Welcome to this week’s edition of Insight into Impact, where this does exactly what it says on the tin: Brings you the insight into the 20th June 2013 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, as well as throwing in my views on the matches and segments.

Sting is shown walking down a ramp towards the building, dressed in a sharp suit with no face paint on. Can afford a suit, yet can’t afford a ride to the building?!

The show opens with 10 of the BFG Series guys in the ring, before Hulk Hogan appears, and calls out Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy. Hogan states everyone in the BFG Series will fight tonight, before reminding everyone that a vote was up for who would get the first call out: Hardy or Roode. Hardy wins the vote with 68%. Before Hardy can speak, Austin Aries interrupts, saying Hardy doesn’t want to face the most popular guy in this, in A-Double. Daniels says Hardy shouldn’t be going for either of Bad Influence, as he’d start with a demoralising defeat. Hardy says he’s choosing a guy who made it personal last week, Bobby Roode. This starts off a 12 man brawl, before the good guys clear the ring.

After a break, Mr Anderson heads to the ring for his call-out, and he chooses someone for a “guaranteed dub (W)” Mr Joseph Park…..Park.

Match 1: Mr Anderson defeats Joseph Park by pinfall in a time of 5:07 to win 7pts in the BFG Series

Anderson plays about with Park to begin with, but when Park drops Anderson, and slaps him about, the Ace Asshole takes him more serious. Anderson misses a corner splash and a Kenton Bomb, Park rallies up, and tries for 10pts with the Boston Crab, but D.O.C. appears to distract. Park stays in control and slams Anderson, as he goes to the 2nd rope, Anderson grabs the ref, D.O.C. boots Park, before Anderson hits a Mic Check to win the match.

Backstage, the Aces locker room, Mr Anderson is going on about how he got the win tonight, and should be the next VP. D.O.C. suggests it should be him, seeing as how he helped Anderson. Bully Ray appears and says they have more important things to do tonight, involving his wife.

Jay Bradley is out next, he’s making it short. He’s calling out the guy who was Champion during this last series, Austin Aries.

Match 2: Austin Aries defeats Jay Bradley by pinfall in a time of 3:39 to win 7pts in the BFG Series

Bradley tries to attack before the bell, Aries dodges and sends him to the outside, before flying off the top with a forearm smash. Aries goes to the top again, and Bradley boots him to the outside. Bradley drops elbows on Aries, before missing a big boot. Aries works over the knee, before a missile dropkick, only to miss his corner dropkick. Aries blocks the BoomStick, but runs into a backbreaker. Bradley tries the BoomStick again, Aries with a crucifix to block it, hits the corner dropkick and Brainbuster for the 3 count.

We’re shown a video promoting Sting and the Main Event Mafia, before we cut to Sting saying he’s off to a sit-down meeting now. After a break, he’s at the meeting, but it’s not sit-down. He asks the mysterious guy if they’re all the way in, to shut down the Aces, and this person extends his hand, which Sting shakes.

Chavo Guerrero is backstage hyping Hernandez up, saying how he won’t be out there, but wants Hernandez to get the points tonight. SuperMex heads to the ring, and calls out a “loudmouth who pisses him off”. No, not Taz, but Daniels!

Match 3: Daniels defeats Hernandez in a time of 2:21 to win 7pts in the BFG Series

Daniels attacks the leg, and attacks in the corner, but Hernandez turns the match his way with a belly to belly throw, and a Gorilla Press Slam. Hernandez hits Air Mexico, but as he goes for a powerbomb, Daniels blocks it, blocks a German Suplex and low-blows Hernandez out of the ref’s sight, before hitting the BME for a quick win!

After a break, Kazarian is in the ring. Bad Influence got their dominance off to a good start, so he’s going to call out the “next Breakout star”, Britain’s favourite son, Magnus!

Match 4: Magnus defeats Kazarian by submission in a time of 2:54 to win 10pts in the BFG Series

Magnus on the offence from the off, but once he clotheslines Kaz to the outside, the match turns. Kazarian trips Magnus and pulls him to the outside, and slams Magnus against the side of the ring. Kazarian tries to wear Magnus out, and goes for a Dragon Sleeper, which Magnus breaks out, and strikes with clotheslines. Magnus catches Kazarian with a suplex for 2, Kazarian tries high risk, and goes for a dropkick, but Magnus catches him, locks in the Cloverleaf and forces Kazarian to tap out.

Hulk Hogan walks through backstage on his phone, as Bully Ray approaches from behind. Hogan turns and shoves Bully against the wall, and says to end this now. Bully says he doesn’t want to strike, just wants to talk to Brooke, which Hulkster says no to. Bully tells “Dad” to ask himself, why did Brooke stop him from striking with the hammer a few weeks ago….

Brooke Hogan makes her way to the ring to address the state of the Knockouts Division. She praises how far the Divas have come in the past year, but wants to address a few issues, and invites the Knockouts (and Eric Young) out. Mickie James comes out after everyone else, and is proud to be representing the Knockouts on TV and in the media. Brooke gets to business, and asks EY if he remembers the chat they had last year. EY shocks us all by saying he isn’t a woman, and he and ODB hand in the Knockouts Tag Titles….before he and ODB head off to celebrate National Kissing Day! Brooke praises Velvet Sky for fighting on through injury, and despite Mickie saying Velvet isn’t fit, Brooke books Velvet’s title rematch for next week. Gail Kim wants her shot, but instead gets a rematch of a different kind, a Ladder Match with Taryn Terrell in Las Vegas.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan wants Brooke to leave, as he doesn’t want Bully Ray getting to her. She says she just wants to do her job, and Hulk says she did it, and needs to go. She reluctantly gets in the car, and leaves the building….

TNA promote their “Always Evolve” app where you can “workout with Jeff Hardy”. Oh damn, I wish I had a phone that could download this app. 😦

AJ Styles enters the ring, and to the surprise of Mike Tenay, he’s gonna talk! AJ says it’s not about Aces or TNA, it’s about becoming the next World Champion. Everyone is looking for a hero, but TNA isn’t a place for a hero. He’s tired of doing the right thing, and is now doing his own thing….

Match 5: Samoa Joe and AJ Styles ends in a 15-minute time limit draw, earning both guys 2pts in the BFG Series

Slow back and forth opening, before AJ catches Joe with a backdrop suplex. Joe replies with a boot to the head, as Joe goes to dive outside onto AJ, AJ shoots back inside, leaps over onto the apron, only for Joe to kick AJ’s legs and trip him. Back from a break, Joe is in control, till AJ strikes with a dropkick, followed by a baseball slide. AJ goes to the top, but Joe dodges an attack, drops AJ and locks in an armbar which AJ gets out of. Joe tries for a MuscleBuster, AJ blocks it, so Joe tries a superplex which again is blocked by AJ landing on Joe’s chest. They trade blows until Joe catches AJ with a beauty of a shot. Joe goes wild with shots, but AJ rolls under the strikes and goes for Calf Killer. Joe turns it into a Coquina Clutch, and AJ gets out by attempting a pin. They trade blows again, but end up running out of time, and the match ends as a time limit draw.

Despite the guys trying to fight on, and the chants of “5 more minutes”, this is over.

Back to the Aces clubhouse, Bully Ray is on the phone to Brooke Hogan, asking where she is, and why she left. He asks her to come back, and ends the call. He says to the other guys that Brooke is coming back, and sends a few Aces to “escort” her on their bikes….

Hulk Hogan is with Chris Sabin, Kenny King and Suicide. He says these guys have a big opportunity, they face off next week, and the winner has the choice of whether to cash the X-Division title in on July 18th against Bully Ray, or remain as X-Division Champion.

Match 6: Jeff Hardy defeats Bobby Roode by pinfall in a time of 6:16 to win 7pts in the BFG Series

Roode tries to attack before the bell, but Hardy gets the upperhand, and throws Roode into the ring where the IT Factor manages to lock in a Crossface. Sadly for Roode, Hardy gets to the ropes to break the hold. Roode with a suplex, before attacking in the corner, and wearing down Hardy. Hardy gets his arm up, then Roode runs into a dropkick, followed by a 2nd rope splash. As Hardy gains momentum, it’s cut short by a Roode spinebuster. Hardy blocks a PayOff attempt, and hits a Twisto, only to miss the Swanton Bomb. Roode locks in a Crossface, Hardy breaks it with a pin attempt. As Roode goes for the Crossface again, Hardy spins out, hits the Twisto once more and ends the match.

(Side note: BFG Series standings: 1. Magnus: 10pts, 2= Mr Anderson, Austin Aries, Daniels and Jeff Hardy: 7pts, 5= Samoa Joe and AJ Styles: 2pts, 7= Joseph Park, Jay Bradley, Hernandez, Kazarian and Bobby Roode: 0pts).

Sting is walking backstage, and is asked if he’s leaving. He says no, as he has some family business to attend

Bully Ray makes his way through the crowd, and asks to “shut it off”. He discusses how the BFG series has begun, and the X-Division title match next week has a title shot too, so 15 guys have a chance to take his title. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep the title, just like what he did to Hulk Hogan and Sting to get the title. He’s making an call out on Open Fight Night, but not to fight….he wants his wife out here. Instead of Brooke, Sting appears. Sting realises it won’t be a lone wolf taking down the Aces, so he went back to “his family”. Bully reminds Sting he’ll never get another title shot, but Sting says he’s just going to get retribution. Bully’s not concerned, as he can call the Aces out anytime, but Sting ignores him and just removes his jacket, tie and shirt. Sting ignores him, so Bully calls for the Aces….but no-one appears. Sting points to the titantron, and we see the Aces laid out. Sting strikes Bully, who gets out the ring and backs off up the ramp. Bully turns, and Kurt Angle takes him down, before forcing Bully to tap on the ramp, as Sting yells at him. Angle lets go, and the 2 Main Event Mafia guys look down on Bully, as the show goes off air….

You know, I really don’t know how to feel as I type my thoughts on this episode. I’m still reeling over that bombshell dropped during the Knockouts promo. I mean, I didn’t see that coming AT ALL. Eric Young…isn’t a woman?!?! Straight out of left field with that surprise, TNA!!! Bastards. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, onto the serious stuff. Bound for Glory series has officially started, and I feel it started off fine with some interesting match-ups. It’s always good to see two of TNA’s finest stars in AJ Styles and Samoa Joe do battle, and this match was enjoyable. Expected AJ to pick up the win, so kinda surprised with the outcome. Pleased in a way though, as I do like both, and I’m fine to see they both start with points. Also enjoyed Kazarian v Magnus and Jay Bradley v Austin Aries, both did well for the time they were given, and Bradley stood up fine against a former World Champion. My only issue with all of this, is that the combined time of the first 4 matches on the night equals less time than what both Hulk (opening) and Brooke Hogan’s (Knockouts address) segments had. With talent like Aries, Daniels, Magnus out there, I’d rather see the guys shine, instead of the egos inflate. With it being opening night of the BFG Series, that should have been given more time. Maybe a short segment backstage for Brooke announcing Mickie/Velvet for next week, and then during next week’s show, another short segment, setting up Gail/Taryn. I’m also a bit unsure on the announcement for Gail/Taryn in Las Vegas. I know it’s a Ladder Match, but did Brooke say anything was on the line? Like a title shot? Has to be something up there, otherwise this match will be like Brooke’s singing career: pointless. As for the Main Event Mafia reveal, kinda mixed on it. Kurt Angle was part of the original line up, so it’s cool to see him back in it. But it seems weird to me, that Sting turns to a guy for help, and it just so happens to be someone Sting was pissed at for not coming to his rescue at Slammiversary (hence the reason the “Mafia” was being brought back into TNA). Intrigued to see who else will make up the faction….

On that note, thanks for taking time to read this column, much appreciated!

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