Welcome to this week’s Insight into Impact article, where I will be discussing the 27th June 2013 episode, as well as giving my views on what occured!

Main Event Mafia’s Sting opens the show saying he told Bully Ray the Mafia was coming for them and would grow, and he had to pick the cornerstone of the original group, Kurt Angle. Angle makes his way to the ring, and discusses how the original group had certain rules on how you got in the group….which is now how Aces and Eights seem to operate. The Aces have screwed them out of title chances, but the Mafia will stick together in 2 goals: destroy Aces and Eights, and make sure Bully Ray loses the title. Tonight, will see a new member of “the family”….

Chris Sabin is making his way through backstage, when D.O.C grabs him and pulls him into a trailer with Mr Anderson and Bully Ray. Bully tells him to relax, he just wants to wish Sabin luck for his match. Also he warns Sabin not to cash in for a World Title shot, as Sabin doesn’t want any part of “this bad person”. The Aces let Sabin go, as Bully feels he made his point.

It’s GutCheck tonight, and we’re shown an in-depth look on Adam Ohriner. You won’t know that name, but it’s Zack Ryder’s buddy, The Big No. Sorry, I mean Big O. Jeez TNA, you are really scraping the barrel on this. Talks about how he took a risk trying out for TNA, and finished top 5 of their GutCheck vote, and now has a chance to show his stuff. Ugggggggh.

Match 1: Suicide defeats Chris Sabin and Kenny King by pinfall in a time of 10:10 to win the X-Division title!

King tries to be smart in the opening of this match, only to receive a dropkick from both Sabin and Suicide. King also mocks Suicide’s “web” hold in the ropes, but the masked man dropkicks King to the outside, followed by diving on King. After a break, Sabin hits his delayed dropkick in the corner to both guys, and then tries a superplex to Suicide, only for King to Powerbomb King causing a mini-tower of terror. Sabin strikes with “Hail Sabin” on King, but Suicide removes Sabin from the ring and tries to take advantage. King tries for the Coronation, but Suicide drops out and rolls him up for a pin, which looked as though the ref only counted 2, and Suicide got his hands on the ropes. Either way, new Champion!

Hulk Hogan appears on ramp with another guy, who he informs the fans is TJ Perkins, a hard-working guy who is, and has been Suicide for years. Except, he got jumped backstage tonight, and someone stole his suit. Hogan wants to know who it is, but the mystery person runs through the crowd, as Sabin looks on.

Backstage with Hulk Hogan, he’s giving “Suicide” till the end of the night to unmask and show the world who he is.

Second GutCheck contestant is Ryan Howe, has a Rockstar gimmick. Talks about his love of wrestling and music, and rolls out the usual “this is my chance” line. He looks familiar, but I can’t think why.

Jeremy Borash introduces both GutCheck contestants for their match. Only mentioning this, as Ryan Howe plays the guitar on his way to the ring, and Taz pops for Van Hammer being back, and looking great. I don’t say this often, but Taz, that was good for you.

Match 2: Adam Ohriner defeats Ryan Howe by pinfall in a time of 2:54

Ohriner throws Howe about, as well as delivering a powerslam. Howe manages to get in a few strikes, as well as a moonsault which Ohriner seemed to be stood too far back and a bit stiff on taking the move. Ohriner shuts down Howe’s momentum with a hard clothesline, and as Howe tries to build steam again, Ohriner catches him with a snap powerslam for the 3 count.

Kurt Angle and Sting head into a “Club Room”, with Sting saying this time round, the Mafia will be better off.

TJ Perkins is backstage, when Bully Ray comes in to see him. Bully says TJ is a hell of a wrestler and has a bright future. He asks if Sting and Kurt Angle put him up to his, but TJ says he doesn’t know what happened. Bully asks again, but TJ says he’s worked hard and had his opportunity took from it, it’s very real. Bully says there’s a lot of headgames going on, and TJ says he has said all he knows, but he doesn’t know who did the attack.

We’re shown a brief video history on Mickie James and Velvet sky, going back to when Mickie first won a shot at Velvet a few months ago, right through to Mickie’s recent turn and attacks on Velvet.

Mickie James and Velvet Sky make their way to the ring for the Knockouts Title match. Mickie mentions how the title changes people….and her being Champion has changed Velvet. Mickie still cares about Velvet, and asks if she still wants to fight. Velvet replies with a spear!

Match 3: Mickie James defeats Velvet Sky by submission in a time of 6:39 to retain the TNA Knockouts Title

Velvet takes the match to Mickie, punches and a russian leg sweep. Mickie gets out the ring to fix her hair, which is a set up as she trips Velvet and begins to work on the left knee. Velvet fights back, and strikes with clotheslines and a bulldog, but can’t get the pin. Mickie gets out the ring once again, but Velvet follows and delivers a headscissors takedown, and then a spear outside. As they get back in, Mickie kicks Velvet’s leg, and hits a DDT for 2. As Mickie tries for another DDT, Velvet breaks out the hold and hits a neckbreaker. Velvet sets up for In Yo Face, but Mickie blocks it, blocks another russian leg sweep attempt, and locks in the new STF/indian deathlock combination submission move forcing Velvet to tap out.

Christy Hemme tries to interview Velvet Sky after the match. The fans chant “You tapped out”, and Velvet cries. She’s heartbroken, and can’t go through with the interview.

Sting and Kurt Angle are backstage, when Bobby Roode walks between them. He stops and smirks, before walking off. Sting and Angle look at each other, and smirk….could Roode be a part of the Mafia?!

Hulk Hogan is backstage with referee Brian Stifler. Hulk asks if Stifler can give him the number of his mother cause she is ho…oh wait, sorry, wrong Stifler. Hulk asks if Stifler noticed anything about the way Suicide moved about. Stifler says the guy moved just like Suicide does. Hogan sends the ref to find this masked fraud, and tell him to unmask or be stripped of the title.

Match 4: Magnus defeats Bobby Roode by pinfall in a time of 6:42 to win 7pts in the BFG Series

Magnus gains the upperhand after their opening exchange, but makes the mistake of following Roode outside. Roode lures Magnus back in and puts the boots to the Brit, before turning the match his way. Magnus blocks and manages to get a few shots in before striking with a back suplex, clothesline and snap suplex. Magnus heads to the top and Roode blocks it, but Magnus fights him off, and hits the flying elbow drop for a close 2 fall! Roode hits a Spinbuster and yells at the camera “What do I have to do??”, before attempting the PayOff. Magnus blocks the hold, and hits the Mag Daddy Driver to pick up a HUGE win over Roode!!

Bully Ray leads a few of the Aces into a locker room, and yell at Chavo Guerrero, Robbie E and Jessie Godderz, asking if they’re Suicide. They all deny it, and say it’s not them. Bully says it would be career suicide if it turns out to be one of those guys, before telling Jessie to lay off the carbs.

James Storm and Gunner are in the ring. Storm says good tag team wrestling is a science. You don’t have to like or get on with your partner, but if you both show up and are good to go, that’s all that matters. They’re interrupted by Robbie E, Jessie Godderz and Tara. Robbie suggests Storm and Gunner are looking at the two toughest guys in the locker room, and Storm made a mistake not choosing him as a partner. Robbie and Jessie are the future of tag teams, the Bro-Mans. Storm jokes he heard it as Bromance. Jessie mentions how it’s not a Bromance and he has a girlfriend, and Storm says Tara is what you call a butterface….before Storm can explain, Jessie goes for Storm, and Gunner lays Jessie out. Bro-mans leave the ring annoyed, as Storm tells them he’s sorry about their damn luck!

Sting and Kurt Angle are asked about the Suicide situation. Sting says everyone wants to know who Suicide is, and who is in the Mafia…Kurt suggests maybe they should go find this mystery man to talk to. Sting likes the idea, and they’re off again.

Match 5: Samoa Joe defeats Mr Anderson by submission in a time of 5:26 to win 10pts in the BFG Series

Joe fires off strikes in the corner, his splash and wheel kick combo. Joe goes to the corner offence once too often, and Anderson drop toe holds him onto the middle turnbuckle. Anderson rams Joe’s back into the apron, and a neckbreaker for 2, but Joe catches Anderson off the 2nd rope with an inverted atomic drop, boot and splash combo. As Joe signals to end it, D.O.C. and Knux rush to the ring. Joe takes his eye off Anderson, allowing the Asshole a chance to hit a DDT for 2. Joe hits a snap slam, and the 2 Aces from the outside are on the ring apron. Sting and Kurt Angle hit the ring and clear the 2 Aces out. Back in the ring, Anderson tries for a Mic Check, Joe blocks it by holding the ropes, before locking in a Coquina Clutch, which Anderson has no choice but to tap out to.

Sting, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe circle the ring, before Sting whispers something to Joe. Joe shakes hands with Sting and Angle, before turning to the camera and doing the Main Event Mafia hand-signal….Samoa Joe is in the family!!

Backstage, Samoa Joe gets his official welcome into the Main Event Mafia, as Sting hands him a suit. Joe tells them, if they’re heading to war to find out who runs this place, count him in.

Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring once more, saying tonight was supposed to be about who would be X-Division champion, going into the July 18th episode against Bully Ray. Hogan calls for Suicide, to find out who it is. Suicide enters the ring, and Hogan mentions how he’s been around long enough to know you take opportunities when you can, but it’s not about cheating to get them like this. He asks Suicide to unmask, and Suicide refuses. Bully Ray heads out, as he wants to know who this guy is too. Sabin had the “fear of Bully” put into him earlier, which is what Bully reckons helped Suicide win tonight. Bully suggests Suicide just walks away. Hogan asks Suicide to unmask once more, and Suicide speaks. Suicide says how in life, we’re given options of doing the easy thing, or the right thing. Suicide says Bully asks if they know who he is, but does Bully know who Suicide is? Suicide is someone who has beaten Bully once before….he’s the man who started option C and cashed in the X-Division title last year to become World Champion….the mask is off and it’s AUSTIN ARIES! Aries says he’s the man who is going to cash in again, and claim the World Title. Hogan and Bully look shocked, as Aries stands with the X-Division title and a wide smile to close the show….

My, my, my…quite a few interesting talking points from this episode! Now, usually I’d say I prefer the live episode over the one that is taped and showed a week later on. This time round though, I enjoyed this one better than last week’s! As usual, I’ll get the negatives out the way. GutCheck is my main bugbear this week, and in particular, Adam Ohriner. During the short match he had, it felt a bit uncomfortable watching, because a few of his shots were coming off stiff, and as mentioned above, he was a bit too far back on taking the moonsault, which made it look a poor move (as well as taking the move like a statue). Having checked though, he’s not even been training 2 years, so it’s no real surprise that he’s still a bit “green”. It does come off as a strange move to put someone on TV for a match, when they haven’t had much experience. Also strange how he came 5th in GutCheck online vote, and has had a chance, yet the winner (who won a GutCheck match on TV) hasn’t been on yet. Onto the positives. I was quite pleased to see Sting and Kurt Angle come out from the start and explain about the Mafia, and how they decide on who joins. A lot of people were discussing online recently how it was only World Champs in the previous group, so it was good to see them appear and say why they picked who they did. Also, I like Samoa Joe being in the faction now. Under-rated guy, deserves better than he’s been getting lately. Glad to see he’s in the main storyline, and wouldn’t complain if he won the BFG Series. Speaking of the BFG Series, really didn’t expect Magnus to beat Bobby Roode….WOW! Very nice surprise, and nice to see they’re not just going with the expected results for these matches. Hope this continues throughout the series. Finally, I have to speak on the Suicide situation. I felt that was done quite well, and loved the mystery throughout the show, as well as Hogan trying to find out who it was. It shows Austin Aries will do anything to get the title back, even being a bit of a git and taking out TJ Perkins to earn the shot. Very intrigued with how they’ll continue this, and how Chris Sabin will fit into it….

As usual, thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it!

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