Here are the main talking points from Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast discussion with former WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose.  Via PWTorch:

On leaving WWE: “I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.”

On being the lead face on Smackdown: Moxley talked about being the lead good guy on Smackdown and how the writing team wanted him to talk about what he did during the day and they weren’t things a cool guy would do, but instead he felt they were something an idiot would do. He told the writer to change it and the writer came back and Vince put it all back in. Moxley said he had to go to talk to Vince and Vince said, “It’s such good s–t. This is the reason people like you.”

On a pooper scooper being used as a prop in one of his scripts: “This is a billion dollar company run by a man that’s allegedly a genius and keep in mind we’re all adults and we’re talking about stuff like this.”
On knowing he was done with WWE after Vince had him do a skit where he got innoculations to protect him against the fans: “It’s just more of this carrot top prop comedy” he told Vince. “If this is what you want on this show, I’m the best man for the job.”

On his working relationship with Vince: “We’re mentos and Diet Coke. Me and Vince together create this explosion of goofy nonsense that I detest.”

On his return to WWE from injury in 2018: “I’m not even back yet and I’m already pissed off.”

On what he said to Vince when he told him he was leaving WWE when his contract was up: “Every Monday I get a physical sick feeling in my stomach… I can’t live like that.”

On WWE issuing a press release that he was leaving the company months before his contract expired: “It was like a glowing review.”

On Vince McMahon being unable to control the narrative that he was leaving WWE: “He’s got the million dollar man complex… that’s why he pays millions to Brock to come in and ruin this company.”

On the new contract WWE offered him: “I never looked at it.”

On the problems with WWE’s creative structure: “I think Vince is the problem,” said Moxley. “Not so much Vince, but the structure he built around himself.”

On his goals with AEW: “If I had a goal with AEW, it’s we can prove Vince’s way sucks.”

On what he got paid for his last WWE appearance: You know how much I got paid for the last house show with The Shield special?,” said Ambrose.” 500 dollars. That’s what you get just to show up at Raw the bare minimum. I think it’s what extras gets.”