MFX56 – Tales from the Emergency Room.

Hello Ramblers, Duckman here.  Thanks to Ray being an awesome dude (like you didn’t already know that) he’s allowing me to post the Marks for Xcellence Wrestling Podcast (MFX) here.  This is a NSFW show that talks the big news of the week and reviews RAW and IMPACT in a comedic fashion.  Hope you guys enjoy the show.  It’s long, but worth every second!

You know how last week everyone freaked out because MFX was up a day early? Check us out, we’re posting on TUESDAY this week! That’s right, TUESDAY!

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in life and professional wrestling in a fashion that’s so comedic, it’ll render all other jokes obsolete.

They kick the show off this week with talk about Sir Ian’s trip to the emergency room with kidney stones. Duckman joins the medical kick as he talks about his trip to the osteopath to cure his bad back. They talk your feedback, emails and some of the big stories in the world of wrestling including Randy Orton being attacked by a fan, Kurt Angle’s DUI and the big reveal on IMPACT this week.

Then it’s on to the IMPACT review. This was a newsworthy and controversial episode of IMPACT and we hold nothing back. This is a really fun review, which always descends into chaos, mayhem and jokes about Garrett Bischoff.

They wrap the show up with the RAW review. So it’s more greatness from CM Punk and Brock Lesnar, a weird but effective promo by John Cena and that was really about it. So MFX fill the time with the usual Ryback and Nee Nor tomfoolery. The HHH/Brad Maddox/Gameboy saga continues. There’s some reality TV stars to make fun and a ton more.

Sir Ian was really ill this week and he manned up to record MFX, so be sure to send him your best wishes and laugh along as MFX tear up the week in WWE and TNA in the only way they know how.

Thanks for listening and be sure to get involved in next week’s show through all the usual channels.

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Goodbye Doc – Sir Ian Trumps
Don’t Believe The Hype – Public Enemy