In coming back into the Wrestling Rambles fold, I was thinking about my great return. My first article. I kept thinking about the CM Punk situation, and how cool it would be to offer my thoughts on that. Then I figured, maybe I would join this “yes movement”, and pontificate on how the man with the beard has been wronged, and how that situation should be fixed.

Then, there was the epiphany.

Haven’t we talked enough about that? DB is gonna get what’s coming to him. He’s gonna get his due. If not by Mania, by the pay per view after that. As for CM Punk, he rolled out. Packed up his things and went home. He stuck his thumb in the eye of 10,000 fans who came to see him, and millions watching him at home. He didn’t leave for you, the fan, as the smarks like to argue. He left for him. I’m not going to devote my words to that.

I’m gonna talk about some of the things in WWE that you are missing. I’m gonna talk about the guys and gals who deserve the attention you are throwing on a glorified cruiserweight and a cocky bastard who turned on his heels and left.

We move into Wrestlemania season with some of the greatest possibilities we’ve seen in years. John Cena/Bray Wyatt has the potential to be a classic, both in the ring and on the mic. Two decent ring workers, and absolutely amazing talkers, will square off in a dark, brooding feud that is sure to change both characters. And the best part is, it won’t be the main event at Wrestlemania. Let me rephrase that.

John Cena will NOT be in the main event at Wrestlemania. You wanted that.

That’s the only thing truly concrete on the card right now, according to the dirt sheets. Everything else is up in the air, in terms of match ups, storylines, etc. This is because the fans didn’t like what they were being fed. YOU, didn’t like what you were being fed.

The menu is changing. You wanted that too.

You wanted to see some new blood moving into top spots. You wanted to harken back to the Attitude era. You got Dean Ambrose and Big E. Langston holding titles. You have the New Age Outlaws, thawed out of the block of ice they were being stored in since 1999, holding the tag straps. Roman Reigns is being groomed to be a champion.

You are getting exactly what you want. The times ARE changing. Go with it!

I don’t mean to keep saying you, you, you. I’m not saying you directly, as the reader of this article. I mean the fanbase in general. The fanbase in general has become so fickle and so demanding, it’s impossible to keep them happy when their demands change almost every week.

Not everything is going to be a homerun. When you don’t like a movie, do you stand up five minutes in, boo everything and chant “new flick” over and over until the theatre scraps what you are watching and starts over? No. And you’re definitely not going to stop watching movies because of it.

Lighten up. It’s not economics, or world peace. It’s wrestling.