Over the past five-years, I have kept an eye on pro wrestling or sports entertainment, as WWE like to brand it. I only had interest in the big stars. Which sucks because, the WWE is filled with promising young talent. They use them in such a way that they don’t express themselves the way they could. WWE follow a very strict principle on how to tell a story….which is fine. That’s their product.

It was only after reading all the speculation about All Elite Wrestling that, I said to myself, I must watch this. And, WOW! Hands down, one of the best PPV’s pro wrestling has offered in the last five years. AEW allowed their wrestlers to be ‘free’. No worrying about offending anyone, pissing off a network executive etc… It felt like the attitude era days of wrestling. It is bold. It is what so many of us loved about wrestling and now, it looks like we have it back!

AEW is no joke. In its debut PPV event they sold over 10.000 tickets and a buy rate of a reported 200k which is huge. It looks like they have weekly TV network deals coming later in 2019. AEW can give WWE a run for their money because all the fans that grew up watching wrestling in the 90s have a product they can watch and enjoy again.

And one final note, how awesome is it to hear good ol’ JR announcing?!