DISCLAIMER: I am not criticizing Rey Mysterio, This is only an article regarding his future.
Rey Mysterio is indeed the best luchadore wrestler WWE has had between 2002 and now. He is packed with all the skills that WWE want. But when ever he enters the ring, I get worried as he has endured several injuries such has knee injury, concussions etc. As he is getting older (38 years old now), His injuries are getting worse. He returned and gone a couple of times because of the injuries. recently Mysterio returned on January 27, 2013, at the Royal Rumble, entering the Royal Rumble at number fourteen but was eliminated by Wade Barrett.

He was then later injured by the returning Mark Henry and he is scheduled to return before August. The thing is that Rey Mysterio is reaching the end of his career and has left many questions. With his retirement, WWE will look for new fresh masked stars.

These wrestlers will also get an opportunity. Currently WWE has signed Samuray Del Sol and Mascarita Dorada which is efficient for WWE. In my personal opinion this should be Rey Mysterio’s one last run with a good storyline.