I think AEW is the best thing to happen to pro wrestling since the days of the attitude era. For the first time since WCW, WWE might have competition. However, there is nothing to suggest there isn’t room for two big promotions as both are completely different products.

The only thing is – with the massive egos that are in pro wrestling – there is a natural ambition to be the best and with that, comes war. I don’t want to see AEW try and compete with WWE as it could inevitably kill them. I do get the feeling that a lot of wrestlers there and their management are bitter with Vince and the WWE.

I think so much can be accomplished if they focus on their own product and don’t try to have a ratings war, take shots all the time because it will get stale after a while.

I think it’s good for everyone if their is competition because it ALWAYS brings out the very best in the promotions. Impact Wrestling tried to compete with WWE but all they did was take the wrestlers WWE didn’t want and tried to be bold but never quite pulled it off.

The pro wrestling economy is booming and as fans, I think we are in for a treat!