Hello, and welcome to the Insight into Impact review for the 11th July 2013 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, as I give you the lowdown on the segments and matches, as well as giving my views.

Bully Ray leads the Aces out to the ring for a spot of business. First, Bully warns Chris Sabin not to cash in the X-Division title to face him, as Bully’s a bad bad man. Bully also mentions they’ll be voting in a new Vice-President. Bully then tells the Main Event Mafia, that they say no to the challenge of a fight next week. The Mafia react by appearing on the ramp. Kurt Angle says the challenge is actually a warning, as next week they’ll eliminated the Aces one by one, causing Bully to be alone later that night. Sting says the next guy in their family is a heavy hitter….and you’ll find out later.

Chris Sabin is shown walking through backstage, as Mike Tenay discusses the decision Sabin has to make.

We head to Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme, ahead of a Joker’s Wild Tournament. The 12 guys in the Bound for Glory Series will be drawn out in tag teams and face off in matches tonight. The winning teams will go into a Gauntlet, with the last man standing winning 25pts! The first two teams are Jeff Hardy and Joseph Park, pitted against AJ Styles and Samoa Joe!

Match 1: AJ Styles and Samoa Joe defeat Jeff Hardy and Joseph Park by submission in a time of 4:36

AJ gets the upperhand over Park, so Hardy gets tagged in. Hardy with a front suplex, before Joe tags himself in, and beats Hardy down in the corner. AJ is tagged in, he and Hardy trade blows, before AJ locks the CalfKiller in. Park breaks it up, and Hardy hits the reverse kick. Joe and Park are tagged in, Park knocks down Joe, but AJ gets involved. Back body drop from Park on AJ, before Park splashes Joe in the corner. Joe pushes Park away, AJ hits a springboard elbow to Park, sending Park back into Joe who locks the Coquina Clutch on, forcing Park to tap.

Back to Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme. The next set of teams sees Jay Bradley team with Hernandez to face off against Mr Anderson and Magnus! Oooh, Aces and Mafia teaming together!

Match 2: Magnus and Mr Anderson defeat Jay Bradley and Hernandez by pinfall in a time of 3:55

Bradley and Magnus start, Magnus with a highknee to Bradley before Hernandez is tagged in. Anderson dodges a tag from Magnus, allowing Bradley to blindside Magnus. Bradley and Hernandez use quick tags while working over Magnus. Magnus with a couple of elbows to Bradley’s jaw, and a big boot, before Anderson avoids a tag again. This time, Magnus fires up and fights back against Hernandez and Bradley. As Magnus whips SuperMex into the ropes, Bradley grabs Hernandez’s foot by accident, allowing Magnus to schoolboy pin Hernandez!

Backstage with Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Aries is discussing how his plan backfired last week, and maybe Roode should have been out there to help him. Roode says he has his own problems, like being 0-3 in the BFG Series so far. Bad Influence appear, saying the Joker’s Wild Tag is down to just these 4 guys now, and that it will be Bad Influence vs Dirty Heels once again. They leave, as Aries and Roode agree how much they dislike Bad Influence.

Back to the draw once again with JB and Christy. First out is Daniels, and he’s drawn to partner Ka….nope, Austin Aries! That leaves the last team as Bobby Roode and Kazarian.

Match 3: Kazarian and Bobby Roode defeat Daniels and Austin Aries by pinfall in a time of 9:53

Bad Influence look as if they’re going to start out against each other, instead, they high-five each other. So, Aries tags himself in, and gains the upperhand. This sees Daniels tag in to make sure Kazarian is fine, before Kaz tags Roode in. Roode slams Daniels, causing the Fallen Angel to tag Aries in. Aries starts to turn momentum his way, but Kazarian drops him off the apron, and slams Aries against the apron. Back from a break, Aries with a discus elbow allows for a breather, seeing Daniels and Roode tagged in. Roode with a spinebuster for 2, Daniels blocks a Pay Off and hits an Standing Urange. As Daniels goes for BME, Aries tags in, sets up for the corner dropkick, Kazarian pulls Roode out the way, tags in and dives over the ropes hitting a DDT on Aries. Daniels breaks the count, which Kazarian isn’t happy on. Aries catches Kazarian with the corner dropkick, but as he sets up for a Brainbuster, Daniels tags in, and Kazarian with a small package pin on Daniels gets the 3 count!

Backstage to the Aces clubhouse, Bully Ray says how they’re meeting up with Taz, and need to vote to put an end to this.

Hulk Hogan goes to see Brooke Hogan to talk about the situation. Brooke says she doesn’t want to keep talking on it. Hulk says he knows Bully called her, and she says he did, but she obeyed what her Dad said. She just wants to get on with her job, and be concerned with the ladder match up next. Hulk tells her to take care of all her business.

Bully Ray holds the meeting backstage, saying how it’s been a hell of a year. They got rid of one problem in D’Lo Brown, and now need a Vice President, with Mr Anderson and D.O.C wanting the job. Bully doesn’t vote, and asks round the circle. It’s 3-3, with Knux getting the deciding vote. Knux gives the vote to Mr Anderson, and D.O.C. looks on disgusted. As they all walk off, Knux says it’s not about Anderson, it’s about the club….but D.O.C. still isn’t happy.

The Knockouts Champion, Mickie James makes her way to the ringside area, to see who will be the next #1 contender.

Match 4: Gail Kim defeats Taryn Terrell by grabbing the contract in a Ladder Match in a time of 16:39 to become the new #1 contender for the TNA Knockouts Title

Gail attacks before the bell, but Taryn fires back with clotheslines, before sending Gail to the outside. As Gail gets up on the ramp, Taryn dives between the ropes and spears her! Gail manages to get the upperhand, but as she takes a ladder in, Taryn pushes the ladder into Gail, forcing her into the corner, before dropkicking the ladder against Gail. Taryn tries to climb the ladder, and Gail stops her, before sending Taryn into the side of the ladder. Back from a break, both ladies are on the ladder, battling away, the ladder falls seeing both women hit the top rope. Gail ducks under the ladder, only to have Taryn push the ladder into Gail’s face. Taryn sets up a 2nd ladder from the middle rope to the middle of the ladder, before setting Gail on it….Taryn to the top, but Gail rolls off. Taryn tries to scale the ladder, but Gail pulls her down and locks the figure four leg lock around the rung of the ladder. They both scale the ladder, before Taryn locks Gail in a Guillotine, and pushes Gail down. Taryn can’t get the contract, due to her knee hurting, so instead leaps off the ladder hitting a crossbody. Gail and Taryn fight on the ladder placed across from the ropes, as Taryn tries to hit the Cutter off the ladder, Gail blocks it by pushing Taryn down. Gail tries for Eat Defeat, which Taryn turns into a Dragon Sleeper….but Gail counters it tying Taryn’s hair in the middle rope, and climbing the ladder to get the contract!!

Sting and Kurt Angle are discussing how they’ve picked 2 good men to join them, as Magnus and Samoa Joe are doing so well in the Bound for Glory series, and could be heading it by a distance tonight. Angle asks if Sting has heard from the new member, and ironically, that guy calls Sting at that exact time. Sting leaves to take the call….

Match 5: Magnus wins the BFG Series Jokers Wild Gauntlet by being the last man standing in a time of 16:48 to win 25pts for the BFG Series

Magnus and AJ Styles open the Gauntlet, and spend the opening 2 mins trying to get the upperhand on each other. Magnus tries to eliminate AJ over the top, but fails, as Kazarian is entered into the match. Kaz drops both AJ and Magnus, before trying to eliminate both guys, but he can’t quite do it. As Kazarian tries to throw Magnus out once more, Samoa Joe is the next entrant. The Mafia guys team up to take control over AJ and Kazarian, before AJ tries to eliminate Kaz with a clothesline. Kaz ducks it, sending AJ to the apron, Kazarian rushes at AJ and AJ back drops him to the floor, eliminating the Bad Influence star. Back from a break, we see Mr Anderson has joined, before Bobby Roode joins the action. The 5 guys brawl, while taking it in turns to try to eliminate each other. Roode tries to eliminate AJ, AJ balances on the top rope, and Anderson clotheslines him to the floor, eliminating AJ Styles. Joe charges at Anderson and clotheslines him, but Joe’s momentum means Joe AND Anderson get eliminated.

Now we’re down to the final 2, the match is under rules of a standard singles match. Roode strikes with a spinebuster, and tries for the Crossface, which Magnus turns into a pinfall for 2. Magnus tries for the Cloverleaf, and Roode manages to make it to the ropes. Roode tries to Superplex Magnus, only for Magnus to push him off the ropes. Magnus tries the elbow drop, and misses. Roode tries a Pay Off which gets blocked, Magnus fails with a Mag Daddy Driver, allowing Roode the chance for a pinfall, which Magnus counters, and pins Roode for the 3 count!

Hulk Hogan heads to the ring, and after he kisses up to the crowd, he talks about Destination X, which allows Chris Sabin a chance to cash in the X-Division title for a World Title shot, and brings Sabin out. Hogan says he’s been around some stars, but Sabin is the greatest, brother. Sabin repeats the story about his injuries and thinking it was over. Sabin says all he has left to do, is hand over the title….but those words bring out Bully Ray and the Aces. Bully says to Hogan that he has unfinished business with Brooke, before trying to warn Sabin off facing him again, even saying there is no way a little boy like Sabin could beat him. Sabin tells Bully to shut the hell up, and says Bully must have forgotten how Sabin has beaten him, and is the only guy to kick out of a 3D (which is still bullshit). Sabin says he’s always been the underdog, but he needs just 1 shot to beat Bully, and he will do it next week. Bully warns him not to do it, but Sabin hands the title over. Bully says Sabin has signed his death warrant, and Sabin is fighting his whole family. The Aces move closer to the ring, which brings out the Main Event Mafia. Sting says it will be Sabin v Bully alone, as the Mafia will sort out the Aces, including their newest member, Rampage Jackson!! Jackson appears on the ramp, and Bully doesn’t look happy. The Mafia raise their hands and pose, as the show ends….

Seems the 2nd of the Vegas shows was to help build towards Destination X, and the battle between Chris Sabin and Bully Ray. I’ve gotta say though, despite how they’ve built towards it over the past few weeks, I just don’t feel hyped about the match next week. It just feels like a non-title match to me next week, and I don’t feel as if I’m looking forward to it. Even with all this discussion of the Mafia clearing out the Aces next week to leave it 1 on 1, I just don’t see a title change. Don’t know if it’s just me thinking that? Speaking of the Aces, I know D’Lo Brown was removed as Aces VP a few weeks ago, but have I missed something? I thought he was acting as their bitch now, cleaning their bikes, bringing beers, etc. He’s just kinda disappeared, and I don’t remember the last time he was on screen with the Aces. Not complaining, just putting it out there in case I’ve forgot what happened to him (I’ll put memory loss down to the heat). Their rivals, the Main Event Mafia adding Rampage Jackson, I don’t have any problem with it. I can see what they’re possibly trying to do, add him into their main feud to try and get this on the news sites again. It’s clever, and if it helps a few more eyes look at TNA, it’s done it’s job. I do wonder though, could there be any issues with Jackson and Kurt Angle? Maybe not now, but a bit down the road, to set up the fight between these two that was hinted at when Rampage made his TNA debut a few weeks back. Onto the action itself, I enjoyed the tag matches to set up the Gauntlet later on, especially Kazarian and Bobby Roode vs Daniels and Austin Aries, clever how they worked it. I’m quite surprised they had Magnus collect 25pts from it, I was expecting someone low down the table to get thrust into the top 4 (say, Roode for instance who shockingly has 0pts). Guess that’s Mag Daddy booked into the semi finals. The ladder match had a lot of hype on social media in the build up, and I felt it lived up to it. Great to see the Knockouts given more time to shine, and Taryn’s improving and impressing me. Can see TNA having her be the one to dethrone Queen Mickie from the top of the Knockouts Division later this year (maybe Taryn’s BFG moment?).

As usual, thanks for taking the time to read this, appreciate it!

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