Earlier on twitter today I posted the question, ”if you could pick any 3 WWE stars to go to AEW, who would they be?”. The responses were interesting and it gave me the idea to write a small column.

  1. Roman Reigns. The big dawg. I think a pure WWE designed talent in the environment of AEW would be interesting. No doubt he has star power but to see how he would fair against pure Indy stars would be epic. Perhaps as a heel? No doubt he would get over as the companies bad guy.
  2. Daniel Bryan. An all around wrestler, he has it all. Wrestling ability, charisma, MIC skills etc… Bryan would suit the entire style and think of the matches he could have with Omega, Christopher Daniels, any of the young bucks. We have already seen some of these matches but on the AEW platform in a great storyline would make it all better. Maybe we are dreaming but, Bryan Danielson in AEW would be amazing.
  3. Charlotte Flair. A natural heel. Like Daniel Bryan; she has it all. Charlotte could be the face of women’s wrestling there and would no doubt help draw the crowd. Many of the current women’s roster at AEW could benefit by being in the ring with her as she has done it all.

I think pro wrestling over the next while is going to get extremely interesting!