Welcome to this week’s Insight into Impact post, as usual, bringing you the results and segments from the 23rd May 2013, as well as posting my views on it too.

TNA Impact opens with a message to those affected by the recent disaster in Oklahoma, as well as a Red Cross message for you to donate via text message.

Hulk Hogan is out first, and he’s glad to be back home. He mentions pounding a few brewskis with Shark Boy at a beach bar, before stating AJ Styles has confirmed he will be joining Aces and Eights. Hogan wants to move on and discuss Sting, and calls the Icon out. Hogan tries to talk Sting out of the stipulation at Slammiversary, but Sting wants it left in, due to telling Hogan to trust Bully Ray, and if he can’t beat Bully, he doesn’t deserve another chance. Brooke Hogan makes her way down, and says she should take all the blame for this issue with Bully, before offering to resign from TNA. Before you get excited, Hulkster talks her out of it, and Bully Ray appears. Bully says all this is his fault, as he turned TNA upside down. However, Bully does blame Brooke, for making him fall for her. Bully misses his wife, and he still loves her, which is why he’ll never take the ring off….

Kenny King joins the commentary team ahead of the opening match…

Match 1: Joey Ryan vs Petey Williams vs Suicide

Suicide’s back, and instantly tries to make Williams tap with an Octopus Hold, before turning into a pinfall for 2. Suicide also locks on a leglock to Ryan and Abdominal Stretch to Williams, but Williams gets out and dropkicks Suicide. Ryan throws Suicide at the ropes, and the Faceless star, holds onto the ropes, before dodging Ryan who drops to the outside. The end comes when Ryan knocks down Williams, Suicide hits a neckbreaker to Ryan, before a double chickenwing into gutbuster finishes the match off with a Suicide win.

Suicide wins this match by pinfall in a time of 4:02

Chris Sabin goes into see James Storm backstage, and offers to be Storm’s tag partner at Slammiversary…but the Cowboy refuses. He says Sabin has a chance to win the X-Division title and trade it in to become World Champion. So, Storm appreciates it, but turns Sabin down.

Brooke Hogan catches up to Bully Ray backstage, and wants to know what he means when he says he still loves her. He says “it means he still loves her”, and walks off.

Mickie James goes to see Velvet Sky, and see how her knee is, as well as offering to postpone the match until Velvet is better. Velvet says she doesn’t want to give Gail Kim the satisfaction of injuring her, and taking the title. Mickie wants 100% confirmation, and Velvet says she’s ready.

Sam Shaw makes his way to the ring for his GutCheck tournament battle with Alex Silva. But Silva doesn’t appear, instead, Garett Bischoff, D.O.C and Wes Brisco turn up. Wes says he left Silva bloody and beaten backstage, as he doesn’t agree on how he didn’t get a chance in this tournament. The Aces beat down Shaw (which he deserved for the awful shorts he was wearing), before Magnus makes the save. Magnus says he doesn’t like how they gangattacked a friend of his, so challenges Brisco to a match right now.

Match 2: Magnus vs Wes Brisco

Magnus takes it to Brisco from the off, taking Wes down, ground and pound until Wes gets out the ring. After a break, Wes has taken over the match, wearing Magnus down, until he taunts, allowing Magnus to hit a clothesline. Magnus catches Wes and hits a suplex. When Magnus goes to the top, Wes stops him, Magnus fights him off, before D.O.C and Bischoff interfere.

Magnus wins this match by disqualification in a time of 7:51

As the 3 Aces beat down Magnus, Samoa Joe rushes down to the rescue, saving his former tag partner from a beating.

We go to the Aces clubhouse, where Bully Ray doesn’t want to talk about his lovelife, he praises the 3 Aces who just had each other’s backs. Mr Anderson asks when AJ Styles is getting here, and Bully says AJ won’t let them down, unlike other disappointments, as he looks at D’Lo Brown.

We’re shown Kurt Angle at an Amateur Wrestling event in New York, as well as discussing “Save Olympic Wrestling”. Did make me laugh hearing Angle discuss “the IOC dropping the Olympics”….oh, Kurt.

As the bell rings for the 3rd match, AJ Styles is shown arriving at the arena on his motorbike.

Match 3: Kurt Angle vs Mr Anderson

After a back and forth opening between these two, Anderson works over the arm of Angle. Angle fights back, catching him with a belly 2 belly suplex, but Anderson blocks an Angle Slam attempt, and hits a Fireman’s Carry roll. Angle them counters a Mic Check, and hits 3 German Suplexes. Anderson avoids the Ankle Lock, and Mic Checks Angle for 2. Anderson goes to the top, but Angle is up and suplexes Anderson off the top rope. As Angle sets up to end it, AJ Styles appears from the crowd, and Taz hugs him. Angle looks away, and Anderson low blows him, before rolling him up in a schoolboy pin to steal the win.

Mr Anderson wins this match by pinfall in a time of 8:36

Gail Kim backstage is talking about how she took out Taryn, Tara and Velvet Sky recently, and should be getting the title shot tonight. Taryn Terrell appears and spears Gail into the door, before attacking. Pat Kenney comes in to break it up.

Video package highlighting James Storm’s tag team history of AMW and Beer Money, before the situation lately surrounding himself and the other 3 teams involved in a feud for the Tag Team Titles.

James Storm makes his way to the ring, while Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are at the commentary table. Storm mentions he’s been put into the Tag Title match with a partner of his choosing. Dirty Heels interrupt, with Bobby Roode stating how Storm’s glory days in Beer Money were the 4 worst years of Roode’s life. Bad Influence also appear to joke how lucky Chavo/Hernandez are, and that Dirty Heels can’t hang with them. Storm tries to get to the point about who his partner is, when Shark Boy returns!!! Ohhhh Shell Yeah! Ol’ Sharky offers to partner Storm, as they both “loving fishing, drink beer and like kicking bass”. Robbie E then comes down, and offers his services, suggesting Storm should team with someone who will make him a Champion. While Shark Boy and Robbie E argue, Gunner appears from the crowd, and stares Storm down. Gunner then turns, clotheslines both Shark Boy and Robbie E, before putting Robbie E in a torture rack. Storm and Gunner stare down, before Storm says “See you at Slammiversary”, shakes hands with Gunner to seal the deal.

Joseph Park goes to see Sting for advice ahead of his first title shot, and wants to know what the guys mean by “getting the strap”. Sting reassures him it’s something good. Sting then says he hopes Abyss returns again like 2 weeks ago. Park says Abyss won’t talk to him, so he can’t set it up. Sting says if Abyss won’t do it, then maybe someone close to Abyss. Park agrees, before leaving the dressing room.

Match 4 for the TNA Knockouts Title: Velvet Sky (c) vs Mickie James

Both ladies try for an early pinfall, Velvet drops Mickie, and hits a dropkick for 2. Mickie drops Velvet in a Full Nelson lock, and holds it as we go into a break. After it, Velvet fights back with clotheslines, chops, but the headscissors takedown is blocked by Mickie, before Velvet hits a russian leg sweep. Mickie rushes at Velvet in the corner, and Velvet kicks her away, before a headscissors takedown, which hurts Velvet’s knee. Mickie spots this and clips at the knee, before a devastating DDT ends the reign of Sky.

Mickie James wins this match by pinfall in a time of 9:10 to win the TNA Knockouts Title

We’re shown the history of what happened with AJ Styles walking away, and as well as his silent return to the company.

Bully Ray leads the Aces and Eights to the ring, and mentions how this group are the strongest unit, and they run TNA. He says how if you screw up, you pay for it, like D’Lo Brown. But unlike D’Lo, someone else stepped up, in Mr Anderson. But tonight isn’t about them, it’s about the guy they’re about to patch into the brotherhood: AJ Styles. AJ makes his way through the crowd, and joins the Aces. Bully says how everyone wanted AJ to join them, but AJ knows where the power is. Bully asks AJ to do something he’s never done before, drink a beer with him (seeing as AJ has never drunk before, apparently). AJ downs the beer in 1, before the gang hand him an Aces vest. Kurt Angle appears, and is pissed at AJ throwing his TNA legacy down the crapper. Angle tells him to go ahead if it’s what he wants, and AJ puts on the vest. Angle gets jumped from behind by D.O.C., before the Aces kick at him. Bully offers AJ the hammer, and AJ strikes the knee of Angle. AJ and the Aces taunt, but as they turn their back on AJ, he strikes at a couple of the Aces with the hammer, before rushing up the ramp removing the vest. The Aces rush after him, as we go off air….

Highlight of the show for me: SHARK BOY! Genuinely loved seeing him back, just hope it wasn’t a one off. Pay him in Clam Juice to keep him around!! (I’m not joking either, keep the guy!). One huge negative for me, was the opening segment. I felt it dragged on a bit too long. While people can say it has possible set up Brooke turning to side with Bully Ray and the Aces, all they really needed was the segment last week backstage, and the one this week (where she caught up with him backstage), not 10 mins wasted on a promo. Also wasn’t too keen on Suicide’s return. It felt like watching a poor Indy tribute to Suicide, and the match just wasn’t enjoyable at all. Felt like they were going slow to get the spots in. Let’s hope Suicide’s run ends a lot quicker than last time this gimmick was around. I’m intrigued by the pairing of James Storm and Gunner. It’s a bit of an unusual pairing, but one that might just work out. Plus, I’m glad to see Gunner back on TV, I think he’s got a good look, and a good work-rate too. Enjoyed the Knockouts bout, and I’m glad to see Mickie James pick up the title again. I just hope she gets a decent title run, and isn’t used as a transitional champion. As for the AJ Styles saga, this is going to run till at least Bound for Glory, isn’t it??

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this, muchos appreciated!

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