Welcome to this week’s Insight into Impact review, where I will be bringing you the match results and segments from the 15th August 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling’s Hardcore Justice, as well as giving you my views on what happened!

In an advert before the show begins, Jeff Hardy is saying how he’ll win 20pts tonight in the ladder match, when Austin Aries appears saying he’s sick of these ladder matches, and he needs the points. They bicker before the clip ends.

Once the opening video ends, we go straight into match number 1 of the night.

Match 1: Kazarian defeats Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Austin Aries in a Ladder match in a time of 18:36 to collect 20pts for the BFG Series

The show opens with a BANG as 20pts are on the line for these 4 men in a ladder match. Taz seems to be channeling his inner Adamle, as he refers to Jeff Hardy as “Jeff Harvey”, while it seems like Kazarian is the target for Aries and AJ, as first Aries plants Kazarian on the ladder before pushing it over, while AJ tries to take Kazarian’s head off with the ladder. Aries and Hardy try to climb at the same time, and their battle sees the ladder fall, causing them to knock AJ and Kazarian off the apron in the process. Kazarian brings a 2nd ladder into play, and all 4 try to reach the contract, before Aries delivers a HUGE sunset powerbomb off the ladder which nearly kills Hardy! Kazarian and AJ trade blows in the ring, as Aries tries to climb the ladder, AJ tries to powerbomb Aries off it, which is blocked, so AJ goes for the Styles Clash, and as he tries to strike with it, Kazarian hits a reverse STO to AJ at the same time! Daniels and Bobby Roode appear on the ramp, causing Aries to take his eye off the contract, AJ leaps up onto the ladder to join Aries, but they are stopped by Hardy pushing the ladder over. Hardy strikes with a Twist of Fate to Kazarian, so Daniels distracts the referee, allowing Roode in to help. Hardy delivers his reverse mule kick to Roode and tries to climb the ladder, but Kazarian uses Daniels’ Appletini to blind Hardy, before collecting the clipboard and 20pts for the BFG Series!

Chris Sabin is asked how he prepares for this match tonight, he says he won’t take this match lightly due to how dangerous Bully Ray and Devon can be. No one expected him to beat Bully before, and no one thinks he’ll do it tonight, but he’ll remain World Champion.

Dixie Carter is in the ring with the Main Event Mafia, and mentions how Kurt Angle has entered a rehab centre, and wishes him the best. Aces and Eights interrupt, and say the Mafia have 1 week to find a replacement, and gloat how they’ll end someone’s TNA career next week. Magnus mentions how he’s gonna punch Anderson shortly, before suggesting if they can’t find someone backstage to join, they’ll pick a fan seeing as how the Aces are being boo’d. Anderson says it’s a new Chapter for the Aces, before a brawl breaks out, which the Aces edge due to their numbers advantage.

Match 2: ODB defeats Gail Kim and Mickie James by pinfall in a time of 6:47

The rules are out the window for this triple threat, and we see Gail team up with Mickie to double team ODB, but they can’t agree on who’s going to pin her, so they fight between themselves. Gail pulls ODB out the ring, and drops her face first to the floor, seems as if it could have gone wrong, as ODB looked to be hurt. Mickie brings a singapore cane into the match and uses it to choke ODB, but ODB counters, throws Mickie over her to the mat, before using the cane on both Mickie and Gail. ODB then removes her bra from under her outfit and uses that to throw Mickie about, and choke Gail with, awesome to see. Mickie breaks the choke, allowing Gail to lock the figure four hold round the ringpost to ODB, and Mickie pulls at ODB’s arms. Gail breaks the move and argues with Mickie, allowing ODB to get “liquid courage”, and spit it in Mickie’s eyes. Gail swings the cane at ODB, ODB ducks, kicks Gail, grabs a chair and drops it, before hitting a BAM on Gail onto the chair for the win!

Sting rants about how they’re vulnerable, and Samoa Joe warns him to be careful. Sting says he knows the Mafia hates this guy, but they NEED Austin Aries on their side.

After a break, Sting goes to see Austin Aries. Aries is beat up from his match, and Sting mentions what the Mafia is about, and how Aries is a former Champion. He asks Aries to help, and Aries says he considers himself a main eventer, so it’s like a good partnership. Sting says they don’t need to be friends, but just need a common enemy to get rid of….

Bobby Roode is asked if his plan is coming together, and he says how he’s aligned himself with Daniels and Kazarian, the plan is falling right with Kazarian picking up 20pts and he’s about to do the same.

The Main Event Mafia are discussing Austin Aries, as Sting reappears and says he now hates Aries, because A-Double said no. Rampage Jackosn says there’s only 1 choice left, and he’s off to call him out. Samoa Joe leaves with Rampage, as Magnus says he’ll fill Sting in on the plan.

Bully Ray is on the phone talking about how it’s not a normal relationship. Tonight is about him, and next week is about “them”. He’ll regain his title, and then tonight they’ll celebrate. Next week, they’ll tell the world the truth. He ends the call with “I love you too, Brooke”.

Rampage Jackson and Samoa Joe head to the ring. Rampage says the MMA fans consider him a sellout for joining TNA, but he loves this company. But he didn’t come here to get his ass kicked by “thugs on mopeds”. He’s asking for the help of his Bellator opponent, Tito Ortiz. Tito appears, and Rampage says they know each other well, and will go to battle in the Cage in November, but the Mafia need his help to remove the Aces. Tito mentions how he makes headlines, and his history, but is interrupted by his own theme. It’s not a Tito clone though, it’s Bully Ray. Bully says if he didn’t have a fight tonight, he’d beat the piss out of them, and threatens the MMA guys, ending by saying he’d make Ortiz his “Huntington Beach Bitch!”. Ortiz is held back, as Mr Anderson makes his way to the ring for the next match.

Match 3: Bobby Roode defeats Magnus, Samoa Joe and Mr Anderson in a Tables Match in a time of 10:20 to win 20pts for the BFG Series

The Mafia guys take early control and try to put Roode and Anderson through the table at the same time, but the move is blocked. Taz brings up how earlier Magnus was wearing the same type of tie Taz wore when he was young, but Mike Tenay says he doesn’t care, but he cares about some Bellator show. The four guys brawl around the ring, and we see Joe put Roode on the chair, put the ringbell on Roode’s balls before smacking the bell with the hammer, causing a reaction of “Holy yambag bell-ringing!” from Taz. Over on the ramp, Anderson tries to Mic Check Magnus off the ramp through the table, which is blocked, and Magnus can’t quite powerbomb Anderson through it either. Roode and Anderson try to work together, and it fails, Roode is knocked to the outside before a suicide dive from Joe. Back inside, Joe tries to Muscle Buster Anderson through the table, but Roode moves the table out of the way. Roode places Magnus on the table and heads to the top, Joe grabs Roode’s foot to stop an attack, before Kazarian appears out of nowhere, brawling with Joe up the ramp. Daniels also appears, and as Magnus tries to superplex Roode through the table, Daniels throws his Appletini in Magnus’s eyes, allowing Roode to powerbomb Magnus through the table!

Sting is walking backstage, and is asked about Tito Ortiz. He says Tito will be an asset, and he knows Tito has a match with Rampage Jackson, but he think Ortiz will join them for next week.

Mr Anderson asks if Bully Ray can do better, especially against a guy who beat him. Bully asks who accidentally gave Sabin the hammer, and all he’s heard is “can you beat Sabin?”. They argue, and Anderson says they’re just trying to help, they’re not the enemy. Bully replies “you sure don’t seem like an ally” before leaving.

Match 4: Bully Ray defeats Chris Sabin in a time of 18:34 in a Steel Cage match to become the NEW TNA World Champion

As the match begins, Bully uses his strength to throw Sabin about, while Sabin uses his speed to knock Bully down to size. As we head into a break, Bully throws Sabin against the cage, and apparently, he spent the commercial break doing the same thing. Bully tries to be too clever, and gives an opening to Sabin, who takes the chance to try a backslide pin, but Bully rolls through it and strikes with a clothesline. Sabin builds a bit of momentum, hitting a Tornado DDT and somehow delivers a Death Valley Driver, before using Bully’s Aces vest to whip Calfzilla, but Bully shuts him down, as Sabin gloats too much, and Bully hits a big boot. Sabin tries to exit over the cage and Bully stops him, Sabin attempts a huricanrana which looks like Bully tried to block it, before they slowly complete the move, and Bully lands on his shoulder. Bully tries to leave the cage and Sabin stops him, as Sabin goes to leave, Bully lifts him to his shoulders, and as he swings, Sabin’s feet catch the ref in the face, before Bully inadvertedly splashes the ref against the cage. Sabin hits a missile dropkick, and goes to leave again, only for Mr Anderson to rush down and hold the door shut. Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz rush down, Jackson throws Anderson off the ramp, before Ortiz strikes Jackson with a hammer! Sabin is shocked, and turns into Bully, Bully throws Sabin against the cage before hitting a powerbomb, the ref is back awake and slowly counts 1….2…….3!

Taz grabs the belt and rushes into the ring to celebrate with Bully Ray and Tito Ortiz, Mike Tenay can’t believe, and we’re off the air, folks!

Well, I expected Bully Ray to regain the title, and could see some kind of interference, but didn’t expect it to be Tito Ortiz! I just expected to see the usual Aces and Eights brawl with Main Event Mafia guys around the ramp, allowing someone to pass the hammer to Bully (maybe even look to repeat the previous ending, but Sabin screws it up somehow, and Bully whacks him one). Looks as if TNA is being used to help build the Ortiz/Jackson feud for Bellator which was expected. Not too keen on it if honest, just because I don’t see Bellator doing the same for TNA. It’s just hyping for another company’s ratings, and in the end, Ortiz and Jackson will bugger off back to MMA, and TNA won’t really have profited off this. Again the setup for Bound for Glory main event takes a twist, with the title back on Bully Ray, and I’m glad in a way. It’s nice to see it changing often in fans eyes, because at least the BFG Series doesn’t go so straight forward, that it’s easy to predict. As for the Cage match itself, it was alright, apart from the botched huricanrana, they both did a good job. In other things from this show, I actually have to give TNA credit for at least being honest about Kurt Angle, and not trying to just brush it aside with an injury. It’s out there and known, so at least they acknowledged it on the show. Makes sense to put the 5-on-5 back a week too, to allow the Mafia to find a replacement. Thoroughly enjoyed the opening match, could have gone either way when you have 3 guys with good records in Ladder matches, and the Greatest Man That Ever Lived capable of putting on a top show. Makes sense to have Kazarian win, and have Bobby Roode win the table match too (which was another good match), build this new faction to look to dominate the BFG Series…but I sense there may be a few trying to cost them….as in Magnus may remember that DQ loss a few weeks back and repay Roode the same. Taryn Terrell was being built up, and looking as if she may be the next challenger for the Knockouts Title, but that’s been shelved (due to time off, possibly pregnant if rumours are to be believed). So, if she’s moved aside, I’d be happy to see ODB take her spot. ODB is a solid worker, and deserves a good run right now. She’s entertaining, good to watch when wrestling as well. The match with Mickie James and Gail Kim was done well, and I just hope this is the beginning of a decent run for ODB! Finally, Taz was back to his bloody best this week, coming out with some right gems. He’s turned me round on him lately, and I’m glad TNA re-signed him to a new contract! Yambag Yahtzee, folks!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, much appreciated as always!

James of @TheTopRope

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