In the 90’s and early 2000’s the WWF now known as the WWE was drawing fans of all ages from around the world! When 2008 came around the WWE decided to make the show more a family environment and go PG which would be a good thing for families and kids.

When WWE went PG back in 2008 the ratings slowly started fading to the point where the chairman and CEO of WWE Vince McMahon tried drawing more viewers and higher Ratings by giving a certain amount of money on raw every week. While WWE is the biggest and most popular wrestling promotion in the world they knew no other wrestling promotion could come close to matching their ratings. From 2008-2018 was 10 years of wrestling that was slowly losing their own fans. WWE has tried numerous things such as bringing legends back, bringing NXT stars to the main roster, and beginning new rivalries but nothing seemed to be that effective towards ratings.

Since 2019 began the ratings for WWE are at all time lows and now Jon Moxley formerly known as “Dean Ambrose” and also Chris Jericho have both left the company to join AEW “All Elite Wrestling” AEW CEO Tony Khan is a lifelong fan of WWE and he has decided to organize and promote his own wrestling promotion alongside Vice President of AEW Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks.

The AEW is just starting out as a Professional Wrestling Promotion and the buzz around them is already unbelievable. The new promotion has had pay-per-views AEW All In & AEW Double or Nothing. AEW all in was a great show and had fans and people buzzing about it and eventually led up to AEW Double or Nothing and it was remarkably amazing and had even more fans buzzing about it with great matches such as Cody Vs Dustin and Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho it was epic! AEW is starting out and is coming on strong and sending a message to every other wrestling Promotion that they are coming to be at the top! AEW is drawing more fans and wrestlers each day and they company has now announced they will air on TNT come October 2019.

While WWE seems to be losing ratings and their talent seems to be becoming frustrated and upset with the company because of creative writing, the way their character is being used, and lack of pushes it’s only going to cause more frustration down down the road. Several superstars have asked for their release such as Goldust, Luke Harper, And the Revival and others are frustrated with the company such as Sasha Banks. WWE tried bring up NXT stars such as Heavy Machinery, Johnny Gargano, EC3, Ricochet, Aleister Black, Chad Gable who all seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle in the company.

The WWE is losing ratings while AEW is on the rise and just starting out and is opposing a threat to the WWE and other wrestling promotions. Only Time will tell if AEW will be successful and if WWE will change things with their company to draw more ratings or even the two companies to recite another war. I don’t see it happening but with all the buzz and excitement wrestling fans have a lot to be happy about and look forward to in the upcoming year!

By Justin Henson