UFC 163 News

            There is much hype around the event. With a main event everyone has dreamed of. Anthony Pettis set to drop down and challenge the dominating featherweight champion. Many expecting him to win. However for those of you waiting for this match well there has been a change in plans.

            Due to injury Anthony is no longer in the event. Upsetting for those looking forward to the bout. He has a small tear in his meniscus. This will require no surgery just physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as time to heal.

            So now on August 3rd we will see Jose Aldo face Chan Sung Jung aka The Korean Zombie. Who is coming off of a win against Dustin Poirier which he won via submission. He is defiantly a top contender and was set to face the other top contender in Ricardo Lamas.

Chan Sung Jung questioned Anthony when the title fight was originally set up. Claiming it was unfair.  To him as well as other featherweights because Anthony had not fought as a featherweight yet.

However many feel Ricardo should have replaced Anthony. This is because of the fact that Chan Sung Jung has not fought in a year due to injury. And I have to agree only because Ricardo has been able to fight in that time while Chan was out. That’s why I thought the two of them fighting each other was fair.

Duke Roufus (coach of Pettis) took to twitter saying they hope to have Anthony ready to fight at UFC 164. Which is also in August. Why? It’s in his hometown. However many have claimed this to be suspicious or just to sell tickets. Take it as what you will all I know is this injury leaves questions. Who faces Lamas? Who does Anthony face (especially if he fights at 164)? Does Anthony stay at 145 or go back to 155? Does Chan Sung Jung have as good of a chance as many thought Anthony did to defeat Aldo? What do you think of all of this?

A little personal side note- THERE GOES MY PERFECT 16TH BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!