Welcome to this week’s Insight into Impact review, in which I will be giving you the lowdown, results and my own personal views on the 13th June 2013 of TNA’s “flagship broadcast”, Impact Wrestling.

We open with Hulk Hogan, who has sent Brooke home after she stopped him from whacking Bully Ray with the hammer last week. Hogan then discusses the Bound for Glory Series, saying Samoa Joe, Hernandez and Jay Bradley won their way in, while Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode get a free pass for winning the previous years. Both guys appear to say how they’ll win the series again, before Hogan says next week’s Open Fight Night will see the fans pick which of Hardy or Roode gets first call out. Bully Ray comes to the ring to say it doesn’t matter who wins the series, they can’t beat him. Bully also wants to know why no Aces are in, so Hogan allows an Aces battle royal to take 1 spot in the series. Bully says whoever is in the series, is a target, and sends Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff to attack Hardy and Roode. Hardy and Roode clear the ring, before Roode hits Hardy from behind, and runs.

Kazarian and Daniels are talking about how James Storm has had more partners than Taylor Swift, and Gunner frightens kids, unlike them. Hulk Hogan has set up a tag match with the winners going into the BFG Series, and it doesn’t matter which member of Bad Influence wins the whole series, as that guy will become World Champ.

Match 1: Bad Influence defeat James Storm and Gunner by pinfall in a time of 4:33 to qualify for the Bound for Glory Series

Back and forth match which sees Gunner throwing his opponents around, before Bad Influence cheat by tripping him up, then double teaming him. Storm gets tagged in and turns the table his way, Kaz and Daniels try to fight back but get knees to the back for their trouble. As Storm is setting up for a Last Call, Daniels hits him with a Tag Title, and Kaz rolls Storm up with a small package to win!

Crimson is spotted walking through backstage. He’s asked why he’s here, and replies it’s been 12 months since he was last here. You’ll find out soon why he’s here.

Velvet Sky has a brown envelope for Mickie James, and it’s great news that Mickie and the fans are going to love.

Crimson heads to the ring. He talks about how he went 470 days undefeated, before his loss to James Storm. 1 loss, and he was gone. 12 months later, he’s back, and with a chance to get into the BFG Series….if he can beat Joseph Park.

Match 2: Joseph Park defeats Crimson by pinfall in a time of 2:40 to qualify for the Bound for Glory series

Crimson dominates the match, while trash-talking and putting down Park. Park tries to fight back, and Crimson hits a spinebuster. As Crimson goes for a Spear, Park moves, sending Crimson into the turnbuckles, before Park with a schoolboy pin and surprise win!

Mickie James is getting dolled up ready to head to the ring, and saying how it’s so sweet that Velvet has a gift for her…

Velvet Sky heads to the ring, and says since she lost the title to Mickie James, their friendship has been a bit weird. But this gift may solve that, and calls for Mickie. Mickie heads out, and Velvet hands a letter, which is clearance from Velvet’s doctor, so Velvet can get her rematch. Mickie says the letter was dated yesterday, while Velvet’s knee is hurting today…before attacking Velvet’s knee. Mickie locks a hold on Velvet’s knee, before referees break it up.

Matt Morgan is talking about how Sting couldn’t beat him, yet Morgan still has to qualify for the BFG Series. He says 3 chumps won’t stop him tonight, and he’ll go through the Series to become World Champion too.

Match 3: Magnus defeats Kenny King, Rob Terry and Matt Morgan by pinfall in a time of 4:48 to qualify for the Bound for Glory Series

Morgan has control over Terry early on, until King tags himself in. Mistake by King, as Terry throws King down. Magnus tags himself in, hits a clothesline to King, and knocks Terry and Magnus off the apron. Magnus hits an elbow on King, Morgan breaks the count. King with a spinning kick to Magnus, Terry chokeslams King, Morgan boots Terry. As Morgan goes to boot Magnus, Magnus dodges it and sends Morgan to the outside, before hitting the Mag Daddy Driver to get the win.

Eric Young is in his dressing room, and says he’s got a huge fish on the line. He’s planning on reeling Austin Aries in, to land a spot in the BFG Series.

A lookback at the media’s comments on Rampage Jackson’s debut with TNA last week, as well as Kurt Angle talking about it too. We then see Rampage is backstage again for this week.

Slammiversary Main Event between Bully Ray and Sting is looked at, before back to the show, and Sting is on his way down the ramp. Sting discusses how great it was to go into the Hall of Fame last year, but in that time, it’s all gone wrong. The Aces and Eights have caused problems, and he can’t fight for the TNA World Title again after losing to Bully Ray. Sting mentions the Aces attacked him, and no one came to help. The Aces are like a family….which is what Sting needs. So he’ll create his own new family…or, his own new Mafia. Sting will bring the New Main Event Mafia to cause the Aces to fall.

We’re shown a clip of Eric Young’s Off the Hook: Extreme Catches show, and the clip features ODB. I do miss that crazy duo on TNA TV.

Match 4: Austin Aries defeats Eric Young by pinfall in a time of 6:07 to qualify for the Bound for Glory Series

Aries takes down and rolls around on Young, before ODB rolls in and asks EY to do it to her. So EY obliges, which annoys Aries. Aries rakes the eyes of Young, before taking over the match. Aries can’t end it, and Young fights back with punches and a slingshot crossbody to the outside. Young tries to go to the top, but Aries drops Young onto the turnbuckle before a corner dropkick and Brainbuster ends the match.

Bully Ray is backstage saying that Hulk Hogan has tried to set them up, but they’ve agreed on a plan. But D.O.C. isn’t fully with the plan….yet finally agrees before they all walk off towards the arena.

Chris Sabin talks about how during his last return, he faced Austin Aries. Aries went on to cash in the X-Division title to become World Champion, which could have been Sabin. Sabin can do that this year, but isn’t sure what to do….

Match 5: Mr Anderson wins the Aces and Eights Battle Royal in a time of 3:53 to qualify for the Bound for Glory Series

They circle the ring, then Mr Anderson shots an imaginary gun at Wes Brisco, causing Wes to fall over the top rope. Anderson then jokingly circles and throws Garett Bischoff out, “pushes” Knux over the top, and convinces Devon to get the tables, which Devon exits the ring over the top rope. Anderson tries to magically remove D.O.C., and he reluctantly goes to leave before stopping and coming back in. Anderson yells at him, so D.O.C. attacks. Anderson strikes before throwing D.O.C. out. The Aces don’t look too happy as they go backstage.

Rampage Jackson goes to see Kurt Angle and ask what he meant about getting ready. Angle says it would be like going into Bellator, he know he’d need to train and prepare to beat Jackson, and it won’t happen overnight. Jackson says he’s looking forward to Kurt’s match tonight.

The Aces are arguing backstage, when Bully Ray tells them to shut up. He says they just need to stick to the plan. D.O.C. says they’re always told to step up and prove themselves. Bully says in-fighting isn’t going to help. D.O.C. apologises, before saying AJ Styles attacked him with their hammer….and tonight, D.O.C. is going to get revenge.

Match 6: AJ Styles defeats Kurt Angle by pinfall in a time of 16:03 to qualify for the Bound for Glory Series

The match starts off slow, and goes back and forth with both guys trying to get the upperhand. AJ suplexes Angle into the bottom turnbuckle before we go to a break. The fight breaks to the outside, where Angle dodges AJ leaping over the top, before hitting a belly to belly suplex on Styles. Angle tries wearing AJ down, only to have AJ strike with some quick slaps and kicks, followed by the springboard forearm. Angle tries for an Angle Slam, which AJ blocks and hits a DDT for 2. At a 2nd attempt, Angle hits the Angle Slam for a 2 count of his own. Angle’s Ankle Lock is reversed by AJ into the Calf Killer, which Angle then reverses into an Ankle Lock again, and AJ sends Angle into the turnbuckle. AJ goes to the top, and Angle tries to throw him off, AJ lands on his feet, then drops Angle with a hard DDT. Suddenly Mr Anderson, D.O.C. and Knux appear. Anderson distracts the ref, the other Aces charge at AJ and Angle, and AJ gets rid of them. Anderson tries to get in, and Angle goes for him, allowing AJ to schoolboy pin the Olympic Hero and claim the last spot.

The 3 Aces beat down Kurt Angle as AJ Styles disappears. Rampage Jackson rushes down, Anderson and Knux drop out leaving D.O.C. in the ring. D.O.C. turns and dodges Rampage’s chain, before getting out the ring. The 3 Aces taunt about getting back in the ring, before leaving as the show goes off the air…

Wow, quite an interesting show this week, with the Bound for Glory Series getting organised by having all 12 stars now qualified, guys returning, Rampage Jackson, a heel turn and Sting’s announcement. Not quite sure where to start! I guess I’ll begin with the return of Crimson and Eric Young. I was surprised to see both guys back, as I thought Eric Young was filming his new show, while Crimson is doing OK in OVW (guess he’ll be like Rob Terry? Appear in both OVW and TNA). Crimson did an OK job with his promo, but surprised after that, that he then lost to Joseph Park. Interesting to see if he’ll be back on in the next few weeks. As for EY, always good to see him back, just hoping they do something with him and ODB (forget the Knockout Tag Titles…like TNA seem to have done). The heel turn of Mickie James was done well, and I’ve enjoyed how they built up to it over the past few weeks. I do enjoy Mickie in a heel role, and look forward to how this storyline and Mickie’s character develops. Rampage Jackson has been about for 2 weeks, and I think he’s fitted in fine in the short segments he’s done. Going to reserve judgment on this signing for now, but I do hope it turns out right for all concerned. The Bound for Glory series is ready to begin with all 12 guys now sorted. I do enjoy this tournament since TNA started it, and look forward to some of the matches we’re going to see. Surprised to see Kazarian and Daniels in, but pleased as they are solid workers and can put on entertaining matches with the rest. Probably the only other surprise was seeing Joseph Park in, I thought he’d lose so that the Abyss storyline doesn’t tie into the series. I’d say I’m currently leaning towards AJ Styles winning the series, but my mind will probably change a few times during the next few weeks. As for the matches on this show, quite good battles apart from the joke of the Aces Battle Royal. Finally, Sting is bringing a “new” Main Event Mafia. Speculation has been rife on social media and messageboards about who will be part of it. One thing I’m thinking, surely the Mafia won’t feature guys from the current roster? After all, Sting was peeved about no one coming to his rescue, so it would feel weird to side with them, when he’s taking a shot at them? Really intrigued, and racking my brains at who will be part of the Mafia. Go on TNA, make me happy and put Jeff Jarrett in!! 😉

Thanks for taking the time to read this, appreciate it as always!

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