Hi ramblers, for those of you who have been following us for the last two and a half years,  you would have noticed the major changes and growth we’ve experienced. Without sounding too cocky, I consider Wrestling Rambles to be a big media outlet for pro wrestling content. I say that with confidence because we work hard here providing excellent columns for you. We provide a weekly podcast, columns, Facebook and Twitter coverage and sometimes news. 

What we are looking for:

JOURNALISTS: You must have a vast knowledge of pro wrestling and you must respect the business. We don’t want any bitter smarks writing about stuff they think they know about. We are looking for journalists who can provide creative and original content. We don’t need reviewers. If you like doing list/ranking columns then this is for you. We ask that you can commit to writing once a week and provide at least 600 words per column. You don’t have to have top quality writing skills, as long as you have basic grammar/spelling skills you will be fine. 

MEME CREATOR: We are looking for a meme creator. All you gotta do is grab 6-10 wrestling images from the week and add captions to them and make them a meme. WrestlingRambles.com must be written on the meme somewhere. You can make them as a column. You must be creative and dedicated. We don’t want you to do them one week then not bother the next. 

If you’re interested send us an email to WrestlingRambles@Gmail.com declaring your interest with subject title ”Journalist” or ”Meme Creator”. Thanks for stopping by and we would love for you to be a part of our community so stay in touch!