So there’s not going to be an I’VE GOT TILL 5! today. Sorry guys.

It’s my birthday and although I had a column prepared and a bunch of notes ready for me to write it this morning, I’m being whisked away by my friends and I’ve no idea where I’m going.

You may never see me alive again. 

What I will say before I go though is HOW FUCKING GREAT WAS MONEY IN THE BANK?!

Every match was enjoyable for me. Cena / Henry was my least favourite match but even then I still got really involved with the finishing sequences and enjoyed it. The All Star MitB was by far the best match on the card and everyone looked great.

I’m also very impressed with Cody Rhodes. I’ve been a big fan of his for a while and he had an excellent showing in the WHC MitB match. Also very happy to see Sandow pick up the win.

Sorry there’s not much of a column this week guys, I’ll make it up by having two next week! Banging.