Sometimes, The WWE Machine is a cruel one. There are those who should be destined for greatness, standing side by side of the modern legends of today and battling it out in compelling matches… But for some reason or another, not only do these marvels of the ring slip under the ropes unnoticed, sometimes because of problems with management, attitude, or drugs. It isn’t a rare story to hear that a wrestler on the main roster with little to no T.V time,
or one in development is given the “Future Endeavored” card. However in some of those cases.. it wasn’t even their fault, they were given a shitty card to work with, and was left high and dry in the rain, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the dumbest name in Wrestling to date. Michael McGillicutty.

No, you can list off all the worst ones from Boogy Man, G.I. Bro, to the sub zero rip off from WcW, The worst still goes to The son of Mr.Perfect. What sets this one apart from all the others is that this one had no rhyme or reason… Here you have Joe Henning, The son of the Late Mr.Perfect, and instead of capitalizing on this, they not only put him with a such a god awful name, but one that has no relative meaning. Looking back at all the stupid, silly, or even childish names in the WWE and WcW, despite how god awful they were, in some way, shape, or form related to the gimmick they were portraying. But to top the icing on the cake, (almost) EVERYONE KNEW WHO HE WAS! So why not capitalize on this.

But that is the WWE Machine for you, and luckily he wasn’t devoured by the beast, and TRUST ME… there was so much falling room for the now newly re-re-recreated Curtis Axel. Let us start with the Fall before we get to the rise.

Things wouldn’t get better for the son of perfection anytime soon. He would go on to lose NXT to… [KAVAL!], Low-Ki, who would quickly leave WWE as soon as he entered. After the botch that was NXT Season 2, McSillyPutty with other wresting generation star, Bray Wyatt, who also had a dumb as shit name (Husky Harris, I mean come on, Was Phillip Phatass already taken?), later joined in the failure group of the 2010/2011, The Nexus.

Despite finally making it to the main roster, he was in a tag team with Bray Wyatt, which wouldn’t have been a bad thing, but after Orton Cunt Punted mr Wyatt in the head, he was left without a tag partner. [But Tim he was partnered with David Otu…] THAT IS RIGHT, WITHOUT A PARTNER. He would do the unthinkable and Win the Tag Team titles by Himself [But he was teamed with Otun] ALL BY HIMSELF, Things were almost rising for the rising star, but after losing the title to Air Boom (Both members who are now currently injured) he would slowly cycle down the drain and finally taken off T.V. after a brief altercation with Jerry Lawler. [He still teamed with Otunga….]

For the Next few years, McSillyPutty would wrestle on NXT, Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam, TNA Impact, Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and other not so watched wrestling shows to slowly fade away into obscurity. It almost seem that his big break was just another broken brass ring and we would never see the Son of prfection to ever grace the ring again….

O.k Quick summery of this train wreck, It was boring and filled to the brim with finishers and was quite possibly the biggest let down match of recent wrestlemanias, we all knew Cena would win, no shock there, but to have both contenders pretty much do finishers only (at least that what it seemed like) was the dumbest booking decision since… well it is wwe, so really it just kinda goes into the pile at this point, but still, Matched sucked, and was anti-climatic, unlike their first. Moral Never run shit into the ground, because sometimes it isn’t always the best fertilizer. Now that we got that you have this question [When will be the next time Tim5000 does a Hail the Villain?], NO not that one, asshats… Why did I bring this up?

Well to get into ring shape for Both CM Punk at the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, and John Cena at Predictamaina 29, The Rock had to get into some serious ring shape. He had the mussels, without a doubt, but still he call himself the great one, if he was gasping for Air like Ryback at a shrimp buffet… So who was there to be there to get ready. Well if you watch the first match, it looks like no one, because the Rock was more winded than Ryback in a connect the dots contest [Seriously Tim, Two Ryback Jokes], but it could have been worse without the skills of the soon to be Curtis Axel. It has been reported by the big ego inflated self-proclaim great one himself that Joe Henning helped him trained, and yes I on a side note I am not much of a Rock fan anymore, part time pussy Full time bitch, YEAH I SAID IT COME AT ME!

So in the end, one thing was good out of the Rock-Punk-Cena Title Triangle, other than, well you know, finally getting rid of that fucking spinner belt. With this he seemed to have a little momentum as a good ring worker, and might get his shot to come on TV again… granted he would be doing mostly all the jobbing, you gotta start back at the bottom to get to the top… however momentum sky rocketed for young soon to be named axel.

Now be honest with me… THAT IS THE MOST FUCKING GENERIC TITANTRON EVER. Not the Music, the Music is badass, but the Video itself is…

The two are comparable… Don’t deny it!

Well the rest is pretty much well know since it happened all of a sudden, but Curtis Axel was picked up by Paul Heyman to be the next great big name, he wins the IC title at Paycheck [Payback] and is currently on a success train, how long it will last, remains to be seen…


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