Good afternoon, ramblers! This is our 1000th post here at Wrestling Rambles and it has been quite a ride so far with so much more to come. We are nearly 3 years online and we have witnessed this website grow from nothing to a large respected website. I’m not trying to sound cocky but we have great writers, affiliates and contributors and we work hard for this website so credit where credit is due. 

I wanted to do something special for the 1000th post and to be honest, it wasn’t easy to come up with something. I did, however, come up with an idea. I wanted to include all of our writers in this special post but sadly, not all of them replied to my email I sent out. I understand people have stuff going on and that so I don’t mind but I did want to include everybody because all of them are a part of the website. 

The writers that did reply to my email have been included. I asked in the email to say a few lines about WR. They had the opportunity to say whatever they wanted. To thank their readers, mention their favorite columns etc.. and it was quite intriguing to read what they said. I will stop rambling and let you read what they wrote…. 

From The madman, Tim! HAIL THE VILLAINS

I am not as frequent as I was once, but I was there since the beginning of Wrestling Rambles, and will always be a floating in and out as a writer. But being here from the beginning, I could see where Ray learned from not only his mistakes, but others mistakes as well, and has developed his site to be a soon to be standing pillar of wrestling columns, and I mean that.

My experience here at the Rambles…. Me and J worked together on a failure of a site, that had to much ego and tension involved where if an idea came out, good or bad, it would be looked at as a power move. J was removed from the group, and I have said some not so pleasant things about her, and tried to save what was basically a sinking ship, but decided to dive face first out of the wreckage…

With my part of the site gone, and a simple request of continue to work on the site (That I paid for) up until I get my money in returned not only shot down, but lied about, the opposing party said I would sue for 50 bucks, I grew tired of being part of wrestling communities and just wanted to watch the show. It was in this brief period that Ray emailed me with an offer to be a guest writer on his site, he saw my work and would loved for me to post my opinions about the product, not for how good they were, but how outspoken I was, it was more of a great idea to have a different opinion, to mesh in with all the other articles.

I said just this once…. at least 12 times, and then the story changes to where I tell him I will be more frequent, but I show up just as much as the Undertaker does these days. However the site has always pushed forward and has always welcomed my articles so I don’t plan on leaving anywhere anyways.

Some of my favorite articles, as egotistical and selfish this may and will seem… it has to be my own. 2 of them. The first one being Why the WWE doesn’t have faith with the Miz. To me, if it wasn’t for that article, I wouldn’t be here, Ray would just have wanted me for podcast work, and I was done with that shit. It is also my what if article. It is the one I always think about continuing if I had the time to write more. I made a sequel to it, and always teased the idea of a part 3… which can be done, but that just requires some time.

Another one would be my Wrestlemania 28 review with J. While we did bury our past before this, it just seemed nice to work with her again, giving two different views of an event. It was more a personal best for me, over being my best.

I See Wrestling Rambles to continue to push forward, and I will continue to lie, I MEAN TRY, to be a more frequent writer, congrats on your 1000 Rambles and rants, and may there be many many more… and Remember, HAIL THE VILLAINS! [Tim you didn’t even make a part 3 to hail the villains stop saying that] NO!.

From George, who writes from across the pond!

I can’t even remember how I stumbled across Rambles to be honest, but I really enjoy writing here. There’s debate, banter and most importantly, it’s an enjoyable place to write. So much so that I’ve actually stopped writing mostly elsewhere to make my stuff exclusive to Rambles. Initially, I kicked off reviewing WWE PPVs and it was a laugh, but I’m glad I’m not doing that anymore. I was up til 7am writing reviews and it arsed up my week! Haha.. I’m probably most proud of the Macho Man column I posted in May, as well as the monster columns reviewing WWE’s year in 2012 and the 1st ever FATP Awards. You should do yourselves a favour and check them out. Thanks to everyone who’s read/commented on FATP and shared it on FB/Twitter. It’s mind-blowing that people read something that an angry, bitter, aggressive Scotsman writes every week. Cheers!

From Tony Kegger, the internet’s best wrestling match critic!

My debut at Wrestling Rambles was a review of the first Smackdown after WrestleMania 28 in April 2012. I wasn’t hard for me to think of my favorite column I have written for Wrestling Rambles. Last summer, I went to a Wizard World convention because CM Punk was there. I attended his Q&A session and reported the highlights of it to Wrestling Rambles because I thought it would be an interesting read. The column I wrote started getting shared by other wrestling sites and a day or two after it was posted, every major wrestling website that I frequently visit was posting the link to the column and mentioning Wrestling Rambles. I have been writing as a journalist since 2005 and I consider that to my greatest journalism achievement. I want to thank any reader who read one of my columns and thank Ray for giving me an opportunity to write for this great wrestling website.

From Emma, WR’s second ever writer!

I started writing for Wrestling Rambles in April of 2011 when there were other unofficial names for the site. I remember trying hard to figure everything out. I remember the staff chats where we discussed ideas. However it has become a lot more now. And that is all because of the hard work of all the current staff. And our loyal readers of course. So thank you very much to everyone! 

From James, our loyal Impact reviewer, the only one we’ve ever had!

Being a part of the Wrestling Rambles team this past 18 months has been quite a blast! I’ve got to know some pretty cool wrestling fans thanks to this site, and had many enjoyable conversations about wrestling (which is what I hoped for when I agreed to write a column or two). I’ve seen the site grow a lot too, which has been awesome to see. More writers, more articles, more chat, all adding to a good and fun community. Long may this continue, especially with more “FATP Rants” please! To those who have read my rambling columns or comments, thanks for taking the time to read (and comment), and also thanks to Ray for bringing me into what has been a fun venture! Here’s to the next 1000 (and more) posts!

From Eddie Burke, one of our newest writers! 

I only joined Wrestling Rambles just a few weeks ago, but already I can see that it’s a great community. With this site I get to write to a larger audience and also express my views with some really good writers.
To those of you that bother to read my gibberish – thank you.
After reading some of those comments I must say I am baffled. WR started with a simple idea that evolved into a respected website. We have somewhat build a network of wrestling fans and websites. We are partners with WrestleChat.Net, our columns are featured via an RSS feed on their sidebar and we are mentioned on every single episode of RingRustRadio, WrestlingHeads radio, MFX Podcast and our longest running affiliates The Top Rope podcast. We have had writers from America, Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and many more countries. We have been read in over 150 countries and average around 50,000 unique viewers every single month. 

We interviewed a couple of wrestlers including: 

Goldust –

It amazes me that something that was once so small can make an impact and it’s heartwarming that WR means so much to a lot of people. Reading those messages from staff means so much to me and that has motivated me to continue running WR. I thank everybody who has been a part of this journey. We have some writers who have been writing consistently for 2 years, that is not an easy thing to do. I wanna give a special public thank you to Jordan and Kip Smithers. Anytime I have been away on a trip to see Man United play or away on vacation, J has always been there to look after the site so I just wanted to let her now it’s appreciated so much. However, I would like you to write more, J! Kip  has been with us pretty much since the beginning and has written once for us but my gawd, he manages to comment on every single column without fail! Check out his only column on why he watches wrestling – Also I want to thank Clare who has made so many banners for us including most of the ones featured in this column!

I also want to thank the readers, there is a lot of you out there and I wish some of you would come out and comment more. I know the comment system is a little frustrating but it is simple to use once you get use to it. You do not need an email to comment, if you have twitter or Facebook you can use those accounts to comment and of course via your WordPress account. So come out and let us know your thoughts. The more ramblers the merrier! 

Thanks again everybody and here’s to another 1000 posts and much more! We are only getting started and you have seen nothing yet. I promise you that. Happy rambling!