Welcome to this week’s Insight into Impact article, bringing the results and segments from the 9th May 2013 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, as well as adding my views on the show too.

Sting and Kurt Angle open the show with the Icon saying how June 2nd, he’ll be taking the title back from Bully Ray. But he doesn’t want to wait till then to fight him, so suggested the 6 man tag tonight. He’s picked the best of the best, in Angle. Angle mentions how he made D’Lo Brown say I Quit last week, but it’s not enough. They need to win the war, and think AJ Styles can help turn the tide their way, so calls him out to join them. AJ appears, but doesn’t answer, even when Angle demands it. Sting reminds AJ that this is the house he built, and Aces are trying to destroy it. Sting offers his hand to AJ, but Angle gets in AJ’s face. AJ goes to leave, and Angle goes after him, brawling on the ramp. Sting is left alone, Mr Anderson, Bully Ray and Devon appear, with Team 3D boys hitting a 3D on Sting. Angle spots this and chases them off.

After a break, we see AJ Styles leaving. He’s asked if he’s really going to leave the guys high and dry. AJ stops, feels blood on his lips, then walks off annoyed.

Match 1: Gail Kim and Tara (with Jesse) vs Mickie James and Velvet Sky

Jesse gets involved quite early on, with ODB’s attentions on Tara, Jesse trips Mickie. They keep Mickie away from Velvet, and use quick tags to keep fresh. That is until Mickie blocks a corner attack and kicks Gail away. Velvet with the hot tag, and as Jesse tries to interfere, Velvet throws Tara into him, before hitting In Yo Face to Gail to pick up the pinfall.

Velvet Sky and Mickie James win this match by pinfall in a time of 3:32

After the match, Gail Kim and Tara argue, before Gail clotheslines Tara, then does the leglock round the ringpost. ODB comes back to break the hold. Guess this is the time off Tara was supposed to have?

Aces and Eights are celebrating about dropping another big name, when D’Lo Brown comes in, saying he didn’t know about this get-together. Bully says there’s another one in the ring, the Aces walk off leaving D’Lo on his own.

Bad Influence go in to take a 6 pack of beer to James Storm, to apologise to him. They didn’t just bring beer for preparation, but to remind Storm what Bobby Roode did. Plus, perhaps they could reform “Three-tune”. They leave the beer with Storm, and exit the dressing room.

So, it’s now time for the 2nd Aces and Eights get-together, this time in the ring. Bully says that tonight, AJ Styles won’t be teaming with Sting and Kurt Angle, and tells any heroes backstage they don’t want a part of the Aces. Bully then turns to D’Lo Brown saying a couple of weeks ago (was last week), D’Lo disgraced himself, and asks him to turn in his colours. D’Lo refuses, so Bully asks again. D’Lo says his cut is his life. The Aces rip his vest off him, before D’Lo’s ripped into for quitting. He’s asked how he’ll earn his stripes back, and D’Lo says he’ll earn them back by kicking Magnus’s ass. Bully says no, D’Lo will sit ringside as D.O.C. kicks Magnus’s ass.

Match 2: Magnus vs D.O.C.

The match began during a commercial, as we come back from it, Magnus takes his eye off D.O.C. and gets a big boot for his troubles. D.O.C wears Magnus down with a headlock, and catches him with a Belly-to-Belly suplex, only to then run into Magnus’s elbow. Magnus builds steam with a few clotheslines, drops D.O.C. and hits an elbow drop for 2. As Magnus sets for the end, D’Lo gets pulls Magnus outside, only for the Ace to be thrown into the steps. Back inside, D.O.C flapjacks Magnus, and hits the ropes, only to have a dazed D’Lo trip D.O.C. and Magnus roll him up for the win!

Magnus wins this match by pinfall in a time of 7:14

Backstage, D’Lo Brown is apologising to D.O.C., which Bully Ray isn’t happy to hear. He gets the gang to hold D’Lo’s arm in place so he can smash it with a hammer. Mr Anderson stops him, and suggests getting D’Lo to do a job that he could do. Bully says D’Lo will clean their bikes and get their beer, he’s gone from being Vice President to their bitch. I mean, Prospect.

From that, we go to Hulk Hogan trying to convince Sting and Kurt Angle to pick him for their match later. THANKFULLY Sting and Angle have sense, and tell Hogan no, as his doctor has said he shouldn’t wrestle. Hogan tells them he had a call from a “Wildcard” that if he turns up, could take the match on his own. Sting says Hogan said “if”, how about they go with a guy on form, and pick Magnus? Hogan agrees, and allows Magnus to take the spot.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode walking backstage, Roode doesn’t want to do it, but Aries suggests they need to as Bad Influence already got to them. They go see James Storm and offer him a toast, Storm’s beer to a glass of Aries’ wine, before Roode suggests Cowboy was always the better man and Roode only won the title thanks to a beer bottle. Storm doesn’t buy it, but accepts the toast, and tells Roode that the word going round is Aries’ win over Roode wasn’t a fluke, which the IT Factor isn’t happy to hear.

Christy Hemme cemented her next appearance in Botchamania, announcing “introducing first, Bad Influence, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels!”…for Austin Aries and Bobby Roode.

Match 3: Bad Influence vs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode (with James Storm as special guest referee)

Quite clever opening, after Aries takes down Kaz, they both go for the eye-rake, stumble to the opposite team’s corner, where Roode hits Kaz, Daniels hits Aries, they both turn, still unable to see properly, and Aries tags Kazarian, before both head out the ring to an empty corner. “Dirty Heels” then dominate Daniels, while taunting Kaz into the ring allowing a 2-on-1. Kaz gets his knee up into the back of Roode, allowing Daniels a cheap shot, and the match turns Bad Influence’s way. Roode dodges a double team attempt by throwing Kaz into Daniels, and in comes Aries who cleans house. Aries goes to the top and hits a frog splash, only for Francois to break it up, and Bad Influence with a hiptoss-into neckbreaker/powerbomb combo for 2. Roode hits Kaz with a Spinebuster, Daniels hits Roode with the STF, before blocking a corner dropkick from Aries. Daniels rolls up Aries and holds his trunks, so Storm doesn’t count. Aries grabs beer and spits it in Daniels’ face, Storm takes the beer off Aries, who isn’t happy. Storm goes to Last Call Aries, but hits Daniels by accident. Aries cockily pins Daniels, and Storm counts to 2, before hitting a Last Call to Aries! Storm walks off, his music plays as Kaz and Roode try to pin Aries and Daniels respectively.

Match thrown out with no time given, seeing as the ringbell never rung.

We cut to backstage to see Magnus being beating through the backstage area by the Aces. He tries to fight back, before they smash a box over his head, and leave him laying.

A video is played showing Suicide, and ends by saying he’ll be returning soon. Did I miss an announcement on TNA’s newest video game?!

From that, we’re shown Chris Sabin once again discussing how great it was to return last week.

Keeping the X-Division theme going, the X-Division champion, Kenny King makes his way to the ring. He says he’s been fantastic, spectacular, “X-Ceptional”. Now he has to step up constantly in 3-way matches. He’s out here this week though, to talk about a guy who doesn’t know what quit means, Chris Sabin. King asks Sabin to tell his story, and Sabin runs through his injuries and rehab. He tells King about the drive to come back, but also the drive to win that X-Division title once again. King says people put wins and titles about what is important, but Sabin is a Champ in his eyes, and he offers Sabin the title to hold….as it’s the closest Sabin will get to holding it again, and next week he’ll reign “Golden showers” all over Sabin. Ooo-er. King wants his belt back, so Sabin passes it, then lays King out.

We cut to chaos backstage as agents and refs are rushing about. We see they’re pushing Bad Influence, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries away from James Storm, who has been laid out.

Bound for Glory series will be back, and we’re informed that Christian York, Sam Shaw, Alex Silva and Jay Bradley will face off next week. Those 4 GutCheck winners will battle for 1 spot in the BFG Series.

Bully Ray discusses how some aren’t happy with the treatment of D’Lo Brown, but they’re doing what’s needed: getting rid of the weak. They are off to get the job done tonight, and then they’re off looking for women.

It cuts to Kurt Angle and Sting with Hulk Hogan. Angle is annoyed saying they’re music is playing, and they gotta go. Hogan’s on the phone asking “where are ya?”, as Sting leaves.

Match 4: Sting and Kurt Angle vs Bully Ray, Devon and Mr Anderson

Angle throws Devon about, before Bully gets tagged in, and beats Angle down. Bully misses a slap in the corner, and Angle armdrags him. Sting is brought in, as well as the Asshole. Sting hits an inverted atomic drop and dropkick before Angle is brought in. Anderson takes a beating, then turns the tables, before bringing in Devon. The Aces beat Angle down, including Bully repeated splashing Angle in the corner. We break from the match to see the Aces backstage laid out, and no one is around. After a break, Angle still takes a beating from the Aces trio, until Bully gets too cocky and gets hit by an Angle Slam. Sting gets a hot tag, and tries to end with the Scorpion Deathdrop, but Bully and Anderson break the count. Anderson is cleared out the ring, and Bully and Sting brawl, until Sting locks on the Scorpion Deathlock. Anderson breaks it, then removes Angle from the ring, as Devon gets a table. Just as it looks like a 3D is about to happen, ABYSS returns! He makes his way down, takes care of both Devon and Bully, then chokeslams Anderson through the table. Devon turns and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam to win the match.

Sting, Kurt Angle and Abyss win this match by pinfall in a time of 17:55

Sting looks on in the corner, and Abyss stands there looking on, as the show ends….

Must admit, TNA managed to get quite a lot into the 2 hours this week, and I feel the positives outweigh the negatives, which I always like! As usual, I’ll go with the negatives first. Hulk Hogan still appeared on TV. Was 2 brief appearances, but yeah, still too much time for him. Though, I must admit, I did enjoy Sting and Kurt Angle telling Hogan he isn’t fit enough to wrestle….while he took notice of it this week, he’s still going to perform, isn’t he? I’ve also noticed lately, the Knockouts matches are running quite short lately. Which is quite poor to see, especially as over the past few years, TNA have been applauded for giving more time to their women and using them better. They do have talented ladies there, so it’s quite a shame that matches are lasting 3-4 mins. Give them a bit more time to show what they can do!!! Now, the good stuff. Bad Influence and Aries/Roode was pretty good. Bit of humour mixed in with good wrestling, as expected by these guys. Guessing we could see a triple threat between these teams and Chavo/Hernandez again? Seeing as technically nobody gained the title shot. Intrigued by the latest events with the Aces and Eights. I like seeing that everything isn’t plain sailing for the gang, and do like what is going on with D’Lo Brown. Could it be possible he’ll be gone from the Aces at some point? In a way, he’s not as useful to them as he used to be, seeing as TNA “fired” him, so he can’t get the info like he used to. Magnus looked good once again, and he’s really improving and impressing me the more I see him. He’s come a long way, and I’d love to see him move up the ranks in TNA. Finally, Abyss returning…I’m glad to see the Monster back, and now wondering what will happen with his heroic, awesome, legend of a brother, Joseph Park??? (Hush, I know what you’re thinking, I’m just keeping it all kay-fab!).

Thanks for reading this article you fine folk of WrestlingRambles, much appreciated!

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