We are excited to announce that we have our very own weekly podcast online. The show is called ”Rambling Matters”. It will not be a review podcast, there is many of them available on the internet already. We wanted to do something fresh so this is what we came up with:

  • Talking the latest news 
  • Main talking points of WWE and TNA’s shows including Pay-Per-Views
  • A weekly debate segment 

Of course, the show will expand and we will do everything we can to make it an entertaining podcast. If you have an idea for the show, drop them in the comments below. We here at Wrestling Rambles have ALWAYS listened to our readers and we always will. The website is not possible without your loyal support and we appreciate that. 

In the first episode they discuss Rob Vam Dam returning to the WWE, Aces and Eights (Listening to Michael’s rant on that is purely worth listening too) The Shield, Payback, Raw and a debate on the Montreal Screwjob, Money in the Bank + MUCH MORE. 

I just want to note that the sound isn’t the greatest but hey, it’s our very first episode and we will be constantly trying to improve for your listening pleasure. Bare with us for the first couple of episodes until we fully get into the flow of things. 

Unfortunately I could not phone in, I left it to the guys who know how a podcast works. George Jones is the special host for the first episode, WR’s George will take charge next week. Michael, Daniel and WR reader Craig Holding phoned in throughout the show to discuss the topics. The show was produced by Brian Maveric of Running The Ropes podcast so we greatly appreciate having a guy like him to produce our show. For next weeks episode we will have voice-overs on our intro and for our affiliates so if you’re an affiliate of us, next week you will be given a shoutout on our show.  

We will have images and all that fancy stuff next week. 

To listen to the show, click this link – http://www.mediafire.com/play/hndvkwi1e35lmq5/Rambling+Matters+Ep+1.mp3

If you have problems listening with media fire, it will be resolved for next week. Again, this is our first time doing a podcast (We did one before, but you don’t remember that 😉 ) so just bare with us. 

If the first link doesn’t work, this one definitely will via download on your PC, phone etc.. —http://www.mediafire.com/download/hndvkwi1e35lmq5/Rambling_Matters_Ep_1.mp3

Check it out and let us know what you think. This is the start of something new and hopefully, something big. Cheers guys.