Hello, and welcome to another edition of I GOT TILL 5! The (allegedly) weekly wrestling column that has more gimmicks than Mick Foley. So, about 4. I don’t know I’m really tired. SHUT UP.

This week I shall be looking at the two Money in the Bank winners and give my thoughts on where they will be going and if they will achieve success, and what they could do for others. I promised you two columns this week because I skipped out on last weeks, so expect the second part of this column tomorrow!


Firstly, Congratulations to this very website! We have just reached out 1000th post and although I was unable to write a small piece in the post itself, I would like to quickly state that this is a fantastic website and an absolute joy to write for. I’ve only been here a little under two months but it’s the first place thats allowed me to really spread my wrestling passion in my otherwise useless opinions, so thank you. Ray does an excellent job with the website, and I still say that we should all of us writers and you lovely followers should go to the next TNA/WWE UK event together. It’d be a blast – I often go to these shows alone because no one else wants to be my friend finds themselves comfortable going to a show live and interacting with the talent, which is a shame.

Also, apologies for not having a column last week. My birthday was a bloody good success however, and I met a Daniel Bryan fan who appreciated my YES!-ing at the bar. It was wonderful.

With that done, onto the column itself!

Money in the Bank 2013 was a great PPV. I expected the two ladder matches to be typically phenomenal, and was pleasantly surprised by every other match on the card. I found myself enjoying each and every one for different reasons and didn’t get the fatigue that usually comes with having to stay up until 4am. It was a very entertaining show that had a lot of surprises.

We’ll kick off with the blue briefcase. The opportunity to cash in for a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity.


Damien Sandow picked up the win after throwing his best friend Cody Rhodes off the ladder and grabbing the briefcase. This outcome was something I hadn’t seen a lot of people predicting, and was one that I hadn’t given a second thought too. I think the inclusion of Dean Ambrose in the match made everybody think he was going to get the nod, but truth be told this was one of the most unpredictable ladder matches in terms of whose going to win. And it was fucking brilliant.

It was exciting to watch everyone reach for the briefcase and have an opportunity to win. Whilst I was a little concerned that the all heel match would make the fans less interested, it gave them an opportunity to find one wrestler to really root for and get behind – a fucking genius move by the WWE, in my opinion. Cody Rhodes was the definite star of this match. My friends I watched it with were unfamiliar with him and cheered him throughout the match. He really got the chance to show off what he could do and seemed almost destined (sorry Del Rio) to win the briefcase.

Almost on point, my friend asked me “Wheres the guy with the massive beard gone?”

The bump Cody took was brutal as he was flung from the ladder. It wasn’t a simple push from the ladder, Sandow THREW him off with passion and vigour. It really helped cement him as a heartless bastard who would do anything to win. Ruin the opportunity for his best friend who had worked harder than he ever had in his life just to win this match. It was a great way to show Sandow as a true heel, selfish and aggressive and an absolute bastard. And poor Cody got SCREWED out of his title shot. Instant face turn for Cody, who in my opinion really needed something to help freshen up his character, ever since he lost his mask he’s been a bit directionless.

So what does this mean for Damien’s future?

I don’t see him cashing in on Alberto Del Rio. I’m not really sure who I can see him cashing in against … except for Cody Rhodes. Say Cody wins the World Title after becoming the number one contender and everything is wonderful for the new champion, until an attack by Sandow and an instant cash in causes him to lose the belt. Feud instantly reignited, this time with much more purpose and passion, and they can have a good, long healthy fight for the world title. Thats what I’d like to see anyway.

I can also see Cody costing Damien Sandow his cash in opportunity. It won’t be the first time someone has cashed in and lost, and it would make sense storyline wise with Damien screwing Cody out of the briefcase so Cody screws him out the title, but it’s not one I think the audience would be most happy with.

I think we can all agree that Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are going to rise to the top of the ladder together. They are both tremendous athletes who have had to wait to find their moment and capitalise upon it. The less said about Michelle McCool’s “Teachers Pets” the better, and I don’t even want to think about Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly being BFF’s.

The future of the two young Smackdown competitors is very exciting. I can definitely see one of them becoming World Heavyweight Champion in the near future. I would love to see both of them hold that title at some point in their careers.

Until tomorrow, you lovely people. This is me done for the day.