Welcome to this week’s Insight into Impact article, where I will be bringing you the match results, promos and segments from the 8th August 2013 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, as well as giving you my views on the show.

With the previous Spike TV show going off air, we see Taz, Mr Anderson and Bully Ray have Mike Tenay backstage. Taz mentions how the show went on without him, but this week, it’s Tenay getting the night off, and Taz will show JB what it’s like to be a real announcer. Taz and Anderson walk off, before Bully points for Tenay to leave….

After we lookback at last week’s highlights (and Tito Ortiz), Bully Ray, Mr Anderson and Taz come to the ring. Taz abuses Jeremy Borash and says this is his desk and his show. Bully sends a warning to Ortiz to stay out of his way. Bully has also found out he’ll be teaming with Devon to face Chris Sabin and a mystery Main Event Mafia member, before calling for Sabin to sign whatever contract they need to, and the World Champion appears. Bully says the title doesn’t like good on Sabin, and Sabin is scared. Sabin says looks can be deceiving, and mentions how Bully deceived everyone with the Aces stuff. Sabin says no-one felt he could beat Bully, and it wasn’t him who brought the hammer into their match, but Sabin just gave Bully a taste of his own medicine. Bully calls for Hogan to bring the contract, but rather than Hulk appearing, it’s Brooke. She says her Dad is out of town (YES!!!!), as he has been reviewing Bully’s contract. Apparently, because of Bully’s lawsuit threat, they’re holding him to every contract he’s signed….and he missed something in the Destination X one. If he loses his rematch, he gets no more World Title shots again. Bully says it’s crap and he won’t be bullied about, which Brooke replies by asking if Bully is going to let the whole world know he’s all talk and no action. Bully signs on because of that, and Sabin signs too, making the match official.

Match 1: Jeff Hardy defeats Samoa Joe by pinfall in a time of 11:54 to win 7pts for the BFG Series

After Joe goes on the attack in the corner, Hardy responds with a headscissors takedown, knocks Joe to the outside and hits a flying clothesline off the apron. Back inside, Joe gets the upperhand and hits the standing enziguri in the corner which sees Hardy drop outside, before a suicide dive from Joe. Back from a brief break, Joe tries wearing Hardy down, and tries for a headlock, a STF and the Rings of Saturn but Hardy won’t tap out. Hardy fights back with clotheslines, inverted atomic, dropkick and leg drop combo for a 2 count. Joe runs into an elbow before the Whisper in the Wind, but as Hardy rushes Joe in the corner, Joe hits the STJoe. The end is signalled for, and when Joe tries a Muscle Buster, Hardy drops out of it, Joe turns it into a Coquina Clutch. Mr Anderson stands up at the announcers table and Joe takes his eye off the match for a second, allowing Hardy to hit a jawbreaker and pin Joe….weak.

Daniels is interviewed about his friendship with Kazarian. Daniels says their friendship is under tension right now. The BFG Series has caused this, and now isn’t Francois’s time, but time of the Fallen Angel, and Daniels will make him realise that tonight.

Match 2: Mr Anderson defeats Magnus by disqualification in a time of 6:35 to win 3pts for the BFG Series (Magnus also loses 10pts)

Magnus with a couple of boots, before lifting Anderson over the top to the outside. They brawl around the ring, and Anderson sends Magnus against the ring apron, before taking control once back inside. Anderson works over the arm Magnus hurt on the side of the ring, before Magnus ducks a clothesline and hits a back suplex. Magnus builds up momentum, and goes for the top rope elbow, only for Anderson to roll out the way. As Anderson sets up for the Mic Check, Bobby Roode appears with a chair, and lays out Anderson. The referee looks shocked, as Roode taps Magnus on the shoulder and walks off up the ramp. The referee calls for the bell, as Roode looks pleased with his actions.

Bobby Roode is asked backstage about what he just did, and he said it’s just a continuation of what he started last week. He’s showing how selfish he can be, even if it means costing the leader of the BFG Series 10pts. He says there is more to come…

As Brian Hebner is asked about the tough call, Magnus appears. He says he understands the call, tough calls happen in all sport. Magnus plans on regaining those 10pts.

We cut to Robbie E and Jesse, discussing their BMC (Bro-Mans Code). Tara was kicked to the kerb because it’s Bro-Mans before Romance. Mickie James appears, and says she needs them to focus, and she needs them to take care of James Storm and Gunner, so she can take care of ODB, which she’s already part won by being Champion.

Sting and Kurt Angle go to see Chris Sabin, and to see him about the main event. Sabin thanks them for watching his back recently, before saying he needs a partner. He has a plan, but needs the trust of the Mafia. Angle and Sting trust him, and begin to discuss in private.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring, and welcomes Tito Ortiz to the ring. Ortiz says he knows JB and the “million of fans” have questions. He can’t say much, but can say 1 thing. Before he says it, Kurt Angle interrupts. Angle knows who he is, and respects Tito, but this is Kurt’s world and Kurt’s ring. He’s earned the right to be called the greatest wrestler alive. Kurt will respect Tito’s space, but Tito better respect his space. Bully Ray makes his way out, he doesn’t respect either one of them, in fact he’s sure he could make Tito tap out right now. He will smack Tito in his stupid face if he gets in his way. Bully is done and leaves, before Angle shakes hands with Ortiz and also leaves.

Match 3: James Storm, Gunner and ODB defeat Bro-Mans and Mickie James by pinfall in a time of 4:17

Storm throws Robbie E about, before hitting a neckreaker. ODB gets goading into trying to get in, and while the ref stops her, Jesse hits Storm, turning the match Robbie’s way. Jesse beats Storm down in the corner, before Robbie is back in and Storm hits a BackCracker. Gunner is tagged in and he clears house, before a backbreaker hit on Robbie. Mickie leaps on Gunner’s back, before ODB drops Mickie to the outside. Gunner tries a GunRack on Robbie, Jesse blocks it and tries to set up for a double team move, but Storm hits the Last Call to Jesse. Gunner and Storm then hit their double team powerslam/neckbreaker combo to win.

As the winning team celebrate, Gail Kim rushes down to attack ODB. The ref removes Gail from the ring, allowing Mickie James to attack from behind.

Kazarian is asked for final words ahead of his match with Daniels. He says people keep saying “poor Frankie”, but tonight he’ll remind people why he’s a 5 time X-Division Champion, and show why Daniels and the fans fell in love with Kazarian.

Bully Ray is speaking with Devon saying he can’t believe that Chris Sabin is making them wait to see who his partner is. They disagree on the amount of times they’ve been Tag Champions, before Bully says he’ll beat respect out of Sabin, and Devon will show why someone in the Mafia is going home next week.

Match 4: Daniels and Kazarian fight to a double countout in a time of 4:03

Daniels with a couple of early armdrags into armbars, Kaz breaks out and goes for a headlock of his own, then a schoolboy pin for 2. A couple of kick pin attempts by both guys, followed by reversals, Kaz knocks Daniels down with a shoulderbarge. That doesn’t impress Daniels, and they’re face to face, Kaz pushes Daniels down before they circle the ring….then exit the ring at the same time for a double countout, meaning they BOTH get 2pts.

As Bad Influence celebrate on the ramp, Bobby Roode re-appears with the steel chair. He drops it, and enters the ring, followed by Daniels and Kazarian. Roode says everyone has been talking about the Aces and Eights, the Main Event Mafia, and Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson. But people have been forgetting himself, Daniels and Kazarian. They are 25% of the BFG Series, and a new force that will change the landscape, and guarantee a new World Champion at Bound for Glory.

Tito Ortiz is shown leaving, but before he does, he says he doesn’t have many answers, but next week, his hands will be all over.

Team 3D make their way to the ring for the main event, before World Champion Chris Sabin appears on the ramp. He introduces Sting, and they both walk to the ramp….which allows Kurt Angle to sneak attack from behind, showing he’s the mystery partner.

Match 5: Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle defeat Bully Ray and Devon by pinfall in a time of 17:19

Sabin and Angle take early charge, before irish whipping Bully Ray and Devon into each other. Angle and Sabin with quick tags while working over the arm of Bully Ray. Angle and Devon exchange words, allowing Bully to chop block Angle’s knee, and tag Devon in. Angle rushes out the corner and hits a clothesline, before Sabin is back in, but Devon blocks him in the corner and Bully is back in, attack the knee of Sabin. Bully goads Angle, and as the ref is dealing with him, Devon comes off the top rope with a Wazzup headbutt to Sabin. Back from the break, Bully Ray and Devon keep Sabin away from Angle, tagging in and out often, while working over Sabin’s knee. Devon heads to the 2nd rope, but his offence is blocked when Sabin gets his foot up. Sabin crawls across, and we see Bully AND Angle tagged in. Angle with clotheslines to both, a Belly to Belly to Devon and a German Suplex to Bully followed by the Angle Slam for 2. Angle calls for the end, and Devon is back up, Angle knocks him down, allowing Bully to hit a Uranage for 2. Bully Bomb attempt is block, and Angle counters with the Ankle Lock. Devon tries to attack, Angle lets go of Bully and German Suplex to Devon, Bully is back up and hits a big boot to Angle. Bully rushes at Angle, and Angle gets his elbow up, Sabin tags himself in and hits a missile dropkick to Bully. Sabin charges at Devon in the corner, tries the same on Bully who gets his arm up, before aiming a clothesline at Sabin who ducks and Devon gets hit. Angle and Devon brawl as Bully sends Sabin over onto the ramp, before joining Devon in a 3D on Angle. Devon gets a table as Bully brings Sabin back in. The table is set up in the corner, and Bully tries to spear Sabin into it, but Sabin dodges him, Bully crashes into it. Devon rushes at Sabin and Sabin drops the rope sending Devon outside, before heading to the top and hitting a crossbody on Bully for the 3 count!

Kurt Angle and Chris Sabin celebrate in the ring, as Jeremy Borash hypes up Hardcore Justice next week, before the show ends….

OK, first off….NO Hulk Hogan. Honestly, that makes this episode much better than usual episodes by default!!! It’s just a shame that Brooke still had to appear, especially to keep calling Bully, “Mark”. I wish she’d quit it…and actually quit TNA too while she’s at it. The contract makes sense, but it also makes me think Bully Ray is going to regain the World Title. I just can’t see them putting the stipulation up again, and having the challenger lose. Despite all this “let’s put them in a steel cage so no one can get involved”, I can still see someone getting involved. I mean, remember how Bully Ray won it the first time round? Sticking with the Aces and Eights, they’ve got their big match next week with the Main Event Mafia, with the guy taking the losing pin having to leave TNA. I can see this going 1 of 2 ways. Either A) Knux takes the pin due to his contract expiring (not sure if it is or isn’t, just a wild guess) or B) Rampage Jackson takes the pin after interference from Tito Ortiz, seeing as the Hungtington Beach Bad Boy has said he’ll be doing something next week. Can sod them both off back to Bellator to set up for their fight. The Bound for Glory series took an interesting twist, with Magnus dropping 10pts thanks to Bobby Roode, and then the situation with Bad Influence. I’m glad to see they’re doing something decent and building Roode up again, while using Bad Influence too. I look forward to seeing what this entertaining trio get up to next, and kinda expect Magnus to throw a spanner in their plans at some point, as a bit of payback for the DQ loss. I think it’s good to see some storylines developing through this too, you have Bad Influence and Bobby Roode plotting, Joseph Park with Eric Young, and it feels like they’re heading somewhere with Mr Anderson and Samoa Joe too. Guessing this series will help shape more than just the main event on the Bound for Glory card. Finally, the 6 person intergender tag was fine for the time it got, good to see James Storm back in the ring, and ODB wrestling for the 2nd week running. With Gail Kim’s interference, Mickie James’s reaction to Gail and ODB, I can see a triple threat for the Knockouts Title soon, which would be a good match to see!

As usual, thanks for taking the time to read this review, it’s much appreciated!

James of @TheTopRope

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