Welcome to this week’s Insight into Impact post, bringing you the results and segments for the 16th May 2013 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, as well as giving my views on this show.

Hulk Hogan is first out. He’s shocked AJ Styles walked out on TNA last week (guess he’s forgot about the other times AJ walked away), before booking AJ vs Kurt Angle at Slammiversary. Hogan then calls for Abyss, to thank him for last week, but instead, we get Joseph Park! Park was shocked to see his brother return, but Hogan isn’t up to playing games, and just wants Abyss out here. Devon and D’Lo Brown interrupt, wanting Abyss to for interfering in club business. Park stands up to Devon for the way he spoke to Hogan, and asks for a fight. While Devon says no, D’Lo says yes, and wants in. Hogan books it, saying WHEN Park wins, he can have Devon anytime. Devon has confidence in D’Lo and reminds them to tell Abyss he wants to take a chunk out of the Monster’s ass.

James Storm is asked backstage about his plans for revenge on the attack by Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Bad Influence last week. All he replies is “watch, just watch” before walking off.

Christian York talks about how much GutCheck has done for him, and how much it would mean if he got into the Bound for Glory series, because it could help him get a shot at the World Title.

Match 1: Bobby Roode vs Chavo Guerrero

Short match which sees Chavo try to go over the top onto Chavo, Roode dodges, then trips Chavo who had stopped on the apron. Roode dominates, until Chavo fights back with a shoulder to the gut, then strikes with a Hilo. A Tornado DDT and 3 Amigos from Chavo, but as he goes high, Roode hits the top ropes dropping Chavo to the outside. James Storm makes his way down, and spits beer in Roode’s face.

Bobby Roode wins the match by disqualification in a time of 4:30

After the match, James Storm holds the beer as if he’s about to strike Bobby Roode with it, but backs off and up the ramp.

A recap package shown of the latest issue with Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. From that, Angle comes to the ring. He mentions how all this with the Aces has gone on too long, and you can’t trust anyone, even AJ. AJ has walked away, but won’t walk away from Angle at Slammiversary, as they’re booked 1 more time. Angle doesn’t want to wait…but will have to, as Mr Anderson appears. Anderson says AJ isn’t their boy, and announces next Thursday, AJ will be patched into the Aces. Anderson dares Angle to show up, and Angle says he doesn’t want to wait till then to fight. Angle beats down Anderson, as AJ runs from the crowd. Anderson rolls out, and Angle turns to see AJ. Angle asks if AJ was going to attack from behind, and AJ hits the Pele Kick before walking off…

Jay Bradley discusses how he’s doing what he loves, beat people up. He’s been training in OVW, sharpening his game up. He’s not here just to be a name, but to make an Impact.

Match 2: Jay Bradley vs Christian York

Bradley on the offence with strikes, kicks and a huge lift that takes York down. Bradley sets up for the BoomStick clothesline, which York avoids, then strikes with an enzuigiri. York hits a headscissors into the corner, followed by a Cannonball, before Bradley avoids Mood Swing. York tries for a monkeyflip, which is blocked, York then off leaps off the top, Bradley moves to avoid any attack, and hits the BoomStick to pick up a win.

Jay Bradley wins this match by pinfall in a time of 3:58

Christy Hemme asks Jay Bradley about his win, and he says he’s 1 step closer to being the World Champion….

James Storm is asked backstage about what Hulk Hogan has said to him. Apparently Storm’s actions have got repercussions, which wasn’t said to those who jumped him last week. Storm says to keep watching to see what else he’ll do.

We cut to the Aces clubhouse, where they’re talking about AJ Styles, and looking forward to patching him in next week. Mr Anderson asks what D’Lo Brown is gonna do, and D’Lo says he’s gonna kick Joseph Park’s ass.

Brooke Hogan is chatting with Mickie James about how well Mickie’s CD is selling. Mickie appreciates it, but would rather have more spotlight at Slammiversary. Brooke says she had to let Taryn and Gail Kim get their issues sorted, but will give Mickie another match with Velvet Sky next week. Bully Ray turns up as Mickie leaves, and tells Brooke to tell her Dad, that tonight will be a contract negotiation, rather than a signing. Brooke asks why he doesn’t negotiate a divorce, but he says that will never happen.

Match 3: Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim

Velvet with armdrags, clotheslines and bulldogs to open the match, followed by a headscissors takedown. As she tries to get her foot up in Gail’s face, Gail grabs the leg and drops, before working over Velvet’s injured leg with leglocks and kicks to the leg, all while ODB makes sure they stay within the rules. Velvet tries to fight back, but her leg gives out, and Gail swipes at the leg again. Gail tries for another leg lock, but Velvet boots her into the turnbuckle, and rolls Gail up in a schoolgirl pin for the 1-2-3.

Velvet Sky wins this match by pinfall in a time of 6:22

Gail Kim attacks after the match, and locks in the leglock round the ringpost, which ODB breaks up yet again.

Chris Sabin backstage says Kenny King isn’t a King of anything, or even a decent wrestler. King says he’s the King of the Division. We also hear from Petey Williams says King has a plan of stealing the win, but he has a plan too…

Another Suicide video is played, this time ends by saying the Masked superstar is back next week.

Match 4 for the X-Division Title: Kenny King (c) vs Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams

King ducks to the outside to allow Sabin and Williams to battle, but it doesn’t last long, King pulls Williams outside and throws him against the barrier. King outsmarts Sabin then hits an enzuigiri, before Williams tries to pick off a win by getting 2 on Sabin. Sabin picks up the pass, and tries a Northern Lights Suplex for 2. Williams knocks Sabin outside, hits a suicide dive, then back inside, he tries to put King away again, but can’t. King blocks a tornado DDT from Sabin, hits another enzuigiri before a kick to Williams. Sabin sets King up in tree of woe, drops Williams onto him and tries to end the match, but King knocks Sabin to the outside and hits the Royal Flush to retain the X-Division title.

Kenny King wins this match by pinfall in a time of 7:18 to retain the X-Division Title

Bad Influence backstage, Daniels is worrying over what James Storm is going to do, as well as having to take care of Hernandez. Kaz says all will be fine, as he’ll be out there too, and Storm is scared of Super Kaz.

D’Lo Brown backstage thanks Mr Anderson for stopping Bully Ray from whacking him with a hammer. Anderson says he did it for the club. Anderson says this all started when D’Lo “buried” the young guys of the club. D’Lo says he messed up, and Anderson admits he’s pulling for D’Lo.

Match 5: Daniels (with Kazarian) vs Hernandez

While Daniels pokes the eyes of Hernandez, SuperMex responds with the delayed vertical suplex, and a trip on Air Mexico. Kazarian trips Hernandez when the ref isn’t looking, and Daniels takes advantage. It doesn’t last long though, Hernandez with another flying shouldertackle, and hiptoss, before missing a splash in the corner. As Daniels sets up for Angels Wings, he spots James Storm coming down, and warns Kazarian. That distraction allows Hernandez to hit the big pounce to pin the Fallen Angel.

Hernandez wins this match by pinfall in a time of 4:30

James Storm informs these guys that he has an announcement from Hulk Hogan. At Slammiversary, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez will defend their titles against Austin Aries & Bobby Roode……and Bad Influence…..AND James Storm with a partner of his choice. The Cowboy is Sorry about their damn luck.

Match 6: Joseph Park vs D’Lo Brown

D’Lo bodyslams Park which causes Taz to piss himself as if it was Hogan slamming Andre (Hulk hasn’t mentioned it this week, so I will). Park falls outside, before D’Lo hits a dropkick to the knee, then a strange shining wizard. D’Lo beats Park down in the corner, which cuts open Park. Uh-oh!! Park spots the red stuff, and freaks out, hitting clotheslines and a Black Hole Slam to end the match.

Joseph Park wins the match by pinfall in a time of 4:42

Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the contract signing, and welcomes Bully Ray first. The Aces president enters the ring…and pushes JB out of it! He runs through who he is and what he’s done, before saying he’ll defeat Sting at Slammiversary. He calls Sting out, and the Icon makes his way down, before Bully calls for Hulk Hogan too. It’s the first time they’ve been in the ring face to face since Bully screwed Sting. Sting suggests Bully should break bones, rip him apart and make him bleed, which confuses Bully. Sting says he suggests it, because if Bully doesn’t do it to him, he’ll do it to Bully. Sting wants No Holds Barred, and Bully agrees to it….on 1 condition. That when Bully wins, Sting never wrestles for the World Title again. Hogan tries to get involved, and Bully tells him to shut up. Bully says he doesn’t want Sting to retire, but wants him to wrestle knowing he’ll never be Champion again. Hogan tells him he doesn’t need to do this. Despite that, Sting agrees. Bully pushes him, and they trade blows as the credits go up on screen…..

Seemed like quite a lot happened during this show, and I felt like it all came off looking good. I actually can’t think of many, if anything to complain about from this episode. Well, apart from the absence of one Austin Aries. I didn’t even mind Hulk Hogan’s appearance (SHOCK HORROR!), seeing as it was helping move the Aces/Sting/Park stuff move along. Quite clever to have Abyss last week, then Joseph Park back this week as if he missed his brother. Wonder how long they’ll keep this going? While this storyline of Gail Kim injurying other Knockouts is clever, is it so clever to keep reducing the already bare division? (And that’s bare as in not many ladies, not bare as in nude…Pervs! :p). Plus, with the backstage segment from Mickie James, not being happy with her treatment again, I do wonder if she’ll turn heel soon? I’d be fine seeing her heel again!! Jay Bradley and Christian York doing battle in this mini GutCheck tournament, and I have to admit, when both guys had their GutCheck matches, I was more impressed with York. But, I feel roles reversed now, and Bradley impresses me more, and looks a better star than York. Would love to see him hit that Boom Stick clothesline with as much power as JBL used to though. Finally, James Storm has added himself into the Tag Title hunt, and can pick a partner of his choice. Kinda hoping we get someone coming in from the outside, and hope it’s someone decent. But do think TNA might let us down, and bring back Chris Harris. Don’t get me wrong, AMW were great, but the last appearance of Harris, he looked bloated and a bit slow. Not the way I’d want to see him back for another match/run.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this, it’s greatly appreciated!

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