Welcome to this week’s TNA Insight into Impact article, discussing the August 1st 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling, as well as posting my views on the matches and segments that took part on the show.

As the previous Spike TV show goes off and the credits are rolling, we see in a split screen Taz is trying to enter the building, but security won’t let him in due to Hulk Hogan giving strict orders to not allow Taz in. Taz runs a mini recap as the show officially begins, and Taz is pissed that he won’t be let in, and says the security guys will be done. You’re not the only one pissed Taz, means we’re stuck with Jeremy Borash for commentary….

After a look back at last week’s events, and a rundown of tonight’s matches, Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash discuss the August 1st warning, before the latest video is shown. The guy just says how he is here, and his arrival will shock, and people have been warned…

Austin Aries heads to the ring and grabs a mic. He mentions how everything in TNA is revolving round the World Title, especially the BFG Series which he plans on winning. Tonight, the fans get what they want to see, as he’ll be taking on AJ Styles, a match of two of the best stepping in the ring against each other. Aries says it’s the guy who put TNA on his back for a decade in AJ, against the guy who will carry TNA for the next decade in Aries. Well, Bobby Roode interrupts, and says instead of talking about dream matches and dreams, time to talk about nightmares. Since he lost the World Title to Aries, Roode’s had an awful time, and people have forgot what he can do….but starting tonight, Roode will go back to doing what he did before, by proving it pays to be Roode. Aries says he hopes Roode gets his mojo back and gets to the BFG Series final, so Aries can beat him again. As Aries leaves, Hernandez appears, so we’re getting into the opening match.

Match 1: Bobby Roode defeats Hernandez by pinfall in a time of 9:40 to win 7pts for the BFG Series

The match begins before the bell when Roode attacks as Hernandez is making his entrance, and then instantly we go to a break. Back from the break, Roode controls the match with a spinebuster, throws Hernandez about outside, and a clothesline in the corner back in. Hernandez blocks a superplex, and tries a flying shouldertackle which Roode dodges and tries the Crossface, only for Hernandez to break it by standing and hitting a sidewalk slam. Hernandez knocks Roode around the ring, before hitting Air Mexico. Hernandez tries for the Border Toss, Roode drops out and bumps the ref, before a low blow to SuperMex, which only gets a 2 count. Roode goes outside and throws in 2 chairs, before trying to bring a 3rd in. Brian Hebner blocks this, and while the ref is clearing the ring, Roode grabs a beer bottle from under the ring, smashes it over Hernandez’s head and steals a win!

Main Event Mafia are walking backstage, and they’re asked if they have anything to do with August 1 warning, which Sting replies we’ll see. They’re asked about the Aces, and Kurt Angle says they’ll make an offer the Aces can’t refuse….another beer, perhaps? (Too soon?).

Eric Young and ODB are in a corridor, and ODB is looking forward to being back in the ring against Gail Kim tonight. EY says he’d love to be there for her, but has work to do….and opens the door to show Joseph Park bent forward. Park mentions how he has a match tonight, and EY says he’s done research, and notices how Park loses his mind when he bleeds, so EY has got something for Park to wear to help him out tonight….

Chris Sabin goes in to see Manik, and congratulates him on winning the X-Division title, as he knows what an honour it is. Manik says how 15 years of being TJ Perkins bought him nothing, but putting on the mask and getting a new identity bought him the title. Sabin says it’s why he wants his 1st match to be against Manik, and Manik better bring his best.

A white hummer is shown driving up to the building, as the commentary team discuss this being the guy behind August 1 Warning.

Jay Bradley gives his comments on the BFG Series, saying people are overlooking him, as he has 0pts, but a few BoomSticks will bring points his way.

Match 2: Joseph Park defeats Jay Bradley by pinfall in a time of 4:24 to win 7pts for the BFG Series

Eric Young hands Park protective headgear to help him. Bradley slams Park’s head off the turnbuckle repeatedly which does nothing, before a clothesline from Bradley for a 2 count. Bradley misses a big boot, but catches Park at the 2nd attempt. Bradley with a knee to the back of the head, but Park responds with clotheslines and a slam. Park takes too much time going to the 2nd rope, so Bradley pulls him from the ropes, which allows Park to drop him and lock in a Boston Crab, which Bradley breaks by getting to the ropes. As Park questions the ref, Bradley drops Park, and removes the headgear, before trying for a BoomStick, but Park quickly hits a Samoan Drop and gets the 3 count!

Main Event Mafia hold a meeting, and Kurt Angle asks if anyone knows who is behind the August 1 warning, which no one has an idea. Sting then says the meeting was called, because they’ve got the title from Bully Ray, but now need to get rid of the Aces. Sting asks if they’re all in, and after they all say yes, Angle repeats they’ll make the Aces an offer they can’t refuse.

Match 3: Chris Sabin defeats Manik by pinfall in a time 11:55

The match opens with a series of counters from both guys, before a standoff. Back from a break, Manik with a headscissors takedown, before trying to stand on his head on the top turnbuckle, which Sabin responds by throwing Manik to the outside. Back inside, Sabin tries to wear Manik down, but Manik breaks out of a submission, drops Sabin with another headscissors, before a 2 different springboard dropkicks for a 2 count. Sabin tries to kick Manik, but Manik blocks it, and slides under Sabin before hitting a powerbomb for 2 yet again. Manik tries to head to the top, but Sabin blocks it, and delivers a delayed superplex. As the crowd get behind Sabin, both guys trade blows, Manik hits the ropes and runs into a boot from Sabin. As Sabin tries for Hail Sabin, Manik blocks it, and tries for his finisher, which Sabin rolls through for a 2 count. Sabin catches Manik with a running Cutter, Superkick and follows it with Hail Sabin to end this bout!

As Sabin celebrates his win, Bully Ray rushes in and attacks with his chain. He beats down Sabin, while yelling Sabin should have handed the belt back. Manik tries to help, but Bully swings the chain at him. Sabin is up and fires strikes at Bully, before an enziguri sends Bully to the ramp. Bully heads back up the ramp, as he and Sabin exchange words.

We’re shown the White Hummer once again, when Taz appears in shot, and says they should be filming him instead. Taz then says he’ll show everyone what this warning is all about….but as he opens the door to the hummer, all we see is a laptop showing the August 1 Warning video from earlier in the show.

Bad Influence are asked about their match against each other next week. Daniels says TNA have been trying to cause issues between them, and thanks to the fans, they’re gonna face each other. Kaz mentions how no one wants to see certain comic book heroes face each other, and no one wants to see these two fight. Daniels mentions how he’s undefeated and poor Francois is 0-3 so far, which Kazarian doesn’t like. Kaz warns Daniels not to be like this with him, and Daniels says he hopes Kaz doesn’t expect free points. Kaz says he isn’t expecting a handout, and Daniels better be at his best, before Kazarian throws Daniels’ appletini away and walks off….

Match 4: Gail Kim and ODB fight to a double countout in a time of 6:11

Gail tries to push ODB down, but ODB hits with a spear, as Gail is on the ramp, ODB splashes her against the ropes. ODB tries to throw Gail back in, Gail drops behind ODB, tries a boot which ODB dodges, clubs at Gail before throwing her inside. Gail catches ODB with a clothesline, and tries to choke ODB in the corner, before a running dropkick from Gail for a 2 count. Gail continues to hold the upperhand, and tries to pin ODB but ODB kicks out. ODB dodges a corner splash, and begins to fight back with clotheslines and kicks, before a fallaway slam and then running powerslam to Gail. ODB charges at Gail, Gail tries to get her feet up, but ODB throws Gail outside. Gail drops ODB and tries for the figure four lock round the ringpost, which ODB blocks by knocking Gail into the ringpost. ODB follows Gail outside, and they brawl around the ringside, as the ref counts to 10.

Despite the bell, both ladies continue fighting until referees break them up.

Backstage to AJ Styles who says his match with Austin Aries isn’t quite a dream match, and he’s no longer the wide-eyed kid he used to be. TNA is no place for dreams, just like heroes, and tonight he’ll become Austin Aries’s nightmare.

Bully Ray is talking to the Aces, and mentions the Main Event Mafia have watched the Godfather too much. But he’s not too concerned, his issue is with getting in the cage with Chris Sabin and getting his belt back. He tells Mr Anderson to go deal with the Mafia, before walking off…and straight into Brooke Hogan. Brooke says she was looking for him, saying she’s heard about the contract for his match with Sabin….and Bully won’t like what’s in it. Bully asks what’s in the contract, and she won’t say, but it will make her happy.

We’re shown next week’s line up, which features Bound for Glory Series matchups of Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy, Kazarian vs Daniels and Mr Anderson vs Magnus.

Match 5: Austin Aries defeats AJ Styles by pinfall in a time of 18:12 to win 7pts for the BFG Series

After the initial feeling out process and counters to start the match, AJ tries for the CalfKiller, Aries blocks and tries for the Last Chancery which is also blocked. AJ sends Aries to the outside and tries a baseball slide which Aries dodges, sends AJ into the ring apron before rushing to the top rope and hitting a forearm smash. As Aries tries to go to the top again, AJ knocks Aries to the outside, and slingshots over onto Aries as we head to a break. Back from a break, AJ catches Aries with a dropkick, followed by a dragon suplex. AJ rushes at Aries in the corner, and Aries blocks him with an elbow, followed by strikes to the head, but as Aries goes for a Brainbuster, AJ blocks it, and Aries tries a backslide pin for 2 and a neckbreaker on the ropes. Aries heads to the top and hits the missile dropkick, followed by the corner dropkick….but Aries can’t hit the Brainbuster as AJ blocks it using the ropes. Aries tries a Superplex which AJ fights off by flipping over the top of Aries and delivering a neckbreaker off the ropes! AJ tries a springboard 450 and misses, Aries drills AJ with knee strikes before trying the Last Chancery, but can’t lock it in properly. As Aries tries to lock it in again, AJ rolls through with the CalfKiller, but Aries turns and grabs AJ, breaks the hold and hits a Brainbuster for 1…2….kick out! Aries is surprised, but tries for a 450 of his own, AJ gets the knees up and knocks Aries outside, but as AJ tries to spring off the ropes, Aries drops him on the ropes. Aries tries a Brainbuster on the ramp, and AJ blocks it, and delivers a front suplex. AJ tries a Styles Clash on the ramp, and Aries counters by lifting Styles over him to the floor, shoots inside and tries the Suicide dive, but AJ counters that and sends Aries into the stairs!! Back inside, they trade blows, AJ with flurry of blows, Aries with a back suplex, but AJ is back up quick and hits a Pele Kick sending them both to the mat, and as they lay their with a hand on each other, the ref counts….just before he gets to 3, Aries lifts his arm up meaning he picks up a win over AJ!

Main Event Mafia finally make their way out to the ring. Sting mentions they’re halfway into their objectives, and one way or another, they’ll get the fight with the Aces they want. The Aces have heard enough, and head onto the ramp, saying that the Mafia cheat, which is why Chris Sabin is Champion. The Aces can fight as dirty as the Mafia, and they’re not backing down. Kurt Angle says there will be serious consquences, and suggests an Aces vs Mafia 5 vs 5 match at Hardcore Justice. Whoever gets pinned in that match, leaves TNA. Samoa Joe says this isn’t a negotiation, and that starts a brawl, which ends quickly when the Mafia clear the ring. Anderson grabs a mic and says if the Mafia want it, they got it, and they accept. As both factions stare off, the lights go out….and Tito Ortiz appears on the ramp to such a HUGE reaction, that you could hear flies farting. Ortiz folds his arms on the ramp, as the Mafia look surprised and Anderson scratches himself, and we go off air…..

OK, so I was already prepared for this August 1 warning stuff to be a letdown, I mean, this is TNA after all, and their surprises are usually poor. I didn’t expect it to be this bad though. The way it played out was just awful, from the lack of crowd reaction (from the look on most faces in the crowd, I don’t think many knew who it was), the reaction of the factions (apart from Anderson’s) and just the poor way the commentators tried to put it over (for about 5 seconds before joining the silence), it was a shit way to end the show. I’m not sure why TNA have took him on, or what direction they will go with him, but it’s just feeling like an advert for Bellator. Something that I don’t think TNA will get any benefit from. Here’s the thing, cut that segment out, and this show would have been talked about more positive. Instead of talking about the matches of Manik vs Chris Sabin and Austin Aries vs AJ Styles being great, people are taking the piss (and rightly so) for Tito. Moving away from that, the 5 vs 5 Aces vs Mafia match will only be good if it means we can get rid of Bischoff or Brisco…..hey, I can dream! As already mentioned, I really enjoyed the Aries vs Styles match up, felt they did a good job and the match lived up to what I expected. Well, apart from the ending, was a bit confusing. Would like to see them battle again at some point, maybe even the final of the BFG Series. Manik vs Sabin felt like a good X-Division battle, liked the way Sabin ending it with a combo. Glad to see Bobby Roode finally get off the mark in the BFG Series, and it would be good to see him go on a run of wins now, doing whatever it takes to get the points. ODB vs Gail was enjoyable, and seeing as no one actually got the win, I say let them battle again, and sod it, go No DQ! Finally, come on, how can you not allow Taz to do commentary?! The guy has been bloody awesome lately, coming out with some funny stuff. Shame on you Hulkster, this is worse than allowing your daught…okay, not quite, but you get my point. It’s shocking! BRING BACK TAZ!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, appreciate it as always!

James of @TheTopRope

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