Hello, and welcome to the latest Insight into Impact post, bringing the results and review from the 2nd May 2013 episode of TNA’s flagship broadcast “Impact Wrestling”, as well as giving my views on what we’ve seen.

Hulk Hogan opens the show, oh, how I’ve missed this. He wastes no time in bringing out Sting to find out what’s up with how last week’s show ended. Hogan admits he made mistakes, and the biggest was pushing Sting away, rather than sticking together. Sting says all is fine, and suggests a 6 man tag next week with the Aces. Hogan agrees to it, but says he needs to figure out who will face Bully Ray at Slammiversary. Matt Morgan interrupts, suggesting Hulk will just hand Sting the title shot. Hulk says no, as there’s no more handouts, people will need to earn their shot. The man that will face Bully will be whoever wins out of Morgan and Sting tonight. First Hogan, and then Sting walk off.

Video of Chris Sabin discussing the ACL injury that took him out of TNA for a long time, and having to fight to get back into the ring.

Kurt Angle pacing backstage saying we all know it would come to this. They’ve took over everything. He’s issuing a challenge to anyone from the Aces for tonight.

Match 1: Zema Ion vs Sonjay Dutt vs Chris Sabin

Ion is removed from the ring, as Dutt and Sabin battle. Sabin catches Dutt with a nice enziguri, before Ion back in with a Sunset Flip over both opponents. Dutt blocks a Cradle Shock before hitting a multiple-revolution DDT and standing moonsault on Sabin for 2. Sabin clotheslines Ion, powerbombs Dutt then DVD’s Dutt onto Ion. Sabin with a dropkick to Ion, followed by a Compact-style suplex for the pin.

Chris Sabin wins this match by pinfall in a time of 4:01

Robbie E and Jessie Godderz are going on about trying to sort out the Rob Terry issue. Jessie reckons they should do what happens in a movie plot, but Robbie E dismisses the idea. Jessie then suggests 3-on-1, teaming up with Joey Ryan, which Robbie isn’t keen on.

Bully Ray trying to talk to the Aces, but they’re not listening. He gets their attention, and isn’t happy the Aces got mocked. He isn’t worried who wins the main event tonight, but is concerned about Kurt Angle. He wants Angle took care of, and asks which tough guy it will be. Wes Brisco wants in, and so does Garett Bischoff. D’Lo Brown tells the kids to back up, as he’s going to take the honour of ending a Gold Medallist.

Match 2: Joey Ryan, Jessie Godderz and Robbie E vs Rob Terry

Ryan is thrown in, and well, thrown about by the big Welshman. Jessie grabs Terry’s trunks to distract him, allowing Robbie E and Ryan to turn the match around. Real quick tags allow the trio to try and keep Terry grounded, which works till they try to triple team him. Terry fights them all off, backdrop suplex to Jessie and Robbie E at the same time, before hitting his Beast Bomb finisher on Ryan for the 3 count!

Rob Terry wins this match by pinfall in a time of 3:34

Dirty Heels make their way to the ring to talk about Bad Influence costing them their Tag Titles with mind games. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries aren’t as close as Daniels and Kazarian, but are a Tag Team of World Champions. Bad Influence hear enough and come down. Daniels admits last week’s plan was down to wanting the titles, and that Aries and Roode are an imitation of Bad Influence. Daniels and Kazarian will win the titles back. While bickering continues, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez enter. Time for talking is over, and they’ve been given the news that next week there’s a special ref for the tag match will be James Storm.

Sting goes into the gym to see Kurt Angle. He asks if he’s ready for tonight’s match, before saying he needs a private chat with Angle.

We cut to Tara and Gail Kim, who are complaining about Taryn Terrell, beating them. and being all over the new Knockouts site. But tonight, they want to embarrass Taryn and Mickie James, with Gail wanting to get the pinfall.

Chris Sabin is backstage, and it’s the greatest feeling being back in the ring after 24 months of rehab. Discusses how good it felt re-connecting with the TNA fans.

D’Lo Brown and Kurt Angle make their way to the ring. D’Lo gets on the mic saying not only does he want to beat Angle tonight, but he wants to do it in a I Quit Match, before hitting Angle with the mic.

Match 3: D’Lo Brown vs Kurt Angle

Angle manages to drop D’Lo and tries to make him quit, but lets go of the hold when he sees the Aces appear. D’Lo takes over, and tries to use the hammer, only to hit the ringpost. D’Lo then smashes Angle’s arm on the apron and ringpost, before working it over in the ring. D’Lo locks in armbar, which Angle tries to reverse into the Ankle Lock, D’Lo blocks and clotheslines the “Cyborg”. Angle breaks another submission and hits SIX German Suplexes, before locking in the Ankle Lock which Brown breaks out of, and hits an impressive Samoan Drop. Brown tries for a Powerbomb and Angle rolls through, locking on the Ankle Lock. No matter how Brown tries to get out, he can’t do it, and ends up saying “I Quit”.

Kurt Angle forces his opponent to quit in a time of 8:04

Christy Hemme asks Angle if this is a bit of revenge, and while he admits the war isn’t done with them, he has issues with AJ Styles and calls for him. AJ finally comes down, and Angle wants to discuss the decision AJ has to make. He mentions AJ is the reason he came to TNA, as he wanted to fight him. Says him and Sting are facing the Aces next week, and want AJ to join. If he’s with them, it’s cool, if not, they’ll have some problems. Angle walks off, as AJ looks on.

After a replay of Hulk Hogan announcing the main event, we hear from Matt Morgan backstage who is pissed off. He’s been waiting for Hogan to do the right thing, and mark Morgan’s words, he’s taking the ball. He’ll gut through Sting and then Bully Ray.

Match 4: Gail Kim and Tara vs Taryn Terrell and Mickie James (Special referee: ODB)

Mickie and Taryn clear the ring, before it comes down to Taryn vs Gail, which doesn’t last long, as Mickie is tagged in and goes for an Armbreaker, which Gail breaks by getting to the rope. Tara distracts Mickie, allowing Gail to knock Mickie off the apron onto the barrier. Tara hangs Mickie on her back before locking in another submission but can’t make Mickie submit. Gail is tagged in, and Mickie hits the huricanrana, before Gail and Taryn tag in. Taryn with clotheslines and a crossbody, which brings in Gail to break the pin. As Mickie and Gail fight to the outside, Taryn rolls up Tara to get the win.

Taryn Terrell and Mickie James win this match by pinfall in a time of 6:25

After the match, Tara and Gail Kim attack. Tara and Mickie fight up the ramp, as Gail hits Eat Defeat before locking a leglock round the ringpost on Taryn. ODB finally gets Gail away as Taryn rolls around in agony.

After a replay of Kurt Angle vs D’Lo Brown, we cut to the Aces clubhouse, where Bully Ray isn’t pleased that D’Lo quit the match. Bully says he’ll be dealing with the VP next week. He also won’t ask who’s stepping up for next week’s 6 man, but is TELLING them who it will be. It’s going to be Bully Ray, Devon and Mr Anderson.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries backstage, saying it’s 2 former World Champions vs 2 guys who have never won the World Title. They will win the title shot next week, and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez can’t hold a candle to himself and Aries.

Match 5: Matt Morgan vs Sting

Morgan in control early on, choking Sting in the corner, as well as hitting a Chokeslam for a 2 count. After a break, we see the match has gone outside, with Morgan still dominating. Morgan wastes time, and misses a leg drop on the apron, Sting throws Morgan into the barriers, and takes it back inside, where Morgan turns it back his way with a sidewalk slam. Morgan tries for an elbow drop and misses, before missing a splash in the corner. Sting fires up, couple of clotheslines and a Stinger Splash, which wakes up the Sleeping Giant. Morgan hits elbows in the corner, which causes Sting to flex up at Morgan. Sting tries for another Splash, and Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint for 2. Morgan tries it again, and hits the turnbuckle, allowing Sting to lock in the Scorpion Deathlock. Morgan crawls to the ropes, and breaks the hold, but Sting goes back to it again. Despite the move not being applied properly, Sting drops down on Morgan, and the BluePrint passes out.

Sting wins the match by submission in a time of 13:37

Bully Ray, Devon and Mr Anderson make their way to the ring, and stand on the apron, yelling at Sting as the show goes off air…

This Hogan/Sting/Aces stuff just felt weird to me. For weeks, Hogan hasn’t wanted Sting around, told him he can’t stand him due to all the things that have gone wrong due to listening to him….then after 1 moment of having Hogan’s back, suddenly all is fine, and he loves Sting again. And not just that, but he’s rewarding him with a chance to fight Bully Ray! Plus, it’s quite obvious we know Sting’s gonna fail, and they’ll run with “well, there’s no one else to stop the Aces. Oh wait, Hogan can!!”. Also, how many more ultimatums will AJ Styles be given? Yet another week we hear “make up your mind of whether you’re with us or against us”. What’s the betting he’ll still not decide next week, and Sting/Angle have to team with someone else? Bad Influence and Dirty Heels entertained me once more with their promo, but I am wondering, could this be the end of Aries and Roode? With last week and Aries doubting Roode, to the fact they’ve never fully trusted each other. I’m wondering if there will be some kind of miscommunication here, that sees them lose next week, and move towards splitting. I’d be fine with the split too, if these two end up feuding off of it. I’m delighted to see Chris Sabin back in the ring, and I’m just hoping the guy finally gets a break. No, not that kind of break, more like a break from injury! He deserves a healthy run, and fingers crossed this will be it. Quite looking forward to seeing him and Petey Williams do battle once again. Quite surprised they put D’Lo Brown in a match, and admittedly, I felt he did a good job. But I’m also surprised they not only had him lose, but the rest of the gang seemed to walk away and leave him. Does make me wonder what will happen to D’Lo next week?

Well, as always, thanks for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it.

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