Welcome to the weekly TNA Impact Wrestling review called Insight into Impact, bringing the results and segments from the 11th April 2013 episode, as well as adding my views on it too.

Jeff Hardy is shown turning up for the show, and Hulk Hogan is waiting for him. He tells Hardy his is his night, he’ll be taking back the belt.

After a cool new opening to the show, we go straight into match number 1.

Match 1 is a 2 out of 3 falls for the TNA World Tag Team Titles: Austin Aries and Bobby Roode (c) vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Roode and Aries attack before the bell, rushing their challengers into the ringposts, bring Chavo in and Roode hits a spinebuster to quickly pick up the 1st fall. Aries quickly tries to get fall 2, but his taunting means he misses the frog splash, and Chavo rolls him up to make it 1-1. Chavo takes the brunt of the beating until he can finally tag out, Hernandez cleans house, then hits the ramp version of Air Mexico. After a break, Aries and Roode keep Hernandez their half the ring, try to wear him down but he gives the hot tag to Chavo. Chavo uses his speed to clear the ring, hits 2 Amigos to Aries and 3 for Roode, but Aries stops the Frog Splash and Roode fails to pin. Hernandez tries for Air Mexico, but hits his own partner. Aries puts Chavo up high, Hernandez blocks a Superplex, Aries and Roode try to suplex Hernandez, who reverses it and suplexes both, before Chavo hits the Frog Splash to win.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez with this match by 2 falls to 1 in a time of 15:08 to win the TNA Tag Team Titles

Joey Ryan goes after Brooke Hogan, saying she doesn’t need to say sorry to him for how the women reacted last week. He’s also her to ref again. Brooke says no need to worry, as she has already picked a ref. She also says she can see why women want him….which was a joke. She says her Dad has booked Ryan in a match later with a guy bigger than him.

Aces and Eights are shown appearing at the arena on their bikes, before high fiving each other and heading into the building.

Joseph Park, my hero! He’s asked for time to discuss business. He’s got issues with the Aces and Eights, mainly Bully Ray. It’s a crime what they’ve done, and it will come to an end. He says justice will be served when Jeff Hardy brings the title back. But it won’t end there, because he’s able to help Brooke get the annulment she wants from Bully. Devon appears, and rips up the annulment, and threatens Park to stay out of the family business. As Park picks up the contract, Devon gets his chain, the clocks Park.

Match 2: Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell

ODB is the referee! Gail isn’t happy at this, and ODB has to throw her into the ring to start the match. Gail attacks in the corner, and ODB has to pull her back, this allows Taryn to try to fit back, but Kim hits a back elbow. Gail chokes Taryn on the ropes, and ODB pulls her down again, before Gail tries to cheat. ODB stops it, Taryn boots Kim into the turnbuckles then pins her!

Taryn Terrell wins this match by pinfall in a time of 2:29

After the match, Gail Kim and ODB argue, before ODB chases Gail out of there. Christy Hemme interviews Taryn, has waited a long time to get physical with Gail, but who wants to get physical with her? (ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!!!!)

TNA GutCheck judges discuss the match from last week, they talk about how Adam Pearce cheated to win, which we’ve not seen in GutCheck before, while Magno made a few errors, down to his size. They put Pearce’s win down to him showing he’d do what it takes, and Bruce Prichard thinks this is a difficult choice. It cuts to the judges with Pearce and Magno. Prichard says everyone had an opinion on this match backstage, and only one guy has the chance to go through…and they’ve decided to pick Magno. Pearce isn’t happy as he walks away, and I don’t blame him one bit.

We’re shown the recap of AJ Styles and how his life has gone for the millionth time.

Hulk Hogan is stood backstage. He’s asked about Bully Ray, and Hulk says balance of power has changed, and they need the title back. First, he needs to address AJ Styles.

Speaking of AJ Styles, he’s walking in the parking lot, and avoids the question from the interviewer before Mr Anderson appears. He mentions how the Aces made him an offer last week, and maybe he should consider it….

Hulk Hogan poses his way to the ring. He has a lot of business, but he needs to hear from a man he can’t stop thinking about (ooo-er!), AJ Styles. AJ appears, and Hogan needs to know which side that AJ is on. AJ says he doesn’t respond to ultimatums, and once again, here’s the Cowboy, and he’s here to fight. Bad Influence then decide to turn up. Apparently, they want to mend fences, but also see the game being played by “Thunderlips”. Kaz says Hogan needs someone as TNA are being dismantled, where as the Aces want TNA’s best. Daniels thinks it’s lose-lose, as AJ will be used and spat out. Instead, AJ should join Bad Influence! He says the Clare Lynch stuff was bad, but wasn’t it worse when people turned on him? Daniels suggests joining and Bad Influence vs the World. Storm knocks AJ’s mic out his hand, and yells at him, till Storm walks out the ring. Hogan says that since AJ won’t make a decision, he will, and books AJ vs Storm for next week.

Kurt Angle is sat backstage, and repeats how the balance of power returns with the title coming back. But next week, he’ll do what needs to be done. He’s asked to face Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco in a 2-on-1 match next week.

Match 3: Joey Ryan vs Rob Terry

Ryan can’t knock Terry off his feet, before Terry throws Ryan about. Terry rushes to the corner and Ryan tries to get his feet up, but Terry with a clothesline. Powerslam followed by a fireman’s carry into spinebuster to end the squash match.

Rob Terry wins this match by pinfall in a time of 2:31

Hulk and Brooke Hogan are walking backstage. Hulk wants his daughter up in the Sky Box for the rest of the show, but Brooke wants to be ringside when “Mark” loses. Brooke reassures Hulk that she’ll have security with her. As Brooke walks off, Matt Morgan appears, saying Hulk should have listened, and named him the #1 contender. Bully wouldn’t be champ, Brooke’s heart wouldn’t be broken by another “Hogan mistake”. Morgan says one day, these mistakes will crash down on Hogan.

It’s now time to learn the fate of the GutCheck contestant, Magno. Jeremy Borash introduces the judges, then brings Magno down. Danny Davis up first, who hasn’t made his decision yet…then announces he agrees with the fans and votes no. Magno is given a chance to speak, and says he’s worked around the world, but he wants the world to know him as the luchador on Impact Wrestling. Bruce Prichard says how Magno’s inexperience could cost him, and thinks he needs more seasoning, and votes no. It’s 2 No votes, so Magno doesn’t get the contract.

The Aces are on their bikes revving, and Mr Anderson asks if Bully Ray is ready. He reminds Bully, when you ride with the Aces, you never walk alone. Bully says tonight, he needs to walk alone, and shove it up Hardy and Hogan’s ass. Asks the gang to stay backstage, before passing his wedding ring to Anderson and leaving.

Match 4 is a Full Metal Mayhem Match for the TNA World Title: Bully Ray (c) vs Jeff Hardy

Hardy strikes with a Twist of Fate and then brings in the weapons, throwing Bully into a ladder in the corner, uses the chair for Poetry in Motion, which causes Bully to fall throat first onto the chair. Bully blocks Hardy from going up the ladder, before throwing Hardy over the top onto the ramp. Both climb the ladder, before Bully suplexes Hardy off of it. Back from a break, Bully blocks a suplex, before delivering a front suplex onto the middle of the ladder. Hardy fights back, and uses a chair to knock Bully outside, only to then leap at Bully who moves at Hardy hits the railings near Brooke Hogan. Bully taunts Brooke, who then slaps him. Hardy tries to set Bully up on a table, which breaks under his weight (ha!). Hardy then gets another table to go through the spot of putting Bully onto it to then Swanton him through it. Hardy tries to go up the ladder, and Taz hands Bully a hammer. Bully goes up and hits Hardy with the hammer, sending him through the table, before unhooking the World Title.

Bully Ray regains the TNA world Title in a time of 17:40

Brooke Hogan disappears off backstage, as the Aces and Eights arrive to celebrate. As they are celebrating, EMTs arrive to put Hardy on a board, as the show goes off air….

Hmmmm, that show didn’t go as I expected it to, that’s for sure. I think like a few of you, I was expecting Brooke Hogan to have some sort of involvement, maybe even side with Bully Ray. Alas, it didn’t happen, so maybe it was a case of looking too predictable that fans were either looking too much into it, or TNA swerved us? Either way, the main event was quite good, with some cool spots from both guys. Bit of a different finish, and a good way to end the show too. Guess that’s another guy taken out by the Aces to enable someone to step up and stop Bully, brother. Another match that didn’t go as expected, was the Tag Team Titles match. I genuinely felt like they’d keep Dirty Heels’ run going, while splitting Chavo and Hernandez up (and allowing Hernandez back into a solo run). Feel a bit disappointed by the outcome though. Mainly down to the fact they’ve never really continued pushing Aries and Roode down what started off as a good idea in a storyline: take the Tag Titles, then try and clean up taking the other titles too. Kinda makes me wonder if they were going to have them collect all Titles, and feud over the World Title, only to forget that title would be used in their main storyline, hence screwing up the plan for Aries and Roode. It did make me laugh, seeing them say last week AJ Styles HAD to decide one way or another this week…and still didn’t decide. And speaking of decisions, what a piss poor decision for GutCheck. Why would you put forward the guy who lost his match, made a few botches and then refuse to give him a contract? Only reason to put the loser forward would be if he showed something special in his performance that was worthy of overlooking the defeat, and with Magno, that wasn’t the case. He was like a lanky Sin Cara. There was something else I wanted to discuss, but my head hurts worse than a hammer shot sending me through a table off a ladder, so gonna end the post here.

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