You could say I am a lover of television. There is nothing quite like television when the TV show is at its finest. One thing that all great TV shows have is great cliffhangers. The cliffhanger is the ending of an episode that leaves in the audience in suspense. It makes the audience want more. At WWE Payback, we were left wanting more. We were left wondering, what’s next for CM Punk? Who will be in contention for the WWE title now that John Cena has successfully defended his championship against Ryback? We found out all the answers last night on Monday Night Raw. By the time Raw ended, the WWE universe were left in suspense and social media blew up with fans praising Raw and in admiration of WWE’s storytelling.

It has been a while since I enjoyed an episode of Raw as much as I had last night. In fact, it actually made me question why I was watching WWE because let’s face it, it hasn’t been very good since the Royal Rumble. During my break from watching wresting, I watched shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Arrested Development and they all have one thing in common; my desire to watch the next episode. The eager anticipation of wanting to watch the next episode was there. For the first time in over half a year, I can’t wait to watch Raw next Monday night.

Why? Well lets see. Here are the main points of what happened last night and why I enjoyed it so much:

CM Punk interrupted Alberto Del Rio to request a match with him because he said he was ”the best” and, we all know CM Punk is the best in the world so he was defending his honor. 

Finally Christian has returned to WWE. It has been a long time and I got goosebumps when his entrance theme hit. I know you did too!

The Diva’s division are doing wonders in recent weeks, finally they are becoming relevant again. Kaityln and AJ lee have the potential to be the next Trish and Lita. Both are beautiful, sexy, good talkers and great in ring wrestlers. They have it all. They also have a connection with each other that so many Diva’s in the past have failed to have. They have been given the ball by the WWE to make the Diva’s relevant again, don’t screw it up!

Mark Henry, in my opinion, made the promo of the year last night. I think maybe it was the best promo since CM Punk’s infamous ”pipe bomp” promo that happened 2 years ago now. His ”retirement” speech was so believable. It shows how much of an asshole he is by bringing his family into it.  He generated real heat from the crowd and received boos when he slammed Cena to the mat. It showed how effective his speech was. Getting booed for slamming Cena, what? Tremendous promo.

Who’s got the power? Poor Vickie Guerrero is just trying to carry out her role and responsibilities as managing supervisor of Monday night Raw but is constantly hounded by the power held in the hands of the McMahon’s. Vickie doesn’t know if she should be listening to Vince, Triple H or even Stephanie. Each of the character’s are her boss and each are telling her different things. I don’t know where this is headed but it makes intriguing TV.

Dolph Ziggler showed Alberto Del Rio what he is made of. We’re now seeing a whole new side to Ziggler. Perhaps him losing the belt is the best thing to happen for his WWE career. The double turn was a genius move by WWE. We don’t want to cheer for Del Rio and we don’t want to boo Ziggler. So what did they do? They turned them. I love it!

The closing of the show centralized around two Paul Heyman guys. One is left wondering if Heyman set Brock up to attack Punk or did Brock not like the comments made about him by the best in the world? All should be revealed next week and I am eagerly anticipating CM Punk’s reaction to the F-5.

Those are just the main points. So much happened last night it is worth your time watching, even if you have not been watching in a few months. Fresh storylines are being developed as well as new stars which is what you’ve all been asking for, right?

Thighs is the type of programming I love and want to see every week. Even if the ratings are bad this week, which is unlikely in my opinion, WWE need to be consistent and carry out this programming on a weekly basis. 

What is going to happen next week? I don’t know but, I can’t wait to find out. This weeks episode of Raw is MUST SEE television so again, if you have yet to see it, it is worth a couple of hours of your time. 

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