the form of each superstar’s personal insignias. I personally believe that a nameplate could and should have somehow made its way onto the new belt, but overall, the belt looks very sharp and I definitely do not miss the clunky old one. All in all, this was a good way to start off the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania, especially with a raucous crowd that was more present throughout the night, than the 80,000 at WrestleMania on Sunday.

The Big E. Langston vs. Daniel Bryan matchup was not very long, but was still a good little match to give Langston an impressive Raw debut. I guess Big E.’s finisher is called the Big Ending? Were the people behind this naming the same ones behind the names of Michael McGillicutty and Fandango?

The next matchup saw Wade Barrett regaining the Intercontinental Championship from The Miz just 24 hours after dropping the strap on the Pre-Show of WrestleMania. This match was pretty decent and could have been pretty good if not for a botched spot on Miz’s neckbreaker combination. I could not believe that none of the commentators called Wade Barrett emulating his inner Cactus Jack when he did the classic running elbow drop from the apron to the outside as well as the “Bang Bang!” he did before that.

The 2 on 1 Handicap Match achieved the purpose that Creative set upon it, which was to setup the Dolph Ziggler cash-in. I must say that I was shocked and extremely disappointed that Ziggler did not cash-in not only because it would have been at WrestleMania, which nobody had ever done, and not only in front of 80,000, but it was a chance to cash-in the briefcase in front of the world. It would also have been good to get the crowd fired up early in the night at WrestleMania as it seemed like everything was set-up for a Dolph Ziggler cash-in, but they did not pull the trigger. At the very least, Creative and WWE realized that they made a mistake and finally pulled the trigger 24 hours later. The incredible crowd made this Dolph Ziggler’s career moment and I hope that Creative does not screw up Ziggler’s run and potential chance at being a top guy for years to come.

Even though I called it as soon as they showed The Shield’s tweet about making an impact, I loved the confrontation between The Shield and The Undertaker. It made sense logically to have Team Hell No make the save, especially with Kane being The Undertaker’s brother, and it got me hype for a possible future 6-Man Tag involving these six superstars.

After a brief appearance from the 2013 version of the J.O.B. Squad, which included 3MB, R-Truth, Santino Marella, and Zack Ryder, we were treated to Randy Orton squaring off against Sheamus. The crowd was nuts during this contest as they did various chants, including the Olay chant. I loved the crowd’s presence, but it did take away from a competitive contest as it was hard to concentrate on what was going on in the ring. After this match got interrupted by Big Show, the “World’s Largest Athlete” knocked out Sheamus and destroyed Randy Orton as well as two innocent announcer chairs, much to the delight of the crowd.

The crowd humming Fandango’s theme song during his matchup with Kofi Kingston was downright hilarious. I also thought that Chris Jericho attacking Fandango in the middle of his match, and taking him to the woodshed, happens to be a good way to continue their feud after WrestleMania.

It appears that the WWE Universe did not miss much as far as the 8-Person Mixed Tag Match being bumped from WrestleMania. The 8-Person Tag Match was nothing to write home about and probably did not belong on the WrestleMania card anyway.

The Main Event was the John Cena vs. Mark Henry non-title match, as made by Booker T because he wanted Henry to prove himself, and ended with Cena winning by count-out. Ryback then came out and slammed Henry after he started to attack Cena, before Shell-Shocking Cena and ended the first show of the season with himself holding Cena’s belt above the laid out champ. It appears as though Creative is going to go ahead with a Ryback and Cena feud, although I hope that this does not mean that Ryback is officially a heel. I liked the shocking ending, but in the long run, I am not a fan of throwing Ryback, who has already lost momentum over the past few months, to a guy that is no CM Punk or Chris Jericho when it comes to putting guys over.

I will say that I am looking forward to hearing what CM Punk has to say next week concerning his WrestleMania loss. However, I cannot ignore the incredible crowd that was on Monday Night Raw. The crowd continued the trend of the crowd on the Raw after WrestleMania being better than the WrestleMania crowd the night before. A good example of this being fact would be last year when Brock Lesnar returned to World Wrestling Entertainment. However, there is little doubt that this Raw belonged to the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey and the crowd packed into it.

Main Event

The one hour show starts with The Shield’s first in-ring action appearance on Main Event. I liked the usual hectic finish that we are getting accustomed to seeing with The Shield. I loved how they triple power bombed not only Tensai, but Clay as well because that was a good statement to make after their previous statement they made on Monday Night.

Big E.’s interview was interesting as he continued to do that “announcer” voice, which garners a laugh or two. I will not go as far to say that Big E. can speak on the mic, but he definitely has a presence on the microphone that some superstars just do not and never will have.

After his interview, we are treated to Big E.’s Main Event debut along with the debut of his entrance music. I do not know if I am a fan of the rap music, but it is better than Barrett’s generic music. The match was against Zack Ryder, and was a quick squash match. It looks like Creative could be slowly building/booking Big E. like they have done with Ryback as it appears they are protecting against his weaknesses in the early going. I loved his powerful belly to belly suplex by the way.

I will say that the Zeb Colter and Yoshi Tatsu Japanese segment was not only entertaining, but was the best part of this show. The matchup between Yoshi and Jack ended with Tatsu tapping out to the Patriot Lock.

This was the best Main Event show in a while as it featured several matches/segments and did not just show Raw segments to get through the hour long run time like usual.


The new World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler, started the show off in the ring in order to gloat about his cash-in. He then got interrupted by Jack Swagger/Zeb Colter, Alberto Del Rio, and Chris Jericho. These interruptions were necessary in order to setup possible opponents for Dolph Ziggler’s World Title as well as helped setup the night’s main event with Chris Jericho. P.S. How funny would it be if Dolph’s fans were called Dolphins from here on out?

While I was not a fan of Team Hell No facing and defeating the Prime Time Players, again…, I did like The Shield’s Titantron promo, which further got me hype about their next 6-Man Tag Team Match.

I am curious to see if Creative is setting up a possible Booker T and Teddy Long power struggle over control of Smackdown as that seems how their little tiffs backstage are being booked.

I had a lot of hope for the 6-Diva Tag Team Match involving the Bella Twins and Tamina vs. The Funkadactyls and Kaitlyn. However, this matchup was too quick and uneventful for my liking.

Triple H, just like The Undertaker, ends up getting interrupted during his post-WrestleMania promo, first by 3MB and then The Shield. I thought it was funny that The Shield took out 3MB so that they could surround the ring themselves. Team Hell No once again came out to make the save. So we could either get a future 6-Man Tag involving The Undertaker, Triple H, both, or neither?

The 2 on 1 handicap match was slow and never really flowed as well as ended due to a Big Show self-count out.

The Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston match was a pretty decent contest that I personally loved, especially the out of nowhere uppercut by Cesaro. Kofi getting the win could potentially setup a good feud over the U.S. title, which I would not mind seeing.

The Main Event featured Dolph Ziggler facing off against Chris Jericho with Fandango at ringside. By the way, I loved Dolph coming out wearing the World Title backwards because it fits perfectly with his character. I would have liked to hear Fandango on commentary because I was curious to hear what his character had to say regarding the fans humming his theme song. Nonetheless, this was a pretty good contest and I thought the finish was perfectly executed with the referee getting distracted by Fandango and interference by Langston, leading to Dolph getting the win via rollup. The post-match attack by Fandango was repetitive, but necessary. I just wish I could keep a straight face watching Fandango’s mannerisms.

WrestleMania 29

I felt that this year’s WrestleMania was entertaining, but it continued the trend of recent WrestleManias not feeling like WrestleManias. Once again, WWE put The Undertaker’s “Streak Match” in the middle of the show, which drained the crowd’s energy for Triple H and Lesnar as well as Dwayne vs. Cena. The only match that lived up to the hype was The Undertaker vs. CM Punk match, although I did like the Lesnar vs. Triple H No Holds Barred Match as well. It was a night of good wrestling, but there were not a lot of memorable moments that make WrestleMania the hyped up phenomenon it is today. I was disappointed, but at the very least, the matches that I wanted to see, lived up to the hype.

Clean Finish(Final Thoughts)

Earlier this week, I read a report from Wrestlezone.com that showed Fandango’s theme song is charting in the UK’s singles charts after this past Monday Night Raw. I have never heard of anything like this happening. All I can say is that people should never underestimate the power of professional wrestling fans.

Match of WrestleMania 29

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk “Streak Match”

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