The days of the attitude era were amazing. Two of the worlds most prominent wrestling promotions, WWE and WCW, put out a serious product every week to compete for the number 1 spot in the wrestling industry. A battle of ratings, contracts and interest from the fans.

Since Vince and the WWE won the war and dismantled WCW, no promotion has come close to compete with WWE. TNA, now Impact Wrestling, for a little while looked like they could compete but the only stars they could attract were the ones WWE didn’t need. Or wrestling legends that will give a little ratings boost here and there but the storylines just haven’t been quality, for the most part anyway.

AEW’s PPV, Double or Nothing, sent a message to the wrestling world. The promotion already had a TV deal set in place for weekly two hour shows. Two hours per week is enough. Trying to to get through Raw, Smackdown, NXT, 205 etc is just too much television to keep up with.

A part from the fact it’s too much TV, the quality just isn’t there to be interested. I’m speaking for myself here but I am a fan and I do buy PPV’s if I feel a good product is being sold. . WWE is hard to keep your focus on because of the amount of television. At least with AEW, they are not going to shove things down our throats. AEW really does feel like it is a wrestling promotion FOR the fans. Even if AEW does eventually have more shows and longer viewing time, as long as they produce the quality they have been producing, you wouldn’t even mind.

My WWE network subscription has been cancelled. The only reason I had it was to watch the old PPVs and I would occasionally watch the odd current PPV. And although I did enjoy watching them, that is the past and now, FINALLY, at long last, it looks like pro wrestling fans have a promotion we can appreciate and support.

Delighted to be a wrestling fan again!