According to a report from PWInsider, Vince McMahon consulted with both Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman to assist with re-writing the script backstage at this week’s Monday Night Raw about the writing of the show. The same report emphasizes that Stephanie McMahon played “little to no” role in the re-crafting of the show..

In what is likely a direct result of this change, WWE continues to incorporate real-life happenings into their programming. As WrestleChat mentioned yesterday, Stephanie’s segment where she stood up to AJ Lee and then chided Kaitlyn for interrupting her was based on a real-life incident where this happened in a behind-the-scenes meeting.

According to WrestlingNewsWorld, here are known problems within the writing department and Heyman has been consulted before.  Colter’s stock is very high and he has a writing background as he scripted many segments for TNA earlier in the 2000s.

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Ray’s Opinion
What I love most about pro wrestling is when it feels real. Stephanie’s segment and Henry’s angle both felt real and that is why I, and so many others, enjoyed Raw this past Monday night. If these reports are true then they need to be writing the show every week because quite frankly, they know what we love about pro wrestling. There has been heel turns, faces turns, fresh storylines, less goofy characters (Clay, Tensai, Marella) therefore the whole product seems fresher and more exciting. WWE are a hugely successful company, they have the creativeness to write this quality programming every single week so we can only hope that they will!