Hi everyone, 

Wrestling Rambles will soon have a brand new website with new servers, new design and all that mumbo jumbo. The domain name is ”wrestlingrambles.com” and it might be inaccessible for a couple of hours between now and Sunday. It might not but if you try visiting the website and it doesn’t work that just means the transferring process from WordPress.com to WordPress.org is working. 

The new website will be much better than the current platform. Not only will it be easier for writers but for readers too. We have added a disqus comment system which makes commenting at Wrestling Rambles much easier. We will have zero spam. We will be providing more frequent news updates. There will be a neat slider on the homepage. It might take a couple of days by the time the website is completely finished with the design, header images and all that. The main thing is getting it online. 

Thanks for your continued support and the new site will hopefully be up soon 🙂