Welcome to Insight into Impact, bringing the results and segments from the 18th April 2013 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, as well as posting my views and opinions on what happened during the show.

The show opens with TNA sending their thoughts and prayers to Boston, after the recent Marathon incident.

After the recap on last week’s episode, we’re shown what happened off air last week, Jeff Hardy wheeled out of the arena into an ambulance, and Hulk Hogan looking sad.

Devon gives a pep talk to Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco, who both seem confident they can beat Kurt Angle tonight. Devon tells them not to take it lightly, and get the job done.

Match 1: Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff

For the first half, it feels like a training match for Angle, as he throws about the two Aces. But once back from a break, with the ref’s attention on Bischoff, Brisco low blows Angle. They kick Angle about, and use the Handicap rule to their advantage, tagging in and out often. Angle starts to fight back with suplexes, including a DOUBLE German Suplex. As Angle looks set to end it, D’Lo Brown and Mr Anderson cause a distraction, allowing D’Lo to throw in a chain, that Garett uses before pinning Angle.

Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff win by pinfall in a time of 10:58

Afterwards, Bischoff and Brisco hit Angle with a double powerbomb. Mr Anderson says this is how things will go down, and then discusses everyone the Aces have run out of here. He says if you’re not in an Aces vest tonight, you’re in a bad way, and then tells AJ Styles they’re rooting for him.

Petey Williams discusses the strategy needed for X-Division three way matches, while Zema Ion says it’s good he doesn’t have to pin Kenny King to win the title, but it’s also bad how if he loses, he’s out of the chase until he wins his way back in.

Match 2 for the TNA X-Division Title: Kenny King (c) vs Zema Ion vs Petey Williams

TNA were using an “X-Cam” for this match, a camera on the head of the ref bringing shots from inside the ring. After a fast opening, Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on King, only for Ion to break the pin up. Neither guy can take full advantage of the Champion being out of the ring, as King tries to get back in, Williams takes him out again with a suicide dive, before hitting an huricanrana on the Champ. Williams locks in the Sharpshooter on Ion, only to have King rush in, hit a running knee to Williams before pinning Ion.

Kenny King retains the TNA X-Division title by pinfall in a time of 5:46

Magnus interviewed about challenging for the TV Title. He says the Aces walk around saying they’ll be causing havoc, but he warns Devon, he’s coming for the title.

Brooke Hogan and Christy Hemme are looking over the new Knockouts site, which will be on show next week. Brooke then calls in Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher, she’s picked them both for the #1 contenders match, as they’ve shown something lately (ummm, they’ve barely wrestled?). As Mickie leaves, Tessmacher, says she is there for Brooke if ever she needs a chat or hug, after all that’s happened. Umm, Miss Tessmacher, I’ve had a rough month, can I get a hug please?! Worth a try!

Devon makes his way out to defend his title, but as Magnus makes his way out, Knux and D.O.C. attack on the ramp. Magnus tries his hardest to fight them off, but Devon joins in too. Devon wraps his chain round his fist and lays Magnus out, before a double chokeslam on the ramp from the big goons of the Aces. Samoa Joe rushes out, causing the Aces to back off.

Samoa Joe is backstage screaming that the Aces are Punks and Cowards. He’s told the powers that be what he wants, and they’ve granted it…he’s coming to collect the TV Title.

We’re shown the AJ Styles recap video again, I’m starting to know this word for word by now….please stop.

We’re shown the spot where Gail Kim dropped Velvet Sky, injuring Velvet, and the Knockouts Champion getting treatment backstage.

Match 3: Miss Tessmacher vs Mickie James

ODB is guest referee once more, and really lays the law down. She breaks up holds when the ladies don’t break due to getting to the ropes, and breaks up a brawl outside, wanting it in the ring. Tessmacher with a facebuster, then Asstastic in the corner. Mickie runs Tessmacher into the corner, hits the flapjack, followed by Thesz Press for 2. Tessmacher’s attempt at the TessShocker is blocked, Mickie tries for Mickie-DT, Tessmacher reverses into a pin, only to then have Mickie turn the pinfall round and pick up the win!

Mickie James wins the match by pinfall in a time of 7:41

AJ Styles is getting ready backstage, when Bad Influence are looking at their new shirt. AJ walks off, and Bad Influence say “Oh yeah, that did just happen”, before walking off singing “We’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have”.

Joseph Park is in the bathroom on the phone, when Devon ends his call, saying he told him to stay out of their business. Park says he’s doing what’s best for Brooke, and Bully Ray attacks. They give him another warning, and leave him laying in the shower.

Mickie James says how it’s good to be the number one contender, and feels she’s been overlooked. She feels bad for Velvet Sky having to work hurt, but sadly they don’t have off days. She hates sounding disgruntled, but doesn’t feel she is getting the proper respect.

James Storm is fed up of trying to talk to AJ Styles, and hopes he can Last Call some sense into Styles tonight.

Time to hear from Bad Influence! It’s a great time for them, the fans love them, they have new shirts, and their film could have Morgan Freeman playing Dixie Carter! Oh, and they’re so close to getting AJ Styles to joining them. Now they’re close to being back together, they’re turning the attention to getting their belts back from Churro Guerrero and Juan Hernandez. As they’re about to tell the fans to worship them, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode turn up. Roode says they’re not the first in line, as he and Aries have first shot. Daniels says he’d respect Roode’s opinion more if he wasn’t Canadian. Aries replies by stating Bad Influence are more successful as a tag team, but that may be cause of they’re out of arena activities, that make them a well oiled, lubed up team. Kaz replies Roode cut his hair of him, before they all trade insults. Bad Influence back off, but only cause Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero are here, and they clear the ring. Chavo states the titles show why they’re better….

We hear from Kenny King, Gail Kim and Bobby Roode, discussing the Aces and Eights. King talks about how you don’t need to like who you face, but you do need to respect them, something Aces don’t do. Gail says how he’s never good to see someone get carried out, and Roode mentions how he saw this coming a long time ago. TNA are running out of options, and it’s a dangerous situation for them.

Matt Morgan is watching on backstage. He says it’s not surprising that Hulk Hogan isn’t here, before running through Hogan’s mistakes lately. All which could have been avoided had Hogan done the right thing.

Match 4 for the TNA TV Title: Devon (c) vs Samoa Joe

Despite Devon trying to choke Joe out with his towel, Joes beats down Devon in the corner, before hitting his leg lariat. Devon explodes with a spear, and then rakes at the eyes of Joe. Joe fights back and strikes with a standing enziguri, but once again the Aces interfere, and as Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, the Aces distract the ref, and Mr Anderson uses a knuckle duster on Joe, allowing Devon to pick up the win.

Devon retains the TNA TV Title by pinfall in a time of 3:37

Devon holds Samoa Joe, and Mr Anderson strikes with the knuckle duster once again, directly to the nose, causing Joe to roll around screaming.

Next week is advertised as having two title matches once more, as Mickie James challenges Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Title, while Bobby Roode and Austin Aries get their rematch against Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the TNA Tag Team Titles.

Match 5: AJ Styles vs James Storm

AJ tries to walk away before the match begins, but Storm stops him on the ramp, they brawl, before Storm knocks Styles into the ring. AJ leaps over Storm before tripping him, as we go into a break. Back from the ads, Styles is still in control, until Storm breaks a sleeper hold, and fights back, clotheslines and a backbody drop. Storm tries a superplex off the top, but Styles slips down out of it, drops Storm on the turnbuckle then hits a dropkick. Bad Influence come out to cheer their “buddy” on. AJ misses a big boot, and Storm hits Closing Time. As the Cowboy goes for Last Call, AJ blocks it, rolls through and locks in a modified leg lock which Storm taps to.

AJ Styles wins the match by submission in a time of 10:22

Bad Influence rush in to celebrate with AJ Styles, but he clotheslines Kaz, then hits a standing enziguri to Daniels. Styles and Storm stare down, until AJ backs off….but that’s because of the Aces and Eights appearing. AJ slowly makes his way to the back, as the Aces beat down Storm AND Bad Influence. Bully Ray on the mic, says the Aces have destroyed all our heroes (Aries is still fine, so up yours), and Hulk Hogan is to blame for all this. He calls out Hogan for next week, so he can look him in the eye and tell him that Hogan is the reason why all our heroes are nothing but victims of the Aces. The Aces pose, and stand over James Storm, as the show goes off air….

Must admit, I did enjoy this more than the Live episode last week. I think I’d put that down to a few things. No Hulk Hogan (apart from a brief clip of him watching Jeff Hardy being wheeled away, but I mean no segment or live appearance!!), a couple of enjoyable matches, and a funny segment featuring 4 of the most entertaining guys in TNA right now. I felt it was good to see AJ Styles back in action, and he looked better than I expected if honest. Sure, he didn’t feel like he was at the Phenomenal standard we all know he can be at, but having barely wrestled since December (he’s done a few house shows), he did look in good shape. Surprising to see how he picked up the win, but not surprised he still didn’t side with anyone. That’s going to conclude at a PPV, surely? I also enjoyed the bout between Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher, first off because it was good to see them back after a short hiatus, and also because I felt they did a good job of a “face vs face” battle. Plus, the addition of ODB was quite good too, taking no crap, and not picking favourites. I couldn’t really get into the X-Division bout, that X-Cam they were testing put me off during the match. Kinda hope it’s the only time we see that. As for the Handicap match and TV Title bout, didn’t really surprise me to see the Aces come out on top. Despite having my doubts when Bully Ray was revealed as their leader, I do feel they’ve improved, and looked better. Still not keen on a few members, but they’ve certainly gained a 2nd wind in the storyline as far as I’m concerned. Finally, as already mentioned, I loved the Bad Influence/Dirty Heels segment. Both provided comments that made me chuckle, and they seemed to bounce off each other well. I just wish it was a feud between these teams over the Tag Titles, rather than who should face Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it!

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